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Exit Techniques Thoughts

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It seems to me that "exit techniques" only serve to be a change of your focus.

All projection is essentially phasing.  When one gets the vibrations and then has the misguided notion to change to an exit technique, all they're really doing is simply changing focus to a new method.

Say you use the Noticing Exercise to get to the vibration point, then you switch to rope method as a way to "separate" from your physical body - all that is saying to me is that you're still phasing, you've just changed your focus. 

Instead of doing that, just stick with the same focus you used which initiated the vibrations to begin with and you'll naturally trigger the projection reflex.  The difference might be in WHERE you end up, be it a known location - like your bedroom - or an unknown location somewhere else.

Thoughts?  Does that even make sense?  LoL
Sorry, just kind of thinking outloud right now.


I can certainly go along with this. My observations tell me that people do this all the time, both unconsciously and consciously. Even memories take place in the non-physical. Thoughts as well, none of them are tangible and only meaningful as we give them meaning.

How many people pay attention to these non-physical things is smaller and limited to what they think of as non-physical. Far as I can see you are right in the results being different depending upon method and on the practice of certain methods. Shows us how much there is to explore and learn from all methods or just one.

To your last point about WHERE you end up. Each and every method appears to at least in some part be highly geared to intention. Do the math and possibilities are endless.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.



As drifting draws me closer in
often I notice the edges of the gold picture frame
as it assumes the appearance of an aura
on the wall, near where I slip out into the French afternoon

I notice walking into the Monet,
enjoying the field, the company, the atmosphere
when time begins to tick
in rhythm with the room

I step back in and feel the drowse
as I re-enter here

yes, it is a matter of focus :-)