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I have used the CE5 Contact App 3 times so far and every time it produces very interesting occurrences. I've had this app for quite some time, but I don't use it unless I get a very strong feeling of wanting to connect. Otherwise, I don't want to force anything, I just follow my intuition and inner signals when I need to take action about anything in general. I just ride the wave of synchronicity in life and I pay attention to inner messages.
Last night, I got that feeling again and I started the app. I did a deep meditation welcoming benevolent beings and sending them the coordinates of my location. Towards the end of the meditation, I had a very clear flash image, clearer than a physical image, a hand stretching out wanting to hold mine. The hand looked very much the hand of the ET from the ET movie. Then the entire being came into view. It looked like a humanoid tree, all brown with branches like arms and legs. It had a very friendly energy signature. I touched its hand and there was a flash of light which startled me and I snapped back out of the meditative state.
Then I went to bed, still holding the image I saw of the ET and I asked to continue our interaction during dreaming/AP. Right as I was falling asleep, I saw the same hand right in front of my face, but it was holding a large white pill, giving me to take. I actually snapped awake from that flash image because I was like, what the hell, why are you giving me pills lol. I didn't know what to think, what was the purpose of the pill and was it safe for me. That produced some resistance on my part out of fear. I did not have any dreams or APs last night.
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Holy moly that's incredible! Wow LB! Congratulations!!!!

I have been curious by the CE5 app, nervous by the crowd Dr. Greer draws. But... I need to get over the fear, you've encouraged me to purchase the app and try the 'reverse-remote-viewing' process.

I believe you made real contact. I don't believe the being was malevolent... One, a hand is reaching out to you- and it went away when you wanted it to, and came back- gently might I add, when you asked it to.

I just read something... And, I hope you don't mind my sharing it here but it feels entirely appropriate for the both of us.

We can call it a bit of a synchronicity, the key words being universal citizen.

I hope you enjoy,
QuoteAlabama, US of A, March 25, 2014.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: "Spontaneous Love"

Message received by Oscar.

Thought Adjuster: "Human will participation is required when learning to love our enemies. An initial effort is always necessary during the early stages of spiritual growth to overcome distrust and the appearance of separation, thus truly achieving love for our fellow beings. However, when it comes to relationships with loved ones, humans generally don't have to make an effort to express their love and do good for these special individuals in their lives.

How many times have you had to remind yourself to show love to your sons or daughters? This is something you do naturally and effortlessly. The effort invested in living a righteous life is simply a corrective measure to eliminate that which distances us from our true nature. The love that spontaneously arises in the human heart for some of its fellow beings is a truth of eternal value. Distrust, prejudice, and fear of those considered strangers are anomalies, appearances of the material world that have no basis in spiritual reality, where every human being is equal to all and every child is loved equally by the eternal Father. The efforts you make are to dispel these appearances in your mind and allow your true self to express itself more freely.

Therefore, your will is the best tool you have at the moment to observe when you are being swayed by appearances and to correct course and delve deep into your being for the motivation for righteousness. All children of God are beings of light whose brightness varies depending on their state and degree of spiritual evolution. Your individual task is to remove anything that dims your spiritual glow, allowing the light already within you to shine unimpeded.

Someday, you will have shed all the masks that hide your true self, and the light being that the Father has created through your existence will become visible to the entire universe. It will be then that kindness, beauty, and truth will be spontaneous manifestations of your decisions and actions at every crossroad, and you will have become a true universal citizen, an agent of the Father in creating a reality that is ever more elevated, complete, and beautiful."
© The 11:11 Progress Group.
Faith is just curiosity tinged with hope — Thought Adjuster.


I need to download this and try it on an individual level, at my own convenience.

Back during Starlines 2 at Monroe, a few years ago, a friend had this program and the several of us worked with it on the rooftop of the Monroe facility during a cold November night...we didn't get anything that we were aware personal request was just for a flyby of my 1995 blue/green sphere encounter...sadly, nothing...

My personal encounters appear to depend on their schedule and not my own...I don't call the shots here...
Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
                                                          -O. Wilde


That's beautiful, Tides! I like the idea of a universal citizen. :)
EV, and Tides, I recommend the app, but use it individually. If you happen to be with a group of people, then it would be fun via the feeling of collective adventure. I have never tried with a group, but I may go to one of the Dolores Cannon's retreats where they do this every time. They said in Spain last year they had a sighting and showed the video.
the three times I tried the app on my own, I did not stare at the sky long, as I was looking though my window, but did most meditation with eyes closed. My experiences have been within the next dimension, not physical, but that is also exciting. Maybe there have been physical encounters but our memories erased for a reason. That was my perception last time, where I completely lost sense of time passing. Like something disappeared in a pocket of time/space.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


How exciting Lightbeam, congratulations! I am always very excited to read these experiences from all of you. I haven't seen much of Dr. Greer's material yet, but it seems that these practices have an impact. I will investigate more.

Maybe the pill was a trust test? A kind of meter. It is incredible how meditative states become portals that connect us with other dimensions and even entities. Many people only use meditation to relax a little from daily stress and nothing more, and that's very good. But for me it has been comparable to having an OBE.

This year I began to meditate seriously for the first time in my life, and to my surprise, perhaps because of my AP practices I entered completely new states... Which I didn't even know I could reach. On some occasions, I felt strong presences next to me, with one of them there was a telepathic connection, I didn't see them in the shape of anything, they were just colored rays, gold, pink, gray, orange... At that moment I was not in my body, but floating above it, in a spiral shape, as if it were a galaxy or expanding constantly, I felt enormous, almost the size of the room itself and there were spirals of energy coming out of my head. Those beings were full of love, and whoever wanted to communicate with me, told me that was there to help and assist me... You have no idea how scare I was with all this, I was truly terrified!!! Although it was very beautiful, I realized that there is still a lot of fear and a lot of human conditioning on my part to work with. At that moment I was a little confused also, I didn't understand why all that was happening, why would someone want to help me? I wasn't looking for help or any kind of contact, but oh well! The being insisted a lot on not being afraid, but I couldn't hold it, I couldn't unfortunately. I thanked and apologized for not being able to handle all this and the entity "disconnected".

But at least I now know directly and from my own experience of the huge potential that all human beings have, and that we can receive a lot of help if we are prepared, now I know it and forever... I take it as a "free sample". Now no matter how hard I try I can't do it, I know it's because I still have fears and because I have to process all this a little more. I know that for many people this is daily material and I have also read many experiences very similar to mine, but for me it was a shock, a very beautiful one, but a shock after all. That created a kind of blockage, but one that I will try to overcome little by little.

I am really happy to know that we are not alone, and that help is always available. In my case I felt them more like "angels" so to speak, than extraterrestrials, but who knows, right? What matters after all, is the level of consciousness and benevolence of these entities. I still don't know what all that was, it's new to me.
If I dare, I will try this APP one day. Thank you LB, I really value the things you always share and successes with this! I am more than sure that at a subconscious level you do many things, I think that those nights where we do not remember anything, especially those of us who have a lot of dream activity, are when our subconscious mind does the most important works.

If you are going to the Dolores Cannon's retreat, please tell us  :-)   

.~Exploring the Wonders of Consciousness~.


Hi Tak, yes, fear is one of the greatest obstacles humans need to overcome. We are getting there, maybe slowly but surely. I'm glad you've had positive experiences that had provoked your curiosity and given you glimpses of your potential.
The retreat is scheduled the end of May 2024 around Memorial day in the US and it will be in Sedona, AZ where the energy vortexes are. I have been to Sedona before and the energy is so strong, I felt it constantly especially as tingling on my fingertips and hands when standing on the vortex locations. I will try to attend, but it's just a day before I return from my EU vacation. We'll see. I really want to meet likeminded people in person. If anyone is interested the information is on the QHHT page-

"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


OOO! Same, same. I have been hoping to make a personal pilgrimage to Sedona, AZ- I was hoping to discover more of the Peacock Angel. This year does not seem as plausible as I thought. It looks like next year is more realistic. Though, 2025-2026 is going to be quite a turbulent time for the US.
Maybe all the better.

Thank you for the reference link! No doubt I am seeing this as a clue towards my personal journey. Who knows but maybe I will still get to go after all.

Kind regards~


Quote from: tides2dust on March 07, 2024, 17:55:31OOO! Same, same. I have been hoping to make a personal pilgrimage to Sedona, AZ- I was hoping to discover more of the Peacock Angel. This year does not seem as plausible as I thought. It looks like next year is more realistic.

Great! And for fun, jut put the request out there as a highly desired thing to do, release from your mind what you may think are restrictions and see what happens. If we stay open to ALL possibilities, we will not place limitations. We don't have to think how it may happen. We just have to FEEL it and see what signs our higher mind will show us.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


Does everyone already know the APP Lightbeam is referring to? I've not heard of it. Lightbeam, can you link me to exactly what it is that you are using?


Quote from: omcasey on March 07, 2024, 19:29:20Does everyone already know the APP Lightbeam is referring to? I've not heard of it. Lightbeam, can you link me to exactly what it is that you are using?

Hi Casey, see the link to the app and the explanation what it is. It costs only $10 to buy. You can also search for Dr. Steven Greer on youtube to learn about his work. He is the developer of this app to initiate contact with ETs.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


Thank you, Lightbeam! Very familiar with Dr. Greer, I just wasn't aware of the exact app ( thanks again ).


My hesitancy was not with the ordinary folks who are drawn to Dr. Greer but the nefarious elements within the CIA who have harassed Greer as well as his family and friends. According to him. Then, the fact that I can only get the app in the google play store. I don't like giving google anything.

But I know we mustn't be afraid of three letter agencies or corrupt authorities. And in the end I think the more people who show support for folks like Dr. Greer- the better. So I am going to get the app. Thanks for the encouragement.


I would never get the app from goohoo, either, Eric.. I won't even say their name. I'm with you.


I ended up getting it and tried connecting with Mother.

I believe this being hails from Pleiades.


How is the app different from simply using your own consciousness? from connecting eye to eye with the actual being in the frame. Someone will have to explain to me how the app works exactly, because I will not utilize the G-people. How was your first experience?


So, I tried using the app last night. There were 5 steps to connect. The first step he has you play these crop circle tones for 5-10 minutes. Then he has you enter into a guided meditation for 20 minutes. Then he has you enter into this state, I think it's called coherent thought sequencing. Which I believe is the, "remote viewing" but in reverse(as he described in his film close encounters of the fifth kind).

To answer your questions Casey- I don't believe you need the app. I got it because I have been curious for so long, I do think it's a nice tool- there are ways to connect with others who also have the app. And there are some nice resources on there. It's the same attitude I take with the peacock angel. Not being able to go to Sedona, AZ does not mean I can't connect. Afterall I was in the middle of nowhere TX when he initiated me.

With this attempt at contact, I actually had an OBE last night.
And- in the app, after the meditation- there is a step that specifically talks about intention and about relaying what we're comfortable with as far as manifestation of an ET occurs. I asked, if they were comfortable and able- to manifest in my backyard. I was meditating in the backyard after-all.

It was interesting, during the meditation there was a lot of commotion from my neighbors. More than usual. And lots of airplanes overhead- not UFOs.

But last night in my sleep I had some interesting dreams. All of which felt, "up above." Before the OBE I dreamt I was at the top of a tall building- there was an indoor pool. Inside the water was a giant self assembling kite. It had two sheets and each sheet had hooks that were connecting themselves to one another. Once assembled the kite was dry, out of the water and rotating in my vision like a giant 3D holographic image.

After this I had an OBE- I almost resisted the sudden toning in my ear and overcoming sensation of going back to sleep. But I did not. I tried pushing myself out of body and looking around my room wondering if anyone was with me. I quickly went out to my backyard and noticed something that did not belong... A dalmatian puppy on a bench. I said hello rather loudly, excitedly- and everything ended.

After this I dreamt I was being escorted from one level of the astral plane to somewhere else... There were a group of people wondering how I got to wherever I was. I can't remember much here... Just that, there was one person interested and willing to help me. I believe she disguised her true form and there was that energy of uncertainty.

Also... Not sure if related. And not sure if things are always so linear. But the other day I had an OBE and found an old journal log where I encountered a golden living statue in my backyard. There was definitely another presence- we might call it an ET presence. It even gave me a name. So it is interesting to me that not shortly after I would download the CE5 contact app, ask for a manifestation in my backyard and that same night have an OBE witnessing a manifestation as requested.

It makes me wonder if I discovered that old journal log of the golden statue for a reason...

A couple thoughts about last nights experience... The thought that I'm not ready tried entering my mind a couple times in the meditation. But I am trying to move past my fears. After the OBE ended there was a girl/guide in my dreams and the energy of the environment almost felt like a test. I didn't want the experience to end so I allowed the girl in the dream to dictate the next move. It felt like she was taking me from one level of astral city to another. If that makes any sense...

So... Not the same experience as LB's... But definitely contact with something, definitely had an experience after trying out the app.

It is also said that after making the attempt to become watchful because things can happen in dreams or interesting phenomenon can manifest later through out your day.


Very nice experience, Tides! Sometimes dreams show us what is the most probable near future event that we have created to be observed in the physical. Creation always starts in the non-physical via our thoughts, believes, intent, our goals as an oversoul, etc, and observable reflection in the physical is the aftermath. So your dream showed you the most probable event that you have already created and were about to experience in the physical buying the app, making a connection and the result of that connection. 

About the app, I find it very useful to experience these unique and special events. It puts your mind into a different mind set, it evokes intent more strongly as if you were to try on your own, at least for me. I had tried connecting on my own many times before through my own meditation and focus, thoughts, etc, but never produced these types of experiences as with the app. The crop circles tones alone REALLY take my mind deep into a believable state that these signals are now going into space and someone is detecting them. The first time I played them, I got goosebumps and said to my self OMG I am transmitting, someone is hearing these signals now and they can see where in the cosmos they are coming from. I felt sort of exposed, but an exciting feeling that someone flying nearby's devices and radars are now being activated and they are looking at the signal to see wo is sending them. To me this is the most significant part of the app that helps me to set the intent and excitement without much effort on my part.

I personally dont have a problem using thing that serve my purpose from organizations or individuals that I may observe as different than my frequency in terms of level of integrity and intent, because we can discern what may harm us and what may help us by interacting with them in any form. We are here to learn from one another and know that each plays a specific role in this game. What we perceive as negative serves the others as learning tools. There are agreements on a higher level and after all we are one. I have respect to every point of consciousness regardless of what role they have agreed to play for the purpose of creating opportunities for growth. With this mindset, I always see and perceive their good side that provides me what I need when I need it.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


Tides! This is impressive, I am very happy that you and Lightbeam were successful using this APP. I loved it!

I also consider that we do not need anything to connect with other dimensions of consciousness, but they help sometimes. I did not mention that when I contacted those beings, I was also doing a very beautiful Guided Meditation with alpha waves, the meditation consisted of "connecting with the Universe" and the Source.

As I understand it, the APP tells you that you should look at the sky and be attentive? Interesting.

The last time I had a UFO sighting was 5 years ago, but I have had them throughout my life, I am a little "forbidden" for myself to look at the sky and look for them, but last year I just looked and said, where are you? it's been a while, right?... with a strong feeling, a really strong one! Can you believe that after that, a huge green sphere appeared? It did not look like something solid, but rather like an "energy bubble" which appeared out of nowhere, floated for five or six seconds in a linear way and disappeared. What caught my attention the most is that it didn't seem like something that was at a huge distance like a meteor but rather close. I saw many green meteors and I also saw huge ones! I always see shooting stars and this was nothing like it. They all appear in the sky and go at great speed until they disappear in a flash... but this bubble of green energy was slow... just like the soap bubbles that float around the room until they explode at some point, you know? That sensation. Maybe it was just a meteor, I'm not saying it's a UFO, I really don't know, so I'll be left wondering  :-D

Months later I did the same thing again... and would you believe me if I told you that exactly the same bubble of green energy (that's what I call it) appeared again in the same place? But this time did a horizontal sequence (what a coincidence). If it was just a meteor and a coincidence, I'm still surprised that I wanted to see something very strongly and appeared that way... I live in a city and it's not common to see that kind of thing. I only tell all this to highlight the true power of having a really strong, very strong, pure and true intention...! And the portals will be opened.

I want to tell you Lightbeam, that I took your advice and contacted a QHHT practitioner in my city (level 1) and we have coordinated a session for early April. The guy is very nice, he's also a psychologist, so that's good.... I was very impressed with Dolores Cannon's work, and this will be an incredible opportunity to explore... one of the things I want to know is about the sightings I have had during my life and the beings that make my adjustments (among many more typical questions about karma, past lives, etc.) I have to write between 10 and 20 that we are going to analyze before the session and reword them in the best way. I hope we can achieve it! I hope we can get in... If the session is successful, I'll tell you what happened (He will give me a recording).

Good luck with CE5 and don't hesitate to tell us more about your progress ★
.~Exploring the Wonders of Consciousness~.


Oh, how exciting, Tak! You have to tell us all about your QHHT session.
About your UFO sightings, that's incredible, it's like you manifest it with your super strong intent.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


Hi Tak, of course I believe you.

I think it's the 3D viewing lens we are so accustomed to identifying with that limits our vision. But the workings of meditation and the OBE allow us to understand we are not our physical bodies. So we at times, even while partially anchored to these bodies, see incomplete manifestations.

Guys, please forgive me if I don't hit the like button all the time. Because I do like everything I am reading. It is a new age social nuance that I've not quite adjusted to.

LB has really spurred something for all of us. So I believe you when you say intention is everything.

Yes, the tools are helpful. Just today I had the thought, how many people desire to connect with ETs? And now, here's an app that basically sets you up for meditation. How awesome is that? And the fundamental truth in the guided meditation is a beautiful one... That consciousness is, that awareness resides in all beings in all points of space and time. So... Hearing those tones is good enough, you don't need to pull out the megaphone and blast the crop circle sounds into your neighbors backyard.  :-D

I just tried the practice again tonight. It is a beautiful cool night. Like you LB, I got chills during certain parts that made me feel I was not alone.

Here are some images to help anyone who is using the app during the guided meditation...

Deep space

Milky way galaxy

Scale of our solar system



The cosmos is so beautiful! Thank you for posting these images, Tides! And you are right, we as humans need various tools to assist with enhancing the inner experiences. I'm glad you are having fun with the app.
I dare not to use it too often, because I'm like OMG this is too good to be true. I dont want to jinx it. And I realize that is a type of fear. I wait until I feel extra extra strong desire to connect. 
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


watching our known solar system in your pictures
feeling the movement of our recognized planets

boomerangs right off the knowledge that we are up there, too
as we travel, as we glide, as we seek our own safe place
our own planet, our own map, our own star, our own island
referenced betwixt and between
what is written, snapped, captured, memorialized

we see what is known
we go beyond to what can be experienced

leaving Earth
I set my intention for Joyth
thank-you for these bouncing off places


Has anyone else noticed Dr. Greers website has been down for sometime?

I had the thought today of utilizing his app. I didn't... But I ended up watching something on free energy which again reminded me of Dr. Greer.

I am feeling inclined to share his latest film. I intend to purchase and watch it soon enough. I think it may be his most important film yet.
Description: A century of illegal UFO secrecy has cost humanity hundreds of years of spiritual, cultural and technological development. Dr. Steven Greer presents "The Lost Century", which will expose the cost of the coverup to the planet, and the human race, and how we can reclaim control of our collective destiny.


I had not noticed, no.. but I do not usually visit Steven's site, this said, I can confirm that at this moment I cannot get into it. Let us know when you watch the new film and what think of it!


I've watched the film and would encourage everyone interested in this thread to do the same. Truly heartbreaking to think we're the bad guys as a species. We've mastered anti-gravity in the 50's and we've created a matrix keeping the people fooled into thinking our energy dependency is reliant on fossil fuels. The alternatives they present aren't real alternatives, we have the means to utilize free energy with zero point systems. But greed has poisoned us, and although we have our own UFO's our controllers would probably shoot down any peaceful attempts at liberating the masses.

Dr. Greer says our time to get things right is coming to a demanding point. Either the rich and powerful devise a way to enter us into their new age, or they relinquish their controls and allow real prosperity and a Utopian relationship with the planet to flourish. It's sad because he says we have the means to end world hunger in 20 years, to provide clean water for all in 50 years.

The majority of us are taught to become mindless consumers, stuck in ignorance... But I'm ready for the change, I'm ready for ZPE and to become more involved in open relationships with our star brothers and sisters.

Revolutionary change is upon us. I only hope it's towards the real marriage of technology and spirituality. You can click the link above and spend $10 to purchase or, rent it for less on amazon prime video.

There's also a shorter version produced by the Why Files. Its episode basically goes into much of what is discussed in the film:
Killer Patents & Secret Science Vol. 1 | Free Energy & Anti-Gravity Cover-Ups

No doubt AJ watched the film and was inspired to do this bit above ^