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Thanks Giving and Strange Dreams

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Hi My Lovely Pulsers,

Hope you are well and thriving. It's been a bit wonderful and bit rough around home the last week or so. The rough bit is that the 25th of November was/is my brother's birthday (he passed last year sudden heart attack). My husband's BD was the 22nd and he passed roughly 2 years ago after being sick and bed ridden a long time. Mom's BD was the 18th and she's been gone a long time.

But the 25th besides being Thanksgiving and my brother's BD was also what would have been our anniversary. 2019 would have been 36 years for me and my husband. Thankfully my kids didn't seem to notice or at least not in a big way. That was actually a blessing for me as this year it hit me kind of hard. But enough about that, don't want yall crying for me or any of that nonsense, they are all better off now.

Onto the strange dreams. I have had a plethora of what I will call 'family dreams' the last couple of weeks. All of them involve family and memories. Some are totally dream memories of how 'whatever' happened. Others seemed to be alternative memories while at the same time following the event/s as I remember them. Different house, different clothes, different location that sort of thing but in every single one the dream event really did happen in this here and now.

I have had dreams like this before of course and we've discussed this on the forum many times. But wow, night after night, nap time too. Even before I actually fall asleep. It's like look it's my baby picking a spoon up off the floor or what a great dog he was and so on. And every single one of these dreams has been pleasant/happy moments.

Anyway if you guys have missed me well apparently, I've been hanging out in the astral more than usual. I've also apparently been living a better life than I have sometimes thought I was. Especially when you combine all the time lines.  :lol:

So what about you guys? How have you all been getting along the last few weeks or days? I hope you all have received some blessings and some challenges to keep your hearts warm, especially if you live in colder climate.

Stay safe, stay optimistic and know YOU ARE LOVED.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


 I feel for you Nameless and can definitely understand why this time of the year would be so trying and emotional for you  :-(  There is a great song by the band "Disturbed" called "Hold onto the Memories". It is a fantastic song and definitely relevant at a time like this. Don't let the name of the band sway you from listening to it. True, they are a heavy metal band, but in the last years, there has been a big change in their music. I am sharing the long search link here because it has the lyrics beside it as well. Songs have that magickal way of making us feel better!  :-)

It looks like you higher self is helping you to "heal" as well. This is evident through your Dream projections and experiences with-in them. The fact that there are "alterations" to your experiences shows you that parallel universes do exist. Different house, different clothes, different locations. all those give you a chance to see what happens when you went another way with a major decision in your life. A new path, per se.

My schedule is all messed up. You already know my current situation here. because of it, I am stirred awake at 2:00 am and 6:00 am to give MJ her meds. That has led to all kinds of LDs, yet brief as they are and unfortunately when the alarm clock goes off, it usually wipes any recall right away. But the LDs continue night after night. Many nights, the alarm clock isn't necessary. I will rouse naturally a few minutes before the alarm is set to beep. In the past, I never used a alarm to awaken me. I awoke when I was ready to, not when I was jolted to.

Our climate here in Minnesota has been a blessing. Today it is almost 60 degrees, which is normally unheard of for Dec 1st here in our neck of the woods!  8-)
"The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence."  Nicolai Tesla


This is what it takes to be a human character. We grieve for lost loved ones and lost good old times. No one can escape the sadness, even people like us who know where have our people gone and that time is just an illusion and all the good memories are actually present at all time, just our small portions of the higher self is not focused on experiencing at this time. But they are never lost.
You have done well on focusing on the good memories and reliving the moments through these dreams and NP experiences, Nameless! And like Lumaza said, there is so much more to reality for these characters of ours. The endless probable realities that lay in parallels are just as real and we can access the our other experiences, some of them just slightly different, others significantly different. But all our thoughts trigger creations.

I lost my mom this summer, so my trip home was with a heavy heart. But I 'have constantly dreams and LDs of her together with my dad and other relatives in our childhood home, cooking and laughing, partying with everyone. That gives me calm and peace to know that they are happy. Then I have my two little nieces 2 and 4 year olds that continue on as the next generation. The love for children is the greatest one for human characters. It really cant be expressed with words. I am thankful for them and for what is left for us here to experience.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
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Thanks Lu, that is a lovely song with a very appropriate message just now. :-)
You certainly do have your own trials going on at the moment but am glad that at least your weather is playing nice. It does seem when our sleep schedules get changed around things to get stirred up on the np front. I detest alarm clocks. Hugs

Hey LB. Seems I knew you took a trip home but was not aware you so recently lost your mother. Condolences. You are right about the little ones, they are pretty much everything that matters most.

I have a question for you. Have you ever seen any of the 'kids' in your family in the np before they were born? I feel like you probably have. I would like to hear a little about that if so and you don't mind. Hugs
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


Quote from: Nameless on December 02, 2021, 11:17:41
Have you ever seen any of the 'kids' in your family in the np before they were born? I feel like you probably have. I would like to hear a little about that if so and you don't mind. Hugs

Actually, I never thought to look for them prior. If I have come across them, my brain did not translate into this portion of my awareness. But what's curios is that when the older one was about a year and a half, my sister said she pointed to her tummy and kissed it several times. At that time my sister had no idea she was pregnant and my niece could not talk yet. She found out two weeks later and then realized why her daughter was pointing at her tummy. My niece must have known that there was a new spirit entering the family. I have heard that dogs can sense that as well and give signs to their owners.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


That is so sweet. Children are so close to spirit. Bet your sister pays more attention to such things now. :-)
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


And a Happy and 'Togetherfull' kind of Thanksgiving to everyone!
It is indeed a strange couple seasons we are trekking through, so it is a good moment to recognize and remember our fellow travelers on this journey.
Nameless' excellent opening generated some warm and inspiring responses from friends I know are moving through particularly challenging times. There are no words we can share here, that even begin to lessen the difficulty and pain that some of us are moving through right now; but maybe the recognition of that fact somehow helps to place it in a context that is somewhat more bearable and maybe just a little bit understandable. For a time like this, I simply don't have a better answer at the moment. Maybe there simply is no answer at this is new and unexplored territory for each soul to encounter.
One possible idea I can only speak of from an older, personal, 60-ish POV, and that is that by our age we have already dealt with the pain and difficulty of assisting and witnessing our friends and family members moving through these transition periods. At the least, it is difficult and the more difficult, these are very trying moments for our souls and challenge us beyond what we suspect we are capable of...

Current dreams-
Me included, many of us are getting very important we should pay attention and write them down as best we can. They involve current events, but also family themes and longer term themes...this is a disturbance in the 'Force' that generates these 'dream growth' opportunities...this is all reflective of a great opportunity for growth within the natural River of Life, if you like to look at it that, it is a difficult time but take advantage of it regardless...for the dreams...

My final comments will piggyback a bit on both LB and Lu- At this point, each of our Higher Self is involved and the level of communication has never been higher. The dreams are telling us things. Our individual intuitions are communicating  serious insights ( sorry, their emphasis, not mine) my advice is to pay closer attention to your own natural inner voice of intuition.

Let me try to explain this a little better-

Twenty years ago,  Non-Physical insights just hit me in the head like a light brick, but a brick nonetheless...that is almost physically how it felt. Over the  later years, insights were delivered in ever-decreasingly emphasized moments, yet still the big insights landed with some noticeable significance. Whether PR or NPR, insights came in from dreams, LDs and NPR events with varying degrees of subtle nature. This was a form of understanding within its own territory. I still don't fully understand it.

My last trips to the Monroe Institute, including a very recent one, involved learning at this very non-visual and somewhat disconnected level, which demanded me pushing my limits on experiencing from levels normally beyond my experience and reach. Frankly it has been difficult and frustrating. Yet, on the plus side I have achieved a greater understanding of recognizing how learning can arrive at a much more intuitive level. The result has been a series of near downloads that I have recognized as is not a function of immediate gratification, but rather an NP form of delayed understanding...a screwy way of describing it, but I realize that I am entering ever deeper into territory where my language fails to keep up in describing

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