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"Politics, Money & Science" by Robert M. Schoch PHD

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There's a really good article in the new issue of Atlantis Rising about knowledge filters in the world of science and how politics and money dictate what scientific knowledge is accepted and what is swept under the rug.  The more you look into this stuff (in books like the Forbidden History, Archeology, Religion, etc.) the more astonishing it is.  You really would like to think that all scientific discoveries are accepted and further investigated but that's just not the way things go.  Pretty much all of the main tenets of modern accepted science have been proven wrong by countless discoveries and ridiculous amounts of scientifically legitimate research, but none of this stuff ever sees the light of day.  Various reasons, but it all comes down to the discoveries not supporting what's in the best interest of the status quo and the political/economic elite.  It's pretty sad and pathetic if you ask me.  One example that I thought was really neat was the creation of the first practical steam engine by a guy named "hero of Alexandria" (circa first century AD).  He was stopped in his tracks by the elite because at the time, all manual labor was done by slaves.  If mechanical devices made slaves obsolete, what would the slaves do?  Possibly rebel and topple the regime in power at the time.  Imagine what our world would be like if the steam engine had been invented and put into application nearly 2000 years ago, 2000 years before it's supposed discovery!  What a different timeline we would have!

Anyway, I can't find a free version of this article yet (since it's so new) but you can buy a PDF of this issue for less that $3 i think at

It's worth checking out.

I've also been reading these 'Forbidden' books and they are really quite good, especially "Forbidden Archeology" by Michael A Cremo and Richard L. Thompson.
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I'm not going to read the book but I agree heavily with the sentiments expressed. I only realized it after seeing just how blind the scientific community is about easily verifiable topics such as OBE's and ESP. Even the studies which yield astoundingly positive results are swept under the rug. I've given up completely on relying on "the establishment", with the tools thus far procured it becomes unnecessary. It seems clear that some people don't want these things to become common knowledge in fear that it will liberate the masses. I doubt these people have to try very hard, the masses seem quite content in keeping themselves herded and their potential under lock and key.


I like Schoch's work a lot, especially on the Sphinx. He is by far not the only scholar who claims that is much (possibly very much) older than claimed by the "official" opinion of mainstream science. The Egyptians did not build it. There were advanced societies AGES before our orthodox archeology claims there were.

"History is a set of lies agreed upon." -  Napoleon Bonaparte

I think I read somewhere that the steam engine was also invented in China, too, even much more in the past, need to look for the link if I find it again.


i wouldn't doubt it.

like i said, i always understood how knowledge filters work in mainstream scientific publishing, but i never quite grasped the enormity of the implications and the amount of data that has been snuffed because it didn't go along with the status quo.  absolutely insane.  just imagine where we could be as a species.
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Quotejust imagine where we could be as a species.
Well, considering (and I know you probably think this is debatable) that our species is the one perpetuating the status quo by suppressing information, I would say, not far.