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 I was just reading Robert Peterson's book, named "Out of Body Experiences" (for the 3rd time) and came across a brief chapter and exercise that is based on  increasing your visualization skills in general. I tell people often here to practice visualization often, whether it's while you are walking down a road, sitting at your computer or just resting someplace. It really is one of the most important keys for experiencing the NPR consciously aware.

Here is a link to his free book, it's very good!  :-)

Pretend Day

If you've read any other books on Astral Projection, you may have wondered: Why have almost all OBE techniques been an exercise of the imagination? Why are there so many visualizations? Why is pretending so important to leaving the body?

Well, first let me make myself perfectly clear: OBEs are a lot more than just pretend; they are real. Absolutely real. If you've had one, there will be no doubt in your mind. During the OBE, you are as wide-awake, alert and conscious as you are while reading this. Sometimes more so. All this pretending is just a stepping-stone to get you out of your body.

Before talking about pretending, I'd like to expose another myth. Some occult books say that children can leave their bodies easily but it's harder for most adults. They therefore conclude that as you get older, you become more cemented in your physical body. They say the older you get, the harder it is to have OBEs, because we become more focused in our body. Well, that just isn't true. People who say that are using an excuse to be lazy and not practice.

Why, then, don't adults have more OBEs? One reason is that adults don't use their imagination as much or as vividly as children. That doesn't mean we can't use our imaginations well, it just means that most people don't.

There's something magical about the imagination. Children know that intuitively. It's a matter of focus. Children use their imagination to unfocus from their daily lives. They know how to daydream and pretend. That's why children are so psychic! And we can become that psychic--that aware--if we start exercising our playful imaginations too.

This exercise isn't just for now, it's an all-day exercise. I want you to make today "Pretend Day." All day today, at every available opportunity, I want you to exercise your playful imagination. These little pretend skits don't have to be long. It's better to be short and frequent, than long and drawn out. I'll give you some examples. Go through your day doing these sorts of things:

The next time you sit down, just pretend for a few short seconds that you fall through your chair (in your astral body) and find yourself on the ground or through the floor. The next time you open a door, playfully pretend that your hand passes through the door knob instead of grabbing it. The next time you walk up a flight of stairs, playfully pretend you glide up it smoothly without walking. Pretend that your astral body glides up the stairs and patiently waits for your physical body to arrive at the top. The next time you look in a mirror, pretend you are looking at your physical body from afar. Pretend you are astral, in as many instances as you can.

Also, it's good to pretend non-OBE things today. For instance, the next time you take a drive in your car, pretend that it lifts off the ground the starts flying over the traffic. The next time you are stopped by a traffic light, pretend that you get out a gun and shoot it! "


Maybe we should change the word visualization to something more to what we are meaning for it to be here; like LionHeart just mentioned, maybe we should change it to simply "pretend"?  I can pretend all day long, I tell me kids all the time to pretend all the time when they are playing at home.


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