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Wouldn't a live chat feature be great on astral pulse?

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Just posting to try and see if we could get a live chat program on this website at all?   I don't know how well an AIM chat would work.  People are unsure about downloading among other things... just a pain in the arse pretty much.  I hope some moderators see this and can pass it on to their superiors.   I think it would be very beneficial for everyone!!!

Honk if you support it!!!

Kyle :wink:



I disagree, there is always about 10 people online when I am here.  Personally I know I would sit in there the whole time while I'm surfing the forums.  Plus, really all you need is one other person in there to chat with.  I think it would be cool, because sometimes it can be so slow relaying information to eachother on the forums.



I'm not one for wanting to pour cold water on someone's fire, but there may well be x-number of people on here when you logon but that doesn't mean to say they would necessarily want to "chat". On the whole, people like to put some effort and thought into their posts here, and we tend to discourage one-line style posting in favour of a more considered approach.




I have gained a ton of great information off the forums here.  I'm not trying to say that the forums aren't effective and helpful.  I greatly appreciate the thought, time, consideration, etc people take to reply here.  Astral Pulse has been a great tool for me.  I'm just saying if you could spend 5 minutes in a chat room asking question after question to someone who has a vast knowledge about, say astral projection - you could gain as much knowledge as you would from a week of posting.  It would just be another great tool.  Also, yes, I'm sure that at times no one would be chatting... but at times they would, especially once it gains steam.  I'm not trying to be one-lined here, just support something I think would be verrry beneficial.   If it's not a tough thing to put up (for the webmaster, I know nothing about making web pages) then what could it hurt???



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Maybe someone could set up an independent IRC channel?

I doubt it would be any less useful if it was unofficial. Chats are already informal, and unofficial might as well be the same thing as "informal."

You have already set up a perpetual AOL chat, which is very considerate.


Yeap, I'd try the irc thing, for sure... i think people are a little hesitant or lazy to go and download and try new things, thats only other reason why it would be real nice to get it on the website.  I'm all about the IRC thing though, not familiar with it really, but ill download it it.  I set up that AOL chat and have talked to a few people on there, pretty cool.

Can you put up an away msg or something of that sort on IRC?   Because you cant in the AOL chat function, making for some confusion


The elders here on astralpulse want to discourage such a cheap means of contact as chat. This will halt your progress. They want you to learn to AP and contact anyone you need to, on astral.
This is for the good of all.

PS: you can add someone in your buddy list on msn etc and easily cheat.


Heeeeeeeeeey..Psan, that isn't fair, I've been trying to find it and can't. :P  Elders.... :roll:




There is really no need for a chatroom here. If you want mysticweb has one but its not the best. Anyways I have already helped many people who checked my info and found my Aim address and IM fine with that. If they really wanted to talk to someone they would download Aim or Aim express.
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Psan when u r an astralpulse elder (you can join the club for only $2000) then you can speak for us

communication in any form about paranormal stuff is good


If anyone is interested sigmachat has a free java chat that works fine :D Anyone can create one and if you want to chat you can just post a thread saying so and put in the appropriate link. There is also PhpOpenChat that can be made to work with the memberslist from phpBB (this forums script). If anyone wants to do free voice chats there's always ventrilo which can also do instant messenger and IRC chats ... though the free version is limited to 8 people  :(


Probably too worried that people would take the route of chat and have less need to post their ideas. *yawn*


Quotecommunication in any form about paranormal stuff is good
I never say no to that.

$2k? so thats whats going on behind our backs.


An irc would be the easiest. There are many irc servers that would host it for free. Also, for the people that are too lazy to download an irc program, there are java applets that will go to the channel directly from a web browser.
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Ok...I'm not sure what is trying to be done here, so let me get it straight. :P

I down loaded the Yahoo thingy, and can't find the original poster's nic...?  We won't have a permanent chat  room here, but you can certaintly use Messenger, Yahoo..etc.  

I prefer Messenger myself and have no problem chatting...that is, if you don't mind that I have to get up every 5 minutes for a child or hubby. :)

So, no more smart aleck comments about people holding you back.  Most, if not all, of the mods here have jobs outside the home and it takes up enough of their time, without adding live chat to the list.



If you want Nay, I could easily set one up. Using the method I described above.

People could just click the link to a java applet, or they could use an irc program they want.

Its very simply, and It would not be a burden to you server because it would be running on an irc server.
"There are three kinds of people in this world, those who can count and those who can not."


I appreciat that RTC, but I think the problem with that is, if we were to set up a irc within the Astral Pulse, then it becomes OUR responsiblity to keep it a safe and friendly.

I think the best route to take would be for those whom want to chat outside the forums, give out your yahoo, or messenger ID to the others, and then just pull everyone into the converstion.   Least, that is what we did in the old days.. :D  

Ahhhhhhhh..I miss Squeek..heck, I even miss chatting with Maya..pompous wind bag that he was...still enjoyed it. ;)



It is discouraged to chat on the threads, but the fact is that people do it anyway. Worse, it happens on threads with such important topics as kundalini. It seems to me that it would take fewer resources to let people chat on a medium which will not have to be stored and backed up for years to come. It would also allow the people who can't figure out how to search for information before they post to ask about it to come in contact with other people who will hopefully be able to use the search feature.