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Other hobbies,

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Tennis any chance I get" border=0>
Scuba diving whenI have the time (which is not too often)
T. Pratchett's books among many others



I am an artist so I do that a lot in my spare time-I'm always working on new pieces, I'm gonna post some for you guys to see soon. I LOVE modifying my car- Alpha I hear you on the Rally Cross- it rules! Nascar(redneck-go-round) IMO stinks-
I LOVE swimming in the ocean, boogieboarding and surfing, snowboarding in the winter, going out to eat with my girlfriend, seeing movies, and reading books. I go running and work out every day, also I play rugby, golf, and horseshoes at the beach. The beach is the best!

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Some things I do only for the chance to say I did it or for the experience.  That is one of my hobbies I guess.  Like jumping out of an air plane.  I did that twice.

I like to learn, study, and discuss.   I like to have debates on points of view with people.  Its fun and it forces you to seriously look at what you believe to be true.

I also like to watch people.  Study them sorta.  I like to go to the mall sometimes just to walk around and watch people interact with each other.  

COMPUTERS.  Mostly games.  I like all kinds of games.  Big fan of RPG's and first person games.

Movies.  I watch'em all eventually.  Even the ones that aren't really "manly", but I watch those by myself." border=0>  I love movies.  A good movie has got action, comedy, and pushes your emotional buttons.  This is an area that they are finally making some progress in.  They have put out some truely awsome movies in the last couple of years.  But as always some that just suck.

I collect sharp pointy objects aswell.  Swords, knives, and misc. weapons.  It is not uncommon for me to drop 2 or 3 hundred on a good blade.

I think thats it for now.

David Rogalski
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Keep them coming!

Alot of the stuff you guys mentioned,that I didnt have on my list Im interested aswell.These are a few that stuck out.

Scuba diving-ive always wanted to do

Bodyboarding-ive tried but couldnt catch a wave.But the important part it was fun.

unmanly movies heh-at one point I would always tell my girlfriend that they suck,even if I liked them.But not anymore.This is one I watched lately and I enjoyed it alot."I am Sam"

Weapons are cool,and spending money on things that you love is great.Ive often gotton ridiculed by people.That I dont know the meaning of a dollar.But really I think I do.And it doesnt really mean anything.I dont have much and I am in  debt.I dont know if I ever been happier.And Im still having fun with the money I do have.



gardening- just getting my first ripe tomatoes of the year.
music and stereo equiptment-built my own speakers from a kit.
cross country skiing

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Photography, Scuba, Computers, Roller hockey, reading, Did skydiving once - loverd it.



Skiing, love it.

MMORPGS - cainam what do you play? I played UO for 4 years but got bored.. thinking about SB....


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Hobbies?, hmmmm, I should probably get some of those.

My main pastime would without a doubt be 'daydreaming'. I'm not sure if I would call this a healthy thing or not. I find it incrediby easy to just lose myself utterly for days on end, removed and detached from all worldlyness, and free to revel in my own nihilistic fantasy world.
It's probably not healthy. I do this far too often. Soooo much time which could have been put to better use!

So it's been said! As much as I hate to admit it I'm currently much more of a dreamer than a doer. And I know it's something I should work on.
My 'interests' however lie mainly in 'art'. I've always been I guess the 'artistic' type. I used to play guitar obsessively and want to be a rock star. But after having become disillusioned with that I'm now more into drawing/painting (surreal, spiritual, gothic).

I also have a deep interest in 'martial arts' although I havent done it for years (used to do karate).
I'd love to start up 'kung fu'

'may we learn to be nothing, may we learn to be everything'


gardening is great,You remind me Ive been wanting to get some cactus,or something special for my apartment.I dont know what its called.Its like a vine that will grow everywhere.Ive got one of these now.But its all dried up.And I am ready to throw it out.

I can relate to you.Im always thinking about stuff.And I do play things out in my head sometimes.But not nearly as much as I use too.Maybe you should try something new.Something small and easy to do.And eventually  work your way up to kung fu.There are plenty of stuff on this thread so far.First step is the toughest.]Just a suggestion by a former dreamer." border=0>



Hey, all.

Hobbies Hmmm.

My family would be my favorite hobbie, young kids are so much fun. Everything is new and a wonder. Helps you remember the "magick" that we all accept as everyday once you grow up. Spending time with my wife is also way up there.

Then probably cars, our house, I was an EMT and underground mine rescue. Nature is cool, and my son is getting old enough for fishing. Playing in the snow in wintertime.

Research is good. Might cross over into the esoteric stuff, but it is good to sift through all of the pieces, and see the similarities. Also reserch on more mundane stuff. Anything to learn.

Reading is also good, but I have to watch myself, if the book is good enough I will read it almost straight through, neglecting other things. I have been limiting myself to non fiction so atleast I am getting something out of it.

Video games and movies, though the gaming has fallen off. I prefer strategy games, like the various versions of "civilization". The shootem ups are OK, nothing like a rocket launcher and some bad guys to take out a little stress.

Shooting used to be high on the list, but has fallen off lately. Pretty much just the BB guns now, and a little of the others to stay in tune.

And (whew) cooking, if I can find the time, preferably desserts, but anything tasty. Some version of chocolate cheescake is at the top of the list.

Take care


For health and mental well being -

weights and cardio (jogging, step workout, lots of weights, just tried a cardio yoga tape, etc) - Best physical shape I've ever been in and damn proud of it

For enjoyment -

gardening (Hi Ides! Our cherry tomatoes are in but no big tomatoes yet)

Needlecrafts of all sorts, and starting to get into spinning


Most of my day is spent on -

Raising my kids, which is enjoyable, rewarding, and very much a growing experience for myself - but I suffer from frequent burnout - which is why I started working out and I still want to get a punching bag to relieve stress



Hi All...

Hobbies?  Hmmm, lemme see...

I used to do alot of hunting, archery, trapping, and fishing.... but the past several years it's mostly been fishing/camping, but darned too little of that when I'm this busy at work!  

Mainly, I'd have to say it's my music.  I have a band, and am a published songwriter, so I spend alot of time playing, writing, recording in my home studio, doing demos, etc.

Then of course, there's always the beer-drinking that must be done!  (Hey,...somebody's gotta do it, eh?  I'd hate to put all those people out of work!)  :)

And, goofing around on this keyboard has to be right up there, as well !

Also, reading... writing,... watching movies (junkie!),... and research & metal detecting in the early spring!



my main other interest apart from  *this*  is music,  both listening to and creating,  this is one of the reasons i got into *this*  to explore and understand myself and express it musically.
I also write songs and poetry and draw cartoons.


I play in a band.  Prog Rock ish.  It's called Aftermyth.  I read a lot. Recently been reading Franz Bardon (highly recommended).

My favourite hobby.  Chess.  Hence the name.  Based on my two favourite Chess Players Aron Nimzowitsch and Jose' Capablanca.

lucid dancer

Wow! There are other artists here! You guys should find a way to show your stuff. I do realistic portraits, fantasy, surrealism, ...whatever.  Art is my passion.  Many of you are athletic/sporty. I think that's wonderful. I'm a little on the lazy side. However I do dance a lot! I have an unhealthy collection of movies and video games.  I collect puzzles the common iron horseshoe, and you have to remove the ring. Let's see... billiards, coffe shops, concerts.  Geese, I'm mellow!


martial arts and stealth training; learning about life; trying to find the things i always loose  ;)  , and sleeping  :)  . most of my time is devoted to thinking, training, sleeping, or living "in the real world" (ie the job).


Secret of Secrets


I'm an empathic/sensitive type  - too much human interaction overwhelms me because of the "psychic noise" and all that emotional projecting and such.  SO, my hobbies are solitary:  gardening, reading, meditating, and daydreaming.  I also collect things.  I have too many shoes.

I used to moonlight as a dancer . . . I danced all through childhood, but quit a few years ago.  I guess going "pro" wore me out and took the fun out of it.
I also used to play classical piano, but mum sold the piano, and now that I want to play again I've found out they cost WAY too much.  Somehow an electric keyboard won't cut it, I guess I'm a piano snob.

I really like being alone, but I feel now that I ought to find a hobby that brings me into contact with nice, like-minded people.  This website is GREAT, but I had something more physical in mind.  Something low-risk that I could do to hone my pathetic conversational/social skills!




just wondering what are some things you guys enjoy,Real world,worldly hobbies.." border=0>

Ive been going mountain biking now and than and some salt water fishing.I also enjoy bodybuilding.But right now I dont have the money to buy all that food,protein powder and vitamins.So thats on hold" border=0>

Reading books,always calms me down and the world disolves around me.If its a  good one  that is.

Video games,mostly console,ah gotta love those

watching rented movies,rarely go to the movies now

Heres a couple others I like,but havnt really done in awhile.

Metal detecting,nice and peacful Ive found many coins.Nothing of great value yet.

All diff. types of  Cars,This one has always stuck with me throughout my life.
I love anything to do with racing.My favs are Formula 1,WRC rally,And everything else that has nothing to do with nascar or oval tracks.lolSpeedvision has some good stuff on.But the nascar has got to go.No offense if you like..Unfortunetely I cant watch anything  because I dont have cable right now.

Thats it I think till I find something else.Its pretty hard juggling all these with obe stuff..." border=0>