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4 Years, no luck. Something wrong with me?

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First, lets get down to my history of AP, etc.
When I was 15 I discovered what Lucid Dreaming was, I dont remember how but it was perhaps one of the most amazing discoveries I had ever set eyes on.
So, after spending hours of reading and researching methods and theories on the subject I figured it was time to try by example.
It took a week or 2 of just concentrating and trying to will myself to dream before going to bed until I saw results. I began dreaming, nothing intense; usually random, seemingly meaningless dreams occured for the most part. But write them down in my dream log I did. Eventually, after a few months I began to Lucid Dream.
now from 16-17 years old, I was having episodes I call them, of lucid dreaming. I would have lucid dreams, every single night, for up to 3 months at a time, maybe have a week off of dreams, and it would just continue. Now , they would get pretty intense mind you. I had gotten to the point where I had realized , on multiple occasions I may add, that I was in a dream. I rarely influenced my dreams by my thought, just by pure excitement I suppose.

18 years old, I had a very difficult year with my mom, a mixup with school transcripts from out of state requiring me to then repeat senior year(not joking), and just other issues in general. My uncle who was a recovering heroin addict , decided not to recover anymore. He is also schizo, meaning the "downing" affect of heroin did not work for him, instead he would have psychotic, sometimes violent episodes.n there are a few more issues but I don't wish to discuss them. Obviously you can all imagine how that would affect my dreaming. I had a few short "episodes" of lucid dreaming but this was right around the time I began meditation. I have learned to induce sleep paralysis, and I have  even hit the vibrations stage on multiple occasions.

I would always get an increased heartrate at this point though, and sometimes spasms in certain parts of my body(usually my feet)...

now before people wish to give a sm@rt@$$ remark I have done the following..
-Tryed several methods of Astral Projection
-Yes, I fully believe in it, for those who say I have doubts
-And yes, I have made attempts on a REGULAR basis

And to my standards, a regular basis would consist of 5/7 days of the week atleast.
I have bought several books outlining many theories and methods of doing it.

And now I'm 19, and also enlisted Active Duty in the Army. So forget about the whole "wake up early and try". I'm afraid that cannot fit into my rigorious schedule.
It is so very frustrating and I'm almost at the breaking point of just throwing in the towel, and calling it quits for good. I'm not satisfied with Lucid dreaming, I want the full experience and it seems no matter how much effort I put in I just cant catch a break and its very discouraging :/.
Any help or advice would be very greatly appreciated.
Thank you


Also, I SUCK at visualizing although I am an artist( was doing tattoos before enlisting).
The rope method seemed to work best, but after 50 consecutive tries(no, I am not kidding) it has not worked still.
I have gotten to the point I can just lucid dream by will and retain memory of 80% of it. I may also add after that bad year I had I stopped realizing I was dreaming in the dreams, I just have intense lucid dreams. :( .
So frustrated...


You said you believe in ap but do you believe you can ap?  It helps a lot if you believe you can ap.  Perhaps your mind is not relaxed.  When my mind is not relaxed I cannot ap.  You could listen to the beats that people talk about.  I listen to the sounds of the wind, ocean and thunder.  I would not read anymore about it as I do not think it will help you.  It will only frustrate you.  You need to practice and to keep telling yourself that you can ap everyday even if you do not ap.  Eventually it will get into your mind and you will start to believe that you can ap and it will start working for you.


If you're going for a conscious exit, I'm not so sure that is going to be easy to pull-off while in the army (though I could be wrong, I've never been in the army).

If you can LD with a decent amount of clarity, turning it into a "proper" AP is probably going to be your easiest bet. The hard part is already done (non-physical awareness). Seriously, use your LD skills as your launchpad. You're pretty much AP'ing already.

Other than that, all I can say is take a break while in the army and come back to it fresh later. Or use the next few years to just meditate (no AP attempts)... hone your mind, concentration, thinking habits, etc. If you do that in earnest for a few years, you're going to have incredible meditation skills that will make AP MUCH more simple later.


Some of us have been trying for longer. I think I currently hold the record with 15 years of no luck in astral projection. I can actually explain astral projection in scientific terms but don't have the biological makeup needed to do it naturally.

The methods you commonly find on the internet are nothing but self-deception methods. If they work for a person, then anything will work for that person. That particular person could have projected with no method at all.

Certain ancient cultures and monks had solid, scientifically sound methods that actually worked.


I agree with you zareste about what you said on the internet.  You said you have not ap for 15 years.  That would turn most people off ap and they would understandably think that they cannot ap.  The main requirement to ap is you must believe you can ap.  If you think you cannot ap, it makes it very difficult to ap.



Wow, ten years to ap.  Most people would have given up.  Xanth why did it take you a long time to ap?  Was it because you read a lot of false information about ap?  I am just curious.


Hi Lone_Dreamer,

In answer to the question in your thread title; no, of course there is nothing wrong with you.  There is no definite and known answer to why some people seem better at this than others and some take years or decades when for someone else it could be weeks, to succeed.  I've never been in the army myself, but I'm quite sure that's not all that conducive to astral projection either.  You might have better luck after you are back out again.  Of course keep on practicing, and perhaps make a point of doing so at a time you have a morning off.           


If you can already induce lucid dreams, you can do a trick to get very fast an OBE.

If you are in a lucid dream again, lay down there and try to make an AP. Yes, you heared right, you can do it in dreams! It works mostly very fast and has a high chancve of success.


its not hard ull be able to do it soon.


Lucid dreaming is one of the easiest methods. You need to be very aware like in the physical. Slowly wake yourself just enough to make the dream 'distant', not as clear or so you feel your own presence on the edge of the dream. Set yourself a place to goto previously that you know very well close to where your body is and be there. Hear the sounds. Smell the smells etc.
Hopefully you wont think of the physical at all, just want to be there so badly. Eventually this place will be where you're at, fully concious and with exceptional awareness. Next thing is to explore where you want to go, even staying there is ok. Stay for no more than 1 min so you will remember it.
Repeat this as often as you can. When familiar with the feel you can get to this place easily and enjoy the trips using it as a launchpad.
I've used this method in the 70's and it works. Put what suits you in place, changing anything that makes it more personalised.
Now when aware in dreams I can snap out to anywhere almost instantly.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


Quote from: Astralsuzy on October 06, 2012, 01:12:29
Wow, ten years to ap.  Most people would have given up.  Xanth why did it take you a long time to ap?  Was it because you read a lot of false information about ap?  I am just curious.
There's a lot of information out there, for sure.  There's some straight up false stuff, definitely... for someone who had very little practical experience at the time, most of what I read was beyond confusing.  I attempted to do the techniques outlined in the many books, all with no results.  In time, I actually learned I had much more experience than I was giving myself credit for.  Lifelong experiences which I was putting aside because, at the time, I didn't recognize them as astral projections.  Learning what I have, I've been able to take the filter off of what I recognize as an "astral projection".

For me, the turning point was the attempt to completely remove as much of the mystical context of astral projection as I could. 
Frank's posts was this turning point for me... it opened a lot of doors for me in that I was beginning to experience and learn more and more.

Why did it take so long to learn for me?  Because I was forever lost in the details and couldn't see the forest for the trees.  I simply couldn't wrap my head around the mystical concepts presented to me in everything I was being told and read about.  I have a much better idea of what's going on now... and I'm able to see the mystical concepts for exactly what they are: simply the chosen metaphors and semantics of each person.


 I agree 100% with Xanth here. I started trying to Consciously Aware travel the NPR back in March of 2011, after having a 3 night extreme experience. The first thing I did after the 3rd night was to contact my family Doctor. After the 3rd night I was left with my right eye completely swollen shut for a couple of days and vibrations that did not recede day or night for 3 weeks. Since I have Degenerative Disc Disease I immediately made a Doctor's appointment. He put me through a number of tests trying to get to the route of the problem. By the time I had gotten to him, my eye was healed, he said that it was probably due to an ingrown eyelash, so 1 problem possibly solved. My X-rays and Neurological tests came back, the results were negative. We were looking for a possible tumor or nerve encroachment.
The next thing I did was hit the internet hard. I went to every site I could find top find a reasonable answer to my predicament. I then went to MedMed. com forums and made a post there. For about a week there was no reply. Then one by one I started to see other people sharing similar experiences as mine. One person form Australia that replied said something about a web site known as the Astral Pulse, so I came here and checked it out. At first I was a Guest for about a month. I soaked in all the info I could. I then decided to try Binaural Beats, so I bought a program on the web. It was one of those ones with more of a musical background, so it really helped get in a good meditative state. I then bought into another program, but won't mention the name, since it caused so much distress here in the past. This program worked well as well. mostly for helping me to identify my own symptoms, per say.
I then started reading Robert Bruce and doing his NEW techniques. I learned through NEW how to control my energy, remove spasms and handle my daily pain, I am grateful for this info.
Then I came across Frank's posts here and Xanth's website and that changed everything for me. They completely opened my eyes. Xanth's web site talked about a Physics Professor named Tom Campbell. I listened to every one of his lectures, workshops, basically anything I could find. What I found was that I had the wrong mind set about this whole Astral Projection thing. That is the key right there, change your view on what is real and what isn't. Prove it to yourself by simple tests you can identify with and you will see that you anyone can do this. You will see that it really is all just a matter of focused intent. That seems easy to say, but is much harder to accomplish. You have to KNOW you can do this. Don't try. Before I go to sleep every night I say to myself "I am AWARE in my Dreams". Not that I want to or wish to, but that I am.  When you train your mind for anything, you should never ask for it as a want or wish, you should never use the words "I will try". You always say it like it's already happening. You get out of this exactly what you put into it. Be honest with yourself. We see people come here constantly saying the thing. "I tried this last night and this doesn't work, can you help me"? This web site is filled with 200,000 different threads on all sorts of different things and topics. Do your homework, look at this as a quest with the reward being so extraordinary that there is no mental chance of failure.  Once in awhile I post about devices that help you to achieve the Trance state. The next thing I see, someone is saying, you don't need those things, they are too expensive etc. Well in my mind, money is just a material thing. I will try different techniques. I am always experimenting with new forms of meditation, new ways of accessing the NPR, whether it be using my Laxman, my Tibetan Singing Bowl or my Crystal Pyramids. That car you buy in the real world helps you get from location to location. So does walking or riding a bicycle, but the car gets you there faster.  I don't care what I have to use or what it takes for me to THINK or PROVE to myself what works or not for me. I set a goal, now I aim to achieve it and have.
"Failure was not an option"!  :-)


Thank you Xanth and Lionheart.  I am glad it has worked out well for both of you.  We are all different and what works for one person may not work for another.  I never learnt from ap books.  I like reading the books.  It helped to get good ideas.  Anything that sounds complicated I do not read.  I think it is too much work.  I have been to some things, such as a course and an ap group years ago.  I do not regret going to those things because it was a good experiences.  I had fun but it did not help me to ap.  I found the instructors could not ap themselves.  Lionheart as for your gadgets if it makes you feel good then it does not matter.  Who cares what other people think.  Some people buy an expensive car and I think it is a waste of money.  I would never say that to them of course.  Sooner or later it gets scratches and dings in it.


You are right Lionheart about saying I am aware that I am dreaming and you become aware.  Eventually you become aware that you are dreaming.  It may not happen overnight.  I found you have to believe it as well otherwise it will not work as well or not at all.  I did not realise how effective it can help when you say things.  I have tried it with other things and it helps enormously.  I know Xanth believes in it too.  Thanks for that.  Later on, not now, I am going to say that before I go to sleep.  I have other things that I am currently saying at the moment.


Quote from: Astralsuzy on October 09, 2012, 03:55:10
 Lionheart as for your gadgets if it makes you feel good then it does not matter.  Who cares what other people think.
Suzy, the "gadgets" I use are for other people's benefits. I admit it does cut down my readiness or preparedness time quite a bit though. I am trying to find quick ways that anyone at anytime can just briefly get a glimpse of the NPR while Consciously Aware. I use them because I am getting ready to do some local seminars on AP. I don't want to charge anything at all for the info, but have been told that people won't take me seriously unless I do. So I might ask for a donation at the door. This will also show me help me to gauge their true interest and show me how much they want to learn this. I don't want to write a book or anything, but feel with the coming changes that it is time people pick a side. They either live in fear or live with love. It is time for people to "awaken"!  :-)


That is very good of you Lionheart to do it for other people.  Not many people would do that.  What are these ap seminars that you run?  Is it a psychic fair, mind body and spirit festival or a course?  I think it is a good idea to charge people.  I do not think it is fair for someone to be out of pocket.  When I went to a meditation course a year ago, they advertised the course as being free but the orgnisors said it will cost $10 for a donation per person as that will cover the cost of the building and all the other things as well.  No one had a problem with it.  I thought it was a good idea.  Nothing in life is free.


 It is a workshop of sorts where guest speakers come in to our local New Age Store, which has a seminar area. I have also been asked to be a speaker at the local College Paranormal Club. Last year I was asked to speak at a church, but declined. I couldn't figure how they would tie a person speaking on Conscious Awareness and AP, together with a church crowd. That invite came after just talking to a group of young Adults at my Christmas Kiosk last year. I told them things about themselves that i couldn't have known, that shocked them and myself at the same time. Lately when I talk to people, for some reason I know what to say to them. It's kind of like some sort of Channeling what they need to hear from some unseen force. A lot of times I look at Mary Jo and say I don't know why I said that. It just came out.


Thanks Lionheart.  I think it was a good idea that you declined to talk about ap to the church.  There are a lot of people that would be anti ap.  You have to be careful who you talk to about it.  When I used to go to sahaja yoga meditation group many months ago, they were anti ap, mediums, fortune tellers etc.  They considered it to be negative and when I talked about ap, the person said to me, you will go down to hell.  I made out that I was not that sort of person and I would never be involved in that type of thing.  I had to make the peace.  That is very interesting about the channeling you talked about.  I wondered about that if you got into ap if that would happen. 


A lot of church goers are more open minded than you think.  Just take Tom Campbell's discussion at a Christian Church recently as evidence.


OK that might be true but there are a lot of people that are against ap.  I am sure there are a lot of church people around here would be against it.  I know someone who is Seventh Day Adventist, I think that religion is correct, they were against Harry Potter.  They considered it to be evil.  The parents would not allow their children to watch Harry Potter.


Quote from: Astralsuzy on October 05, 2012, 19:44:07
I agree with you zareste about what you said on the internet.  You said you have not ap for 15 years.  That would turn most people off ap and they would understandably think that they cannot ap.  The main requirement to ap is you must believe you can ap.  If you think you cannot ap, it makes it very difficult to ap.
my guess is you're arguing against something I didn't say.
While it's flattering to think astral projection is a skill you acquired, it's a matter of biology. Delusion is not a step toward acquiring something. Simple stuff here.


OK you did not say that.  I assumed you would have lost confidence.  Most people would loose confidence when they have not ap for a very long time.  I must try and not say things unless someone specifically says that.


Quote from: Astralsuzy on October 11, 2012, 06:06:35
OK that might be true but there are a lot of people that are against ap.  I am sure there are a lot of church people around here would be against it.  I know someone who is Seventh Day Adventist, I think that religion is correct, they were against Harry Potter.  They considered it to be evil.  The parents would not allow their children to watch Harry Potter.
Honestly?  You're going to find "people" who are against anything on this planet.   The trick is to let them be as they are.   Don't worry about them. :-)