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Not to devalue "PPSD"...

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I agree with you. But for some people I guess it is just very hard to overcome beliefs that have been instilled in them. I know I still have a hard time with some things that I was taught and brought up into. So maybe protection is best for them for now. But I believe that nothing can really hurt you, so there is really no point. It is better to face whatever it is you encounter, try to understand it, and deal with it. I think most things that people feel they need to sheild themself from is really just parts of their personality manifesting that they need to deal with. This is my opinion and I mean no disrespect to others or their ideas.

As for individual souls, from what you have stated there is no such thing. If all are one then there is no true individual. I tend to believe that we are all connected, but at certain levels we are individuals. As we move up in the planes we get closer to being one, until at the very top all is one.

Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.

Qui-Gon Jinn

Hai... yea that is one possibility, that ultimately all and everything is one but then also, we are individuals, contuning being individuals after physical death....  I think most people would want this to be true, and it might just be... but even if so, I don´t see anything to fear... this is my intellect speaking, I still hold many fears...   I don´t hold all the answers, yet ;)
  Thanx for your input mate.... L&L //Rikard

- Your focus determines your reality -


I like alot of what you said,And I think about some of the same things now and than.I came to this conclusion,that the strongest opponent anyone will ever have to face is ones self.So what is there to be afraid of?



Qui-Gon Jinn

In one perspective, it can be a really scary ´thing´, perhaps the most terrifying ´thing´ all cateogories... I mean the potential fact that our identities dies with our phy body, the belief that all we are and love being soon will simply blop! - dissapear, forever...     ....but, on the same time, from another perspective, it may be the opposite - the ultimate ´liberation´!  Could it not?
If it´d were to free us from the false (?) belief that we are separate and mortal....  it could potentially free us from all fears we hold within, and even if we may not think we have that many fears or can´t put ´em all into words we each hold alot of fears, now that is a Fact... (except perhaps from a few that may Know the whole ´truth´?)
  It could be the knowledge, basic understanding of our true nature, that would be ground plateau upon which something like a paradise could be built....  I mean if we would one day know that we are all the very same, would we continue killing eachother?    

Alpha, whatever ´the truth´ may be, I would guess our strongest opponent is ourselves...

     - I have seen the enemy, and it is within -

- Your focus determines your reality -


All of the posts in this thread have been a bit difficult for me to follow, and I think I may be misunderstanding it. It seems to be saying that there is no need for books like PPSD because there is no need for protection and nothing to protect against. This is because negs are not really separate from us and therefore unable to cause real damage. By the same sort of reasoning, I think I can conclude that Qui-Gon Jinn, fallnangel77, and alpha are all parts of me and under my influence?


Originally posted by Tom:
All of the posts in this thread have been a bit difficult for me to follow, and I think I may be misunderstanding it. It seems to be saying that there is no need for books like PPSD because there is no need for protection and nothing to protect against. This is because negs are not really separate from us and therefore unable to cause real damage. By the same sort of reasoning, I think I can conclude that Qui-Gon Jinn, fallnangel77, and alpha are all parts of me and under my influence?

First let me say that I do not have all the answers, claim to have all the answers, nor think that my ideas are the only possibility.  My ideas come from what just feels right from experience and reasoning.
Qui-Gon Jinn, Fallnangel77, Alpha, and Tom are all part of each other, yes I think so. Under your influence, I am not exactly sure. How so do you mean? To me everyone on some level or plane is one. On this plane however we are more individualized. Our thoughts are typically our own. On the astral thoughts can be shared. The higher up you more the more our minds, thoughts and self merge until we are all one. Right now we are all one at all times at a higher level.
Most negative things seen on the astral come from us. Like a fear you have, or a problem that you may or may not know about. Facing these things will help you deal with them. You can face them on this plane, such as working through your emotions and fears or you can deal with them on the astral in a more direct manner. Nothing can actually hurt you in the way you would think, like someone stabbing you or punching you. You can be hurt in a way of like getting lost in the negativity. If shielding helps people from getting lost in negativity then that is great for them. Maybe it is best for them to use such methods, who am I to say. But I do not see it as being totally necessary. What exactly is it that people are afraid of? This I do not understand. I hear people talking about shielding and protection, but what is it that can happen to them that they are afraid of?

Got to go so I have to cut this off here.

Alice had got so much into the way of expecting nothing but out-of-the-way things to happen, that it seemed quite dull and stupid for life to go on in the common way.


not to hurt your guys' feelings, but i began to theorize a few months ago that the people who believe in that "Love is all" stuff are people that haven't had to deal with much adversity or pain in their lives. so to start a quick survey (to see if my theory has any basis in reality or if it's just a bunch of hogwash), have any of you guys had to deal with major adversity or pain in your lives?


Secret of Secrets


Hey all.

I just gotta comment. If any of you have read some of my specific post or threads, you have some idea of what I have been through. I do (very roughly) agree that we are all one. This is the God-link (creator, Bhudda, etc...) that we all have. This includes everything.

Part of the creation was creating opposing forces. I have been touched by God, felt Jesus, sparred with a demon, and expelled more than one negative entity from myself. I have sent positive energy to people, and been knocked out of the astral by booby-trap spells. There is a lot of other things that have happened that may have been my own mental issues, but not all of it.

May you never feel the things I have, but if you do, you will appreciate things like PPSD. You cannot have light without the dark.

kakkarot: Lots of adversity and pain. But you knew that.

Qui-Gon Jinn

Good morning Tom, I didn´t really say or intend implying that books like PPSD (haven´t read it, and won´t, just not for me, at least not for now - loved AD though) can´t be of value...  It is just that I personally do not see the meaning of protecting myself from whatever evil characters the devil spit out in my direction, because I do not believe in the devil (I use the devil as a metaphor here, symbolizing "evil")....  I do not believe in evil, I believe what we call evil is simply lack of love, lack of understanding of our true being/nature.
Hey, perhaps I could define "evil" with "lack of understanding"...

I am not saying that this necessarily is the truth, but both my journey so far and my heart (more than an organ) tells me so...  ...and even if there are such things as dark forces than can potentially mess you up really bad (which I don´t believe), I don´t think I have anything to worry about as long as I remain loyal to the "light side of the force" (if we are speaking in the terms of  different "forces")....

 Since a majority of people on this globe do not agree with my way of looking at reality, I reckon´ books like PPSD could be of great value, to make them feel safer and more confident etc.

>I can conclude that Qui-Gon Jinn, fallnangel77, and alpha are all parts of me and under my influence?    yea sure I think we are parts of you, and depending on how we define our me and you, we can also not only be parts of eachother but the very same...  hahaa, I am almost loosing myself here mate....  but who said that the nature/way of the universe(-s) would be easy to grasp?
     Take care...

kakkarot wrote> "...not to hurt your guys' feelings, but i began to theorize a few months ago that the people who believe in that "Love is all" stuff are people that haven't had to deal with much adversity or pain in their lives."
Don´t worry about hurting me, I can´t be hurt remma? =)
But seriously, people who believe that "Love is all" (which just doesn´t pop up in ones mind one day or are read in a book, rather it is an experience, visionlike in nature) may be quite the opposite to what you are suggesting - the ones that have dealt with alot of adversity in their lives, and through this have understood one thing or another...  often dealing with adversity has a positive "side effect"...  but I really think it´s a mix of the above, I don´t reckon that is crucial.. (sp?)  

   Have a good one!´// Rikard

- Your focus determines your reality -


i see your points on this but, ppsd is just a measure against 'things' that can be harmful to you.  if you don't want to call anything good or bad, which i agree w/ , you still have to reckognize pain as being unwanted.  

we may be born w/out any knowledge of what good or bad is but pain is something that we know right away is 'bad'.  it's something that doesnt need to be labeled or taught.

you have to make a line and draw it somewhere.  whether it's mental torture or physical torture, these are things that are unwanted and the knowledge to counter these things is invaluable.

if you don't believe in these things as being negative or bad, and assume that you will never have to experience anything like this because of that, and you never do, then that is awesome.  if you don't believe in these things as being harmful to you and you are psyschically attacked or harmed, then you are going to want it to stop.

i agree that we are all one and part of the same creator, being, universe or whatever other word can't describe the idea in all of our heads, however, you definetly can't have the good w/out the bad.  i believe totally in the balancing act that i believe has been going on since eternity.

if everything is really everything, and there are things on the physical that are harmful to us, then it must be followed all the way up to the top that there are going to be harmful encounters on those realms.  

i'm not sure who's quote it is but they nailed it w/  as above so below, or something like that .



Qui-Gon!  You're back!  I thought for sure you'd been abducted!  (:

fides quaerens intellectum
We shall not cease from our exploration, and at the end of all our exploring, we shall arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
T.S. Elliot
fides quaerens intellectum


Does duality exist beyond the physical ?Why  do we need to contend  with good and bad ,hot and cold etc ,as one earlier  poster wrote its about finding balance .
Apparently  we cannot  rise in the astral above our  own vibrational level  and the same would apply to so called negatives .At higher vibrational rates then there would  seem to be total love and maybe oneness  .
.But that still leaves me asking why do we need to experience both here only to go on and exists with love .
I could go round and round  and round and round maybe some things should remain a mystery .



Hey, gang--you're making my rusty brain-gears move, and it's givin' me a headache, cut it out!" border=0>  Seriously, (and humbly), though, when it comes to adversity, pain, and things that go bump in the night, the two cents that I have to offer is along the lines of the importance of having a whole mind.  (All your fault, Kakkarot....since you brought up the pain & adversity thing, specifaclly." border=0>)   Probably like most of you, I've had my share of physical aches and pains, but they don't compare with the psychological stuff.  Prisoners of war, survivors of the USSR's "gulag archipelago", concentration camp survivors--I'm sure a lot of them would stress the psychological difficulties over the physical ones.  People know this intuitively, if not explicity.  Reminds me, too, of filmakers, (seems like some of your U.K. directors were adept at this), who portray a "bad infinity", wherein the same nightmare keeps repeating itself.  Such is the definition of hell.  And such was the essence of what I would term the worst experiences of my own little anecdotal life.  If, when I was going through mental self-torments, (or whatever it was--neg attacks, whatever), somebody would have told me, "What are you worried about?  It's all in your own head!"  Well.....maybe I would have healed instantly, or laughed insanely all the louder.  It's like hearing the physicist saying the universe is just a big thought.  That's nice.  So, how's your thinking been lately?  Pretty wholesome?  Maybe up at the Focus N++ level?  Have any inclination to go down into "maya soup" and help a few souls stop chasing their own tails, er, tales, er....thoughts?   Maybe you'll find out they don't listen to you very well.   Like they just can't quite see what you're talking about.  So you'll make up all kinds of childrens' games for them, so maybe they can reach thought-control through devices.  Someone with Buddha/Christ-consciousness might even get quoted as being somewhat exasperated by the necessity of all this, but still.  Thought happens.  How?  Why?  Who for?  What for?    (Too bad I already had my midnight snack, or I would've shut up by now.)" border=0>

Qui-Gon Jinn

Dear Daniel-san (Peaceful Warrior) - hahaaa...  they just dropped me of..... do they have great vegetarian buffees (sp?) in the vega star system...  they said hello by the way =)   The thing is haven´t had access to my puter for the last month...  I am sitting in the... "unemployment office?" right now a puter(plenty of free ones so I am not blocking others from using them, just wanted to mention that so you won´t take me for a criminal=), not seeking work but just surfing even if one aren´t aloud to do that, they block most pages not relating to work finding but somehow I nestled myself into here...  perpahs I see a hacker career on the horizon.. gotta keep the messages short because the people working here walks around and may spot my criminal activit... wow that was a close one! hahaa.  ....activities.

  Glad to see you are still here, oh and congrats on the husband thingie =)
       Did you get my card? I sent one of my delivery ships but they sometimes screw up, they have problems with the language........  see ya!  // Rikard

- Your focus determines your reality -


Qui-Gon Jinn.....have you read practical psychic self-defense?  Trust me it doesn't matter what you believe....negs will attack for no reason.  Recently I've just been overshadowed(partially possessed) for no reason at all.  Not a fun experience.  In PPSD Robert talks about little children being overshadowed and them trying to kill their parents and crazy excrement like that.  I am sure that even if they had the belief that they are protected it wouldn't matter. Robert in PPSD even talks about babies being psychicly attacked......what about them I ask you? To me....since I have experience possession....I think what you believe that we  are protected is bovine excrement.  You just haven't experienced possession.  I hope you never do.  After I became possessed I've begun to doubt alot of my beliefs.  One belief that I got rid that when I'm in trouble God will "save" me.   When I got overshadowed.....I had to get rid of the neg myself.

"I hear and I forget... I see and I remember... I do and I understand."

Qui-Gon Jinn

Dear Arie, I have not read PPSD no.
 It doesn´t matter what I believe? Well I am not so sure about that...  after all the One ´Unverse´ (I believe) isn´t physical/material, solid and objective - on the contrary I believe it to be energy/consciousness, fluid and Subjective, there is as many "realities" as there are "fractions" of the One Mind/Presence....   That doesn´t mean that just because, hypothetically (sp?), I wouldn´t believe in gravitation (I do sorta, actually;), gravitation wouldn´t have any effect on me...  but always remember, your focus determines your reality!´

  I don´t rule out the possibility that there are not-so-nice beings out there, I am not all-knowing (well actually I believe I am, but ´I´ don´t have access to ´it´ right now) but I do not think they can harm me, no way josé!
Of course, it is a matter of how we define who we really are...  if you believe you are the body you are currently experiencing the world through (really filtering out 99.999999% of the One ´Universe´), well, then you might be able to get hurt in some way or another... who I am to rule out that possibility?

 Oh, and may I ask, how can you be sure you were recently "possessed" by a "neg" as you  call "them"?  Just because you feel and believe that, need it be the absolute truth? Do you have full knowledge of the human psyche and how everything is?

I am just saying there are so much we in our current state of minds, as Rikard and Arie, we don´t understand...  not that I takeanyharm by it, but since you, as Arie, are not all-knowing right now, you should always think more than once before you write of others thoughts/feelingsas bullpoop :)

  As Jeff_Mash says, keep smiling bro ;)

- Your focus determines your reality -


without resistance, how can you tell if you are moving (evolving) or not?

(A student of Evolution)

Demande a Dieu et il te repondra....Cherches et tu trouveras....Frappe et l'on t'ouvrira.


Qui-Gon Jinn......hmm....where should I start. are right in some aspects....for one....No....I'm not an all-knowing creature. :-)

Just take everything I say with a grain of salt.  I do understand what your saying that ultimately negs can't "hurt" us because we are spiritual beings etc.  But say for example someone has obsessive (sp?) thoughts about killing someone.  Now....this person has no idea that its actually a neg implanting those thoughts.  This person thinks its coming from himself and he thinks he must be evil. you think that this belief that he must be evil does not damage him spiritually?  You really should read PPSD.  In PPSD Robert talks about a time when he had a full blown possession.  He was on the roof of a building and the neg took over his body.  The neg was going to throw Roberts baby off the roof....and then probably throw him off it too.  Now.....if this did you not think this would damage him physically, emotionally, spiritually etc.?  So yes....negs can damage us.

I mean its not a really good belief to have....but to me its true.  As for your do I know I have been overshadowed?  Well for one was completely out of the blue.  I just got up in the morning and suddenly.....I felt like killing everyone in sight.  I didn't "feel" like myself.  Later on that day I remembered Robert saying in PPSD that negs hate noise. Soooo.....I started banging pots and pans as loud as I could.  And suddenly this feeling went away.  I came back to my "normal" self.  I don't know about you but for me thats pretty strong proof that it was infact a neg.

I mean I guess in the higher dimensions/vibrations negs can't exist and therefore they can't hurt us....but down here in the physical dimension....yes....negs can ruin peoples lives.  I used to be like you dude.....I used to believe that negs can't hurt us etc....but now that I have experienced what possession is like....I changed what I believe.

Dude....its just makes you think where the hell is God....when negs can have the power to take over your body and wreak havoc.  I don't know about you but I do believe that we were created by some supreme being.  But I don't put my trust in him....rather I put my trust in myself.  If I put my trust in God that day when I got overshadowed....I would probably be dead.

"There is nothing so powerful as truth--and often nothing so strange."
-Daniel Webster

"I hear and I forget... I see and I remember... I do and I understand."

Qui-Gon Jinn

.. or anything like that, but I don´t see the need to protect oneself...  of course it has to do with what I believe, that All and Everything is One, and that therefore Love is the only Reality, and everything else just an illusion.
         All that exists is one big infinite/eternal ocean of unmanifested energy, which is pure consciousness (god, or whatever you may wanna call it) ...  all we experience in this physical universe is simply this ocean of unmanifested energy/consciousness, but in a manifested form....  this means that I, you, the birds, the trees, are the one and same "spirit" so to say say, the difference between me and a tree though is that I am able to channel conciousness in another way... this means that I believe, not convinced, but believe, that our personalities dies when our physical bodies dies... that doesn´t mean that we die though, because I do not think we are our "personalities", I think our true being is that pure conciousness, that unmanifested energy that manifests itself amongst others in the physical universe...  I wonder where this leaves the "individual soul" though??  Questions, questions =)
But if this theory is correct, then what could there possibly be to fear? What to protect oneself from?

    What do you think?  Is there really something that is separate from ourselves? That we need to protect ourselves from...  or are we only kidding ourselves bigtimes!!!??

- Your focus determines your reality -