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There is such a thing as too big

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I agree. I don't mind reasonably long posts, but if you're going to do so, PLEASE USE PARAGRAPHS!
We are not truly lost, until we lose ourselves.


I didn't even think of that.

Organization is important, or it just looks like letter soup.[xx(]


Brevity is beautiful.

On the other hand, some thoughts are simply too complex to present briefly and comprehensively.  

It takes focus and a clear understanding of what you want to say in the first place, and at least some mastery of the written language to write an effective post. A writer must have the ability to communicate clearly and effectively, with as little drift and confusion as possible.  I find writing a post and then EDITING it to be very helpful, which I doubt many posters here do.

Of course, it works both ways.  A reader who has trouble comprehending what he is reading makes communication just as difficult as an incompetant writer.
Non semper ea sunt quae videntur.


I have a problem.  

My problem is with extremely long posts.  Big lines of them, making you have to scroll a half of a mile to get to the bottom of the page, and making you feel like you're missing out on a lot of info, because you just don't have time to read SO, MUCH, TEXT!

Some things take a long time to say, I know.  It's just...