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I just wanted to share my music with you all.

Some of you may have heard most of the songs that are up right now, but I have recently started producing again, so new songs will be up soon. 

There is one new song posted on my blog but it's not on my soundcloud.  I need to edit a few things in it, but you're more than welcome to check it out anyway.  When it's done it will be on my soundcloud. 
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Good work, I like the tracks.

I have dabbled in music theory a while, and had considered playing with electronic music composition, but the process has always mystified me.

For instance, what is the thought sequence in their formation, in your case? Do you start with a chord progression, and add counterpoint and backbeat, or do you start with ripped vocal sample, and do the same around it? Or do they maybe start directly at the percussion? It was never clear to me, haha.

And do you synthesize your own instrument voices from scratch, or do you work with a library of instruments pre-made? I know both is done, but I don't know how common either approach is.

And what applictions do you use in your process- sequencing, post-prodction, etc?

Sorry to ask so many questions, haha- just trying to get a handle of how this works!  :roll:
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I primarily work with two programs, Ableton Live 7 with Reason 4 as a slave.

I work with the pre-loaded instruments in these programs a lot, but I usually tweak them a lot so they don't sound anything like the original sample.  I also work with samples that other people have made that I find on websites like  Sometimes I take samples from already produced songs (the other day I made a loop from "Send Me an Angel", the song that plays in Rad when Crue Jones and Aunt Becky from Full House are having their little bike off deal at the dance, and a track called "One Zero" by a band named Geggy Tah).  However, even when I do use samples, I cut the hell out of them, mix them up, throw all kinds of effects on them, etc.  It's like RJD2 said, "If you can identify the sample I used then I'm not doing my job".

It is difficult though.  People like to act like live bands are better because there is more "intuition" involved, more "getting in the groove" and going with the flow kind of thing.  Conversely, they consider electronic music to be artificial and just all around garbage.  In my opinion, the live bands are the half-assed ones.  Usually, if a band does write their own material, only one or two of the members actually write the songs, the others just play the sheet music.  And that's a big IF, because most bands these days just play songs written by studio musicians who work for record labels, they don't come anywhere near making their own music. 

I see making electronic music like this to be much more difficult and profound.  When I make a song or an album I treat it like a story, a painting even.  I like to create a soundscape that not only elevates my mood and fires up my heart, but also one that elicits strong emotional movement.  My music is comprehensive.  Each piece is thoroughly considered before I complete the track.  And, it's all coming from me.  On rare occasions I might have a producer friend throw a sample they made into my track, but for the most part, my music is MY masterpiece. 

I don't really have any set process.  Normally I just bust out the MIDI Keyboard or my Beat Pad and start playing with sounds until I find something that I like, then I build a song around it.  I'm not terribly good at mastering though.  People overlook the importance of mastering.  For example, Daft Punk's music is relatively simple in structure, but the compression and mastering that they do is what really makes it kick.  That's what I'm not great at.  And I need to learn more music theory.  I've found myself struggling lately with things like bass lines and whatnot because I don't actually play any instruments.  I used to play guitar, but I never really learned the music theory that went with it, I just learned chords and put them together.  What I really want is to learn to play the piano, I think that will really help my process.  I also need to learn more about sound engineering and production.  I need to learn more about how sound waves work and how different effects really work.  I know a lot of basics, but as of now I kind of just play with stuff until it sounds right.  I will often have a generic plan that I build from, but I really want to be able to know how to perfectly replicate a sound I heard in my mind onto the computer.   
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I'm in no way a master musician, but I echo what PR said.

To add, I think for starting out, the easiest place is to use a sequencer, pick your tempo, and start with a simple drum loop. Then either add a bassline and melody that goes with it, or vice-versa. Then you can start tweaking your percussion and add changes and filters to your different loops. I prefer making my own samples from vinyl, but like PR said, with software these days you can make any generic sound your own.

This guy is awesome:


I can help you with the piano Rusty  :lol: