Anyone ever experienced this? Vivid images while my hands are on my eyes.

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This morning I was laying down in bed.  It had been probably about 20 minutes after I woke up, I remember being fully awake, in full control of my body and I was just being lazy.  Anyways I started rubbing my eyes with my hands and obviously as I was doing that with my hands over my eyes it was pitch black; well somehow I was able to see a speck of color in the darkness so I thought let me focus on it and I did.  As I focused on that dot of color it became bigger and bigger until I could see light through it.  It was big enough that all of a sudden the light started taking shape, it started to turn green then it transformed in a bed of green leaves, the color was very vivid and I was kind of shocked because I was fully awake, so the image went away.  I thought let me try it again, I actually took my hands off my eyes for a couple of seconds and put them back on, again in the darkness I saw the dot, I focused on it and again it grew more and more.  It looked as though it was a passage to another dimension.  This time it transformed into an scene of a house in the distance in a what it looked like a prairie, it looked like it was almost sunset and somehow I lost focus and it vanished.  I tried it the third time and this time the image was that of a silhouette of a man laying down, the background was brown with no recognizable structures, just brown; the man was glowing and was just laying down.  It was a very weird experience, I was awake.

Where did the images come from?  I will try it again tonight maybe I can see more than this morning.

Anyone ever experienced this?


I know several types of such images. It is interestring, that you can generate them intentionally. Mostly such images occur randomly and just rarely after sudden disruptions from relaxation, when one resumes the relaxation immediately and looks for visible supernatural experiences.

Their content is influenced by astral beings and maybe some other unknown sources.

QuoteIt was a very weird experience, I was awake.

Yes, they are really weird and fascinating. Not many people know these kinds of images from own experience.


The very first image was a random one, I was rubbing my eyes with my hands for only a few seconds when i noticed the dot in the distance.  the other ones i was able to focus and they happened, I will try again tonight; maybe put something like a cloth on my eyes so it's pitch black.  Hopefully it happens again


I've had similar experiences, they have always happened in the morning while meditating or relaxing.  My first time... it definitely scared me seeing something so clear and bright come into view while awake.  I got thrown off and it went away, then another animation faded in when I relaxed.

Vivid images or animations will be beyond what the rational mind can understand.  Your eyes don't have to be pitch black for this to happen, though it helps.  I hope you see more of these, these are really special  :-)


I'm glad my mind isn't rational then lol.
This visualisation is the standard exit technique I use. You see an image or shape, ignore it and it comes back more detailed. Ignore it, it comes back good picture like quality, ignore the scene as wallpaper. Wait a little longer and eventually the scene is in 3D, as real as the physical. It can get far more detailed but this isn't neccessary to exit.
Once the scenes get picture like create the next in your mind and it will appear. Each phasing of images increasing the reality until movement is apparent. This is the exit point, walk into the scene or react to it and it becomes your NP reality. From here you can translocate or continue, its your choice.
I'm training  someone at the moment to AP and he has seen the blackness turn white with a pushbutton appear. The details visible were overwhelming and he lost it.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.




Its early days and nothing is being rushed. He had a false awakening too and after going downstairs seeing something not present in reality woke up for real. Very amusing.
It could be RV, I must admit but its all part of the visualisation process.Ill look around more next time myself, this usually kills the scene if done too soon at least from a concious exit exercise point of view.
Its good to know others have had almost identical experiences too.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


Have you been taking cold medicine lately? You could have accidentally ingested too much.
This is very similar to the "hangover" resulting from heightened doses of DPH and DXM. (Both OTC cold/allergy meds)

I hate to ask, but it's just a precaution. Anyways, I've had this happen both sober and otherwise. It's actually surprisingly easy to control and manipulate and can lead you into some nice adventures.


Cold medicine? Caffeine and phenylephrine, no.
I dont drink and drugs (illegal) dont enter my system ever.
Strong belief in keeping clean.
Its simply something thats worked since I read a book in 1974 and adapted to work.
I tried the same last night ended up in an unknown location meeting two girls and had a laugh with a friend I don't know. Strange but looking around brought the scene to life.
This is typical if no intent is set and happens within a few mins.
I've not tried it during the day and can't at present, no time, working 12 hours...
It works well thats what counts, the initial post seemed too familiar...
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


it dose work just close your eyes put hands on look for light open your eyes look for light your eyes close them again look for colour again close eyes again look for image i just seen a beach.doing just this it completely bipasses rem and relaxation. and no i donte take drugs or anythink.