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Recognizing and Thanking Our Spiritual Helpers

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I know I don't do this enough but I would like to recognize and thank those who have helped me along the way as best I can. So often I have no names for these individuals. Many of them come and go at random and I know there are probably more than I will ever remember but I want to thank them openly here to the best of my ability. Don't worry I'll not fill up reams of paper as the saying goes, just a brief description and a name if I've got it. I know they understand and of course for our little community here on the forum feel free to add your own thanks anytime you choose.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


Aunt Granny - Thank you. You know who you are for my friends here I tell them you were my mentor in life and proved invaluable even after your physical life ended.

Mom, Dad, Grandpa A., Grandma H., Jewel and so many others who were a part of my living, you have gone on but each of you have frequently visited me in times of need and I thank you. To the others I have not named you have been equally important and there are so many things, so much love I have to thank you all for. My brother recently joined you, for that I am sad but know you have him in good hands.

The Indian - Never could say your name let alone type it. Thanks for the journey, the meaning of the spirit walks finally sank in. You helped me find the meaning to my wild imagination. Thank you!

The Old Black Man - Just thanks, from the bottom of my heart, thanks. I know a lot of what you showed me went straight over my head but I was enthralled and am still processing.

Lady in Blue - You are a mystery that has kept me guessing for a long time. Still guessing but I do enjoy the interaction, the encouragement and one day I will figure out exactly who you are. Thank you for showing me the 'gentle path'. (1 of the trio)

The Monk - Thank you for taking me to the doors and opening them for me. Your gift, your gentle and broad smile is with me still. (2 of the trio)

Jesus - How else could I possible describe you. Always a knowing smile with eyes full of delight. Thank you! (3 of the trio)

Chester - You terrifying entity. Thank you too and I look forward to our next adventure. I wonder who the teacher will be next time?

I will end here but will likely be back with more.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


Great post, Nameless! I think gratitude along with forgiveness are keys to ultimate happiness, state of wisdom and growth.
I have so many physical and non-physical beings to thank, that I will run out of room here  :lol:
But I will say that I have never felt alone. I've always felt presence around me from various energies. Sometimes from loved ones, sometimes from pets, at times ETs (the one that visited me when I was 5, orange hair/white thin body), angels, the Jesus entity. From my APs, the butterfly with a human body, the snow yeti, the cat with human face, and many others. Not to mention my friends here on the pulse that are very special to me. I feel we belong to the same spirit group with a special mission in this line of reality. 
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