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Hi again my astral loving companions. I still keep thinking about the things we are missing. I've decided one of those things is context. Who are we, who are you, who am I?

I know we have probably all written a little something about ourselves probably in introductions or in posts long since buried. And over time we leak little details about ourselves and our lives so maybe it's just me feeling this way. Anyway I thought it might be fun to just talk about ourselves for a bit. It's kind of weird that I have all these ideas about who you all are and realized those ideas come basically from your np experiences, lol.

So it's probably only fair if I start and any of you want to follow along and tell a little about yourselves please do so. No pressure.

I am female and in my 60s. I was mostly happily married for almost 36 years until my husbands' passing in 2019. We had 4 children - 1 his, 1 mine, 2 ours. The kids are all grown now. Whew!!

I'm tall although probably shrinking by the year. I'm also a bit overweight but no longer care. My eyes were once hazel (blue/green) but these days who knows, haha. My hair is somewhere between faded ash brown and silver grey. Health wise well I am 60+ and life has basically been tough so sometimes (most of the time) I feel like I've been rode hard and put up wet. (Now get that smirk off your face) :-D I'm a survivor of many tough times and it shows.

I love herbs and flowers and all things that grow out of the ground. To my horror I totally suck at gardening. I'm a damn good cook although I don't do much of that anymore. I'm a careful person. I can be insensitive but I've devoted my life to overcoming that and sometimes I succeed.

I'm a little selfish these days but feel it's time I devote time to me. And it actually felt better typing that than I expected. Guess I'm speaking truth. I also have a great sense of humor although these days I'm finding I get more blank stares than laughter. Hmmm :?
Reckon this younger generation just don't get it. My kids do though so reckon I taught them well. Or maybe I just like to brag on them although I respect their privacy so won't say too much about them online.

Oh and just because I want to paint a complete picture and don't want to leave you hanging in the wind - I have big feet and no teeth.  :-D :-D :-D Well, I do have teeth but they are a lot less painful in a jar so only wear them when I need to impress someone which almost never happens.

Well can't think of anything else so there you go. Hope I've least given you all a chuckle and now it's your turn.

If you dare...


Haha, OMG I love this topic! I hope more people will drop some interesting facts about themselves.
Nameless, I now have a complete image of you and your charming smile  :lol: that I will picture when I read your posts.

I too have a great sense of humor including humor that some people cant handle due to topics sensitivity those days. I don't really care and I find many things funny. Given that my favorite comedy is Borat, those who have seen it will know what I am talking about LOL.

I grew up in a very loving home full of laughter. My childhood was incredible and I miss it greatly. If I can go back in time and get stuck in my childhood I will be content. I am from the tail end of generation X and the world I grew up in was very different than  today. There was no crime, the community life was very strong, people helped each other, kids ran free outside all day without parent control. We built our toys, slept under the summer star sky, roasted potatoes in the bon fire and told stories. The adventures were endless, free of video games or technology, even from TV in the summer time.

I won 3rd place in a beauty pageant in college and I have a green belt in Kung Fu. I like to feel my body strong, so I enjoy Pilates, yoga and speed walking these days. I am tall and athletic, dark blond hair with light blond highlights, wavy and long, green/hazel eyes.  I am a big foodie though and I am a great cook, but I prefer to cook healthy these days, experiment with recipes, adjusting them to their healthier versions without compromising taste.  

I am learning how to play Piano. That gives me a great pleasure. I like to take up challenges to better myself.

I have mentioned here on numerous posts that since I was a child I felt like a visitor and not a settler, so I always looked for adventures and did not want to settle to do life and family like most people. I felt like I was sent here to travel and observe life on Earth and this is what makes me happy. In addition, I am so abnormally empathetic, that I will not bare watching children of mine suffer, so I don't want to create any, especially in this crazy world now.  I never feel lonely, I always feel like there are invisible friends with me all the time. I am not one of these people who mope that they don't have anyone for Valentine's day haha. If my match shows up one day, he will be welcomed, but if it's not meant in this life, I am fine with it. We have different paths in different lives, so we have to realize what is our path currently and play our part.

I have a masters degree in mechanical engineering, but my path lead me to the biotech field and now I oversee the conduct of clinical trials. I enjoy my job very much, watching for patients safety, training doctors on study procedures and and having to work with some of the smartest people every day.

I've always considered myself very lucky. I've had so many life events that were pure miracles, things falling into my lap easily. But believing in luck manifests one. I feel bubbly happy most of the time and I do not drink nor take meds or drugs, all natural dopamine. But I think this bubbly happiness comes from my understanding of the multiverse and our place in it. AP experiences definitely add a big chunk to that whole adventure/excitement.

I always count my blessings and see my cup half full. I see opportunity in every challenge, and I forgive without repentance. I see all points of consciousness as equal on a grand scale regardless of what current characters role they may have taken. But I do understand that everyone must play their roles while in character.

I will not trade my accumulated wisdom for a younger body.

I am planning to join my local archery club. I like visiting historical places and museums. I live close to Disneyland and Universal Studious and I absolutely love people watch and soaking up the massive happy energy at these places.

I live in the now. When I catch that I am enjoying a moment, I focus on it, submerge into it fully so I can feel its complete magnificence. It could be as simple as walking through a beautiful garden, or watching the star sky, the clouds, the snow, the rain, the ocean...

P.S. I couldn't resist but come back and point out that this sound very much like a dating profile haha. oh well... :lol:
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


hi im going to be 45 this summer
i have a very short buzz cut and my once brown hair is tipping to gradually towards the silver gray side of the spectrum
stocky and carrying a little extra weight after lockdown but still pretty fit as my job requires alot of up and down ladders
blue eyes big smile

growing up in the late seventies and early eighties i to can relate to the care free days of being out all day in the fresh air without the restraints that have become part of everyday life now

when i was about 10 my mother was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and my younger brother was involved in a accident on a motorbike that severely damaged his foot and spent many months in hospital and back and forwards for skin grafts and operations

i guess i was kind of left to my own devices a bit i wasnt neglected but there was so much else going on
as i hit my teens and my rebellious side came out (still with the ongoing coming to terms of my mums illness) i started hitting drugs pretty hard and binged drinked i spent most of the 90s and early 2000s burying my head in the sand taking all manner of substances
it was right in the middle of rave culture so lsd and ecstasy were a massive part of that period of my life and opened my mind in many ways

these days im almost t-total i dont smoke am clean of all drugs and only have the odd beer here and there
i have two beautiful children with my long term partner i am not married to her
i enjoy walks on dartmoor and visiting stone circles or ancient megalithic sites

astral projection has never come easy to me its something i have worked at and have had varying degrees of success and failure
but the fear that used to hold me back has gone



I hesitate to chime in because I am already so OUT there. ( lol )

Photos, videos, websites, logs, forum board the gamut . .

My name is Casey Claar

Online I am known as "" and our circle or collective / group goes by "the galactic travel channel"

I'm in my late 50s now and heading toward the retirement years..
I have been seriously devoted to the spiritual life and spiritual disciplines since the age of 12
I've taught many of these disciplines : yoga, meditation, pranayama / energy work, the conscious OBE, conscious contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, dream work..
Through slowly being broken open over the years my spiritual gifts are coming through to meβ€”

I particularly enjoy a certain capacity inherent in me with crystals, wherein I combine my consciousness with crystals in order to engage with them as communication devices.

Nameless and I sound fairly similar in our appearances..
All my teeth are still in place but I have had seriously receding gum lines since my 20s, so how much longer this will be so is yet to be seen. lol
My hair just does not want to seem to turn over into the grey spectrum yet, it tries but then all the grey falls out and I am again left with the Ash color ( super fun playful process )

The magical and the mysterious has a way of following me about.

I welcome this with an open and joyful heart.


A warm hello to everyone!



Hahaha, I am loving this! You guys are all amazing and so diverse. Looks like we might have to tease the rest of our friends to come out of hiding. Come on guys and gals you know you want to......


watched alot of your youtube vids omcasey i was plesently suprised the first time i realised you were on the astral post as well :)


Oh thanks for that, fowlskins.. that's so nice to hear.

I would love to see everyone coming out with their given names, just a first name, even.

You have no idea how experiences exponentially kick up when we 'come out'.

This board in particular would be taken to the next level.

I would love to see that!