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Can you believe that I believe?

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I watched the video a couple of months ago.  I was shocked.  I have always been mildly sceptical.  The idea was interesting but I had no proof.   But I am logical and scientific by nature and was totally taken off guard by the honesty and sinserity (sp?)  of those who were on the video.  That many people can not lie about the same subject and have that many common threads in it.  If it is all a hoax then it is extreamly well orcistraited.

I believe that there is something to all of it.  We need to as a people, as a species, and as a planet to bring these issuse into the light so that the truth can be found, looked at, and verified.

David Rogalski


G,day guys

Good to see you guys investigating this stuff,while I'm on a few different forums,this OBE type forum here is one of the few I know that has people willing to concede it's a possibiliy.The vast majority still think we are alone in the universe.I would have to say that I am on the side of the believer,but as few of us have access to the real truth,it's hard to validate everything being told to us from both sides.

I got into a debate on the subject of Roswell & reverse engineering ufo's on another forum & was resoundedly told by some ex US military personel,that
1)Nothing happened at Roswell,there was no UFO that crashed,no reverse engineering has taken place,things like transistors,electromagnetics,optic fibres & microwaves,which were also considered by UFO insiders to be stolen technology, was denied.
2)He said if UFO's do exist,they are from another dimension,so we wouldn't be able to see them anyway,there was no Roswell incidence & the whole thing was used as a distraction for snooping conspiracists.

I hope your last fact that you wrote is not true,that UFO's have been shot down,this is very worrying & I hope if it's true,that there was good reasons,like it was an enemy of what is considered to be "good" aliens,or it attacked a vessel,aircraft,person or facility.

Once again,it comes down to money,who controls it & what their agenda's are.

Good journeys all



Hey guys, I havent read mr Greer's book but it seems like for the past few years there hasn't been a lot of new information coming out on the subject of ufos. I used to be really interested in the subject back in the early and mid 90's but it seemed like things kind of got stale if you know what I mean. A lot of the same info being re hashed over and over and frankly I got bored with it. Do any of you recommend any books that might have some new info in it?


You know I was out doing the usual just this last Sunday (=bowling)  and a couple of the people I go out with mentioned "Aliens".  Some asked who believed and who did not.  Although I do not whole heartedly believe I do believe it is possible.  I had a notion prior but then I watched the video on the Disclosure Project, which only confirmed what I thought.  But as with most things until I personally experience it I can not allow myself to take it as "God's Honest Truth".  But until then it remains a possiblity.

"I used to be really interested in the subject back in the early and mid 90's but it seemed like things kind of got stale if you know what I mean. "

I figure this to be a possible combination of two things.

1.  Newer information is only really available to those who dig a lot deeper.  As such I believe it has gone underground and only the die hards are aware of what is going on.
2.  There has been a deffinite switch in TV programing in moving away from that particular topic.  The US government has that kind of controll in our country, dispite what most think.   But they have used it in the past to censor certain information or purposly create other distractions.  They have a habbit of holding companies broadcasting license above thier heads.  This being to move public interest elsewhere so that things like the diclosure project do not become fully realized.  It is actually easier for the to control the media than it is to get rid of 400 some odd people with one common link.

These being an issue of the government thinking we know too much or rather trying to do our thinking for us.

David Rogalski


I agree whole heartedly about the governments control over the media and so on but even the guys who are supposed to be doing the deep digging havent had too much to say recently. What happened to Stanton Friedman? havent heard a peep out of him in ages. The last book he wrote was about roswell. How many times have we gone over that again and again and again. I am a believer but I also believe that there is a lot of disinformation being presented also. It makes me wonder what happened to the hype?


i think we are not alone. does robert bruce have an opinion? robert monroe said that he saw lots of ufo's on some plane hovering around the planet, but RB has not mentioned it as far as i know.
intersting story- a friend had a relative in the air force that had to land in area 51 due to emergency. his relative said you would not believe what i saw, but my friend was not interested cause he thought ufo's were a bunch of balony. a couple years later my friend realized that ufo's are real asked his relative about it again and got the reply-what are you talking about, i have never been there.-sounds like his brain was washed pretty good

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RB has commented about UFO's. I think at least once in this forum. Also:



I would not dought it. I used to live in Las Vegas and there are plenty of stories out there about area 51.


There are several aspects to this whole phenomenon. The UFO-nut culture...the hokey aspect. These people believe what ever you feed them, so a lot of the stuff surrounding cattle mutilations, abductions, etc. is part of their hype culture. Disinformation from the government finds fertile soil here.

You have the hardcore ufologists, like Dr. Greer, who dig deep for the truth. The coverup is trying like hell to delay and surpress these people, using tactics like the above-mentioned media manipulation.

Then you have this weird in-between area, possibly some people trying to warm people up to the idea of extraterrestrials in preparation for disclosure. The result is movies like K-PAX, Contact, Independence Day (eek!), The Arrival, even the X-Files TV show, which has lots of military-industrial coverup overtones. The Smoking Man is basically representative of the people Dr. Greer is up against.

As to a recent lack of information, this may be the lull before the storm. Over 80% of Americans now believe in the possibility of extraterrestrial life, so it won't come at THAT great a shock. The bigger shock will be the details of the coverup and exactly what they have been hiding.

bitsmart -
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I just recieved my copy of Disclosure by Dr. Steven Greer. Greer is the head of CSETI (Center For The Study Of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) and the Disclosure Project (// I cannot believe what I'm reading in this book, but the information comes to me as no surprise. Basically, this book will divide people into two groups: those who believe that extraterrestrials have come to earth, and that the government has been covering it up, and those who are so firmly skeptical that no amount of evidence short of a disk landing on their front lawn will convince them otherwise. There will no longer be a gradient of people in between; after this book, you either believe or you don't, end of story.

With the ET/UFO matter, the people in charge are so concerned about disclosure that they resort to even violent methods to keep people quiet. People have disappeared, 'commited suicide', had their families threatened, etc. This along with a clever disinformation effort (abductions, mutilations, sightings, plausible deniability, and straight out lies) keep the issue under control. They can easily off someone who starts to talk too much.

But what happens when over 400 witnesses tell someone their stories, willing to testify to Congress that they are telling the truth? People with high-ranking government, military, aerospace, technology, and related job positions, people with highly reputable careers? This happened, and it's called the Disclosure Project. You can't make 400 people disappear, and to say these respected authorities are all lying would be ludicrous. For those who believe, I'll give you some FACTS from this book:

FACT: In 1947, in Roswell, New Mexico, an extraterrestrial craft crashed in the desert and was recovered by the military.

FACT: We have reverse-engineered their technology and put it to use in covert 'black projects'. Billions of dollars of taxpayer and privately-invested money have paid for incredible technology, like free energy and antigravity, that has been available to humans for at least 50 years. Yet we have seen none of it.

FACT: A compartmentalized section of the military-industrial complex did a good job of keeping this secret by any means necessary, including murder.

FACT: Most world leaders had no knowledge of this information until Dr. Greer and select witnesses briefed them. A select few of the military, government, and industrial personnel really knew what was going on, and the whole should not be held accountable for the actions of these few.

FACT: We have targeted and brought down extraterrestrial craft using the very technology we 'stole' from them. In essence, people outside of the law, the checks and balances, and the public opinion have declared interstellar war; so far, no being has retaliated, but time is short.

While a lot of this initially worried me when I read it, I remembered to trust in the divine plan, and Dr. Greer is making an amazing effort for disclosure right now. This effort is only focused on the truth, no more, no less. Last year, the project held a National Press Club conference, which you can watch on the website. This thing is for real. These are exciting times to be living on Planet Earth.

Thoughts anyone?

bitsmart -
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