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Eventually we will come to that point. Progress is inevitable, regardless how slow it may seem. Many people are coming to this realization and soon they will outnumber the ones who are controlled by greed. At least I have that feeling that we are headed that direction.

If the story is true about the Anunaki altering the DNA of the hominid to become homo sapience, creating it in their image but less smart with more primitive brain in order to control and use them to mine gold. In a way it's their fault they created humans to feel fear, greed and act on survival instincts instead of giving them sophisticated brain and DNA. Just a minor DNA tweak to enlarge the amygdala and you got a very compassionate human. It's been studied that criminals brains have much smaller amygdala. The opposite, if larger than normal, people fall in the empathic category and usually get into the service field where they are drawn to help other people.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


Thanks LightBeam.

Let us know your opinion as well, once you watch the film. I'd be interested in hearing what you have to say:


Quote from: tides2dust on April 23, 2024, 21:10:49I've watched the film and would encourage everyone interested in this thread to do the same. Truly heartbreaking to think we're the bad guys as a species. We've mastered anti-gravity in the 50's and we've created a matrix keeping the people fooled into thinking our energy dependency is reliant on fossil fuels. The alternatives they present aren't real alternatives, we have the means to utilize free energy with zero point systems. But greed has poisoned us, and although we have our own UFO's our controllers would probably shoot down any peaceful attempts at liberating the masses.

Dr. Greer says our time to get things right is coming to a demanding point. Either the rich and powerful devise a way to enter us into their new age, or they relinquish their controls and allow real prosperity and a Utopian relationship with the planet to flourish. It's sad because he says we have the means to end world hunger in 20 years, to provide clean water for all in 50 years.

The majority of us are taught to become mindless consumers, stuck in ignorance... But I'm ready for the change, I'm ready for ZPE and to become more involved in open relationships with our star brothers and sisters.

Revolutionary change is upon us. I only hope it's towards the real marriage of technology and spirituality. You can click the link above and spend $10 to purchase or, rent it for less on amazon prime video.

There's also a shorter version produced by the Why Files. Its episode basically goes into much of what is discussed in the film:
Killer Patents & Secret Science Vol. 1 | Free Energy & Anti-Gravity Cover-Ups

No doubt AJ watched the film and was inspired to do this bit above ^

Thank you very much Tides, for the recommendation! I watched Dr. Greer's movie The Lost Century. The hiding advanced technology and the great lie in which we live is not a new topic for me, a fake world, where the most painful thing for me is the denial of our true being and the spiritual world, a true Matrix. We are really someone else's toy, that while we work like slaves, laugh at us, speculate with our health, and do not see us as living beings, but as numbers, profits, statistical values... can they be so heartless?! Well... As long as the people do not react and continue to accept this way of living, they will continue to manipulate us.

But at the same time, it's not easy. Sometimes I feel very frustrated, I think about all these things and I say, what else can I do? It's getting out of hand. Whenever I can, I help those who need it, I recycle 90% of my trash, I have a healthy life... My dream since I was 16 was to retire from the cities and have an ecological house, with my organic garden, and live a simple life, in contact with nature. I still think about it and the beautiful thing is that I have met like-minded people with whom I can perhaps make this dream come true. I live in the city now and I feel a total misfit every day, and that it is not my place, I was very happy when I lived in a little town far from everything.

I think that many of the sightings I have seen have been probably hidden human technology... one of them, in broad daylight, was two crafts, one black and one brown, each of them accompanied by spheres, one green and the other one red.. It was not solid matter, but constantly changing shape, except for the spheres, all this seen in detail with excellent binoculars... in broad daylight and near an airport! Didn't the radars pick that up? Has it never been in the news? It's a joke? What the hell was that?!

I really liked the final message, which invites the people to really believe and feel in their hearts that a better world is possible, with full intensity. We all know that thought creates, and that what we think comes true. That is why I know that it is important to have an open and positive mind, to project this great dream of a free and healthy Earth, where human beings can truly develop their full potential, and be free. This is my biggest dream in life! I do not allow myself to succumb to sadness or despair, I know that if I am at peace, others feel it, because we are all part of a great and beautiful network.

I have found the others Dr. Greer's movies, I will watch them soon :-) 

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