Hypnogogic commonalities wanted.

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Skeptic -good description; often early on it is the act of simply letting go once certain levels are achieved, certain sensory levels are reached; thanks for adding to this knowledge base.

Szaxx -glad you're in tune again...what did you do, buy a Magnavox receiver and rabbit ears? Coming my way, huh? Bring it on, I've got you scoped from two klicks out...lol  

(Did I really say that? No, no, no...must have been NPRK hacking...)

All the best my friend :-D
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Nice going EV and Skeptic, there's that eye shape many of us have seen. It just klicked out from behind the right eye, (a dull one EV?, watch out for it.)
Skeptic, the distance you've doing this is great. It takes you to the door, there's only one thing consistant I've found (others too) is any physical world input is a fail, this includes emotional issues. Even exhilaration is enough to stop it.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


Bluefire. The voices aspect of the hypnagogic will be interesting. Your input on this will be appreciated when we diversify into a more detailed further investigation. The visuals can be controlled with precision. Its quite possible to create an image with far more detail than what see while awake. Real HD as in some clear cut cases. This also will be dealt with and experiments for all to try to find commonalities in the level of in interaction.

The experience is guided. During this time I am always working with Universe or Father. There have been a few times when out of curiousity I looked around there and then came back. I find the guided experiences are always far more interesting. What your describing is classical scrying development.

They said something interesting about vision the other day. I need to develop vision from the inside out instead of from a superficial point as my hearing developed. This will help eliminate the issues with shadows and self generated visual phenomenon which could jepordize me in physical life.( reacting to a shadow while driving for example) Since the hearing was a rough row to hoe I think I will continue following their advice.


Quote from: Szaxx on January 24, 2015, 08:31:03
Nice addition sheriffR.
You have added another thing based on the whole topic. That is things that recur. The noises certainly do and consistently too. Sights do too, these are far more complex. To fix these you awareness needs increasing a little. Not too much or you'll lose the trance.

How would I go about this? Maybe not try to read the words and let it play out?
I can't figure out how I could make an entry into a book. It could change if I wait it out though.


A little patience may be all that's required Sherrif.
The subconscious plays a part in any exit technique. Its allowing it to do its thing.

Let's start with everyone's perceptions when already relaxed. Those last discomforts sorted and your body is going numb.
At this point the body is still in focus and you may have that lead blanket feel coming on. Keeping very still the backdrop of vision is a grainy blackness. If you look forwards into the distance a brighter patch of light may be seen. This can be perceived as an eye of sorts, no definition in particular, its a squashed looking circle with rough edges. I've noticed it many times attempting to match it to something. A 20 foot deep hole in the ground seems to fit best.
Sometimes there's noises present, a slight rushing wind or perhaps chips cooking background noise with the occasional ping or bell type of sound. Any physical noises will create a ping here and can sound greatly magnified in volume. As you go deeper the visuals start and patches of light appear, these can have a blurry recognisable shape but they don't form into anything. The noises increase too, at times these are recognisable. Most of the time they're similar to many people talking at once and mixed up so the occasional word can be made out. Pink noise at a low volume seems to increase them, not sure if anyone has noticed this. The body bethatsensed is  mostly your head. If you get SP or vibes its worth mentioning when they start. I don't get either so can't help with them.
When the trance state gets to where you are only aware of being in your head and physical world sounds are no longer perceived is the stopping point for now.
At times shouts are heard and doors slamming shut just before this stage. Interesting to hear how many variations there are, they don't seem to be connected to any thoughts generally. You can influence sounds to appear with concentration, these will be next in line to discuss. Visuals at this point can be very clear. They may appear to be on a giant TV screen for some, normally seen in front of you. Also scenes can be created here relatively easily, if you use tactile senses its here when the interaction starts to respond and the associated visual exercise begins to work in your favour.
The rope method etc is included with the above, before this point any success will be interesting to hear about especially if it's interactive with full physical body senses still being apparent.

Your experiences up to the point where the imagery surrounds you needs expanding. Let's see what different methods are revealing that are common to most.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


At that point I'm merging with Father and Mother and going deeper within.


Hard to say when the vibes start in the process because usually I wake up into them.  Either that or I wake up (I haven't moved at all or very much), feel just a tingle or two, and I 'will' the vibes to start with my mind.  That doesn't tell us much, I guess, because I've already been sleeping.

These different kind of grittier vibes/rushing sound that I'm often getting now - I do start from scratch with these - meaning I've been up, awake and moving around, and then lie down and start the trance.  These just start up after I've been lying there for a while.  Nothing of significance happens before they start.  When they begin is actually when I know for sure that the process has begun.  I get that 'here we go' feeling when they start.  Again, though, I'm not sure this info. will be helpful because I don't get the audibles I used to.  It may well be that a beginner might hear some strange sounds before the vibes start. IDK - My trance is very quiet compared to what it used to be.

Exiting - My middle of the night trances are 'events' compared to my morning ones.  In the night trances, there is a deepening/changing dimensions/moving toward a black hole feeling.  These are the ones where I sometimes have the strange gritty vibes and sometimes don't.  Regardless of if I do or don't have the vibes, I exit as soon as possible in these. -I still have partial body awareness when I do.  I don't wait until the point that most people do of having no body awareness plus seeing mini-dreams.  (I used to wait until that point but not any more)  My exit method in these is step out, roll out or if I feel 'sticky' I imagine myself somewhere else in the room.

My morning trance is 'flat' and uneventful compared to the night ones.  No exit symptoms until the last few seconds when I see well defined mini -dreams.  Then I mentally join the scene.


That's something I've noticed too. You can simply, become relaxed enough, create a visual then walk into it. All this takes less than a min to do on a good day.

Can anyone obtain the hypnagogic sounds during the day while doing something perhaps boring? 
These noises are normally self started and have the typical ambience of trance state.
I'm looking at how common this is.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


When I was high school age, I remember standing in front of the mirror every morning putting on my makeup and it was always very quiet in the house.  During this time I would always hear the same kind of voices -conversations - that we hear in deep trance right before we exit for OBE.  I told my mom and one friend.  They made jokes that I was crazy.  I don't remember anything like that happening as an adult except for the first few months after my OBEs started, I heard energy- buzzing noises during the day while awake and doing quiet boring tasks.


Usually I lay down in my bed, so I get closer to the sleep state than when I'm on the sofa. At first I do a bit of conscient breathing, feeling the air flowing through my nostrils. Then I count up to 50 and go downward to 0. If I feel like I can still get deeper I do it again. Then I just stay conscient, I'm getting used to just letting my consciousness sink in my ''inner-space''. When I get to the trance state, it feels as if I am at hips level, inside me. As if I was in a HUGE place, and I'm really small, if it was room you couldn't see any wall. At first the room is as small as my bedroom, and as I go deeper within myself the room gets bigger and my point of consciousness gets smaller. At this point, I dont'feel my body anymore. If I '' go up'' a little, I come back to my head, as if it's the only existing part of my body. But I let my consciousness sink again, what makes me forget even my head. If I want to, I can make my consciousness move into the body, I can be in my arms if you will. Weird feeling. That's the stage in wich the visualisations come in play. If I want the process to go faster I'll think about a scenario and ''make it play'' in my inner vision. But usually I wait for the images to come by themselves, without me creating them. I mean I can see all kind of stuff, from a monkey face screaming at me to a scene where I see people wandering around to their occupations, or myself on my motorcycle or doing whatever thing my mind feels like. But I just wait for the scenario to come by itself, I don't think about it before it starts, I'm just passively watching. Sometimes I'm gonna concentrate and try to feel the floor, touch things around of me to put my whole attention into the scene. When these visualisations begin appearing, that's the time I begin having Hypnic Jerks (these movements your body do by itself. This week my whole body made a 90 degree rotation to the side, as if I was rolling out. But I know my physical body didn't move. I get sometimes pushed back in my body, and it's always when I'm really deep into my visualisation. I'm not aware of it before it happens, the whole movement always lasts less than a second. I can hear the noise it makes much clearer than when I'm awake, as if nothing else existed but this sound. Someties my physical body moves too). I can hear people kinda walking on the floor above my room. I can hear something knocking on a wall, and I already heard someone whispering my name, and I remember it being my father's voice even if I don't live with him. My consciousness drifts away and come backby itself at this stage. I'm really close to having an OOBE, but there's a little something missing. I have to relax a little more, and let my consciousness sink a little more and I think it'll be it. Think I gotta try and maintain my visualisations a little longer and forget about those Hypnic Jerks.

1- Conscient breathing
2- Count to 50 and back to 0
3- I forget the body, only exist in my head
4- I feel like I'm existing in a bigger place, I feel small (energetic feelings, noises etc)
5- Scenarios and hypnic jerks (see my post named astral limbs movement for more details about the state)

This is where I'm at. I also experienced being able to put my consciousness outside my body, approximately to 1 foot far from it, anywhere around it. I had many more experiences, the ones above being my usual symptoms. Hope it helps!


I'm not familiar with the term astral wind, but here's my run down.  I've found HH occur more frequently(or can stay in that transition easily) when tired or relaxed, lying flat on back(less occurrence on stomach, and dramatic decrease if I lye on either side).  First, I listen in, pick up that faint buzzing, hum sound.  Tune in till it envelops both ears, then shift to thoughts as my sense of body fades away.  I may hear talking, singing, music(drumming), doors opening and closing; if so I'll focus on those, by alternating between listening in and focusing in, then do some internal work, and then pop out and travel, or ask for help from HS.

If there isn't much sounds, aside from that distinct buzzing, I continue to focus on that, I may see flashes of light, fragmented kaleidoscopic images.  My guide told me to practice focusing in and expand on those, so I do.  I do this for a bit, they may expand to rotating imploding & exploding fractal images, occasionally I will hear voices, but mainly focus on the imagery.  The buzz tends to get louder at this point, it may reach a to the point where it sounds like a jet engine, and very much a wind like feel, not sure if that is the astral wind though.  Usually I just wait for the pulling feeling, it can be from a thought, or dream, where I feel like I'm getting sucked in, but stay on the precipice of it and use it to catapult myself out.  It can be tricky though, where if I get pulled in, que dream, if I catch it and pull out too fast, I slam back into my body.

I've also noticed, and this occurs during meditation as well,in regards to the flashing lights, they seem disjointed at first, but when I relax enough, combined with concentration, there is a point where there is liquid-light flowing in through the top of my head.  It occurs at the location of the crown chakra, and rather than wait for that pulling feeling, I push myself through the tunnel(looks goldenish), and instantly am flying out.
I'm tired of this hostile environment, and aggressive, dogmatic moderation.  I'm taking my 40+years of OBE experience to a forum, where those who can and do project at will can further explore without the imposed limitations spurred from ignorance. Peace.


The jet engine sound may be the astral wind. It has quite a few variations, I've heard jet sounds too, they seem to creep up and don't get noticed immediately.

Great posts all, it may be time for an experiment with the sounds.
If you can get relaxed and rather than stating passive, concentrate on a song or something you know that's relaxing. Set this in your mind as what you want to actually hear clearly. Keep intent on achieving this and don't expect it, just think it would be nice to hear it as you would if physical wearing headphones.
Try this early in the phase. It should yield results. The visuals may not appear, this occurs as your mindset is active on audio only.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


Thanks, I'll look into astral wind, it's a new term for me.

QuoteIf you can get relaxed and rather than stating passive, concentrate on a song or something you know that's relaxing. Set this in your mind as what you want to actually hear clearly. Keep intent on achieving this and don't expect it, just think it would be nice to hear it as you would if physical wearing headphones.
Try this early in the phase. It should yield results. The visuals may not appear, this occurs as your mindset is active on audio only.
I like this idea.  I'm more auditory than visual so it's up my alley.  Looking forward to testing this out tonight.
I'm tired of this hostile environment, and aggressive, dogmatic moderation.  I'm taking my 40+years of OBE experience to a forum, where those who can and do project at will can further explore without the imposed limitations spurred from ignorance. Peace.


Hi Zecora, I found it really interesting reading you. I'm searching throughout the forum posts of people explaining their sensations and tips for when leaving the body because I'm blocked close to that stage. I wanted to know if you could help me a little. When I try to see these light patterns in my inner vision I get to see flashes, swirls etc. I even saw a little rainbow, but never could I tell I really saw colors, it was too dim. The buzzing sound or sometimes the hiss is really easy to hear and I can make it become stronger to a limit, but after a while the light patterns will start to go. And I end up by seeing almost nothing particular. Is there a reason for that you think? And the question I really wanted to ask you: could you tell me when you reach the state from which you know you will project, do you change something in your procedure or does it stay exactly the same? By that I mean do you keep on focusing on the light patterns and the sound without thinking to anything else? And if you don't experience the vibrations while getting out, what are the symptoms that tell you it's gonna happen in the next seconds?

I'm really close to getting out, I can get to the vibrations and even force them to come by goin from a deep inner focus of my consciousness to the black of my eyes. It makes me feel dizzy and I feel like million of energy insects are walking on and inside my limbs. This is where I always tell myself: Ok, now's the time! But I always end up making the vibrations go and I never figured how to get past them even if I read many posts of people explaining how to do so. Thus here I am, searching everywhere on the forum and on the net explanations that can help me get the right state of mind. I practice minimum 2 times a day, but usually it's 3 and even 4 sometimes. I'm so close I can't wait to succeed, but there's still a missing piece. Thank you in advance for your help, which I swear will be truly appreciated.

Have a good evening everyone, Soki.


Sorry if it has been often discussed, believe me I tried to read the more posts on the forum possible before asking this. The informations I found don't make me get the missing piece. I'm not sure how close I am to leaving, this is the first thing I'm trying to determine. I always get these automatic limbs movements called hypnic jerks, and people told me after they read my experiences that I was really close. But I rarely get the vibrations, so I wanna know what tells me I'm at the right spot even if I don't feel anything special. I'm sure even if I don't get the vibrations I'm always really close to it since my mind drifts off and I come back to focus afterward. I get the disstorted limbs feeling, like my arm is bent. The other day my whole body turned to a 90 degree angled on its side, and came back to its position in less than a second. Last week I got pushed back in my body and I even felt my back hitting the sofa as if I was out of phase and got out of focus. But I wasn't even aware I was out before getting pushed back. There's a little something that I need to find in order to put it all together!

Thank you again for the people who took the time to read me, and thank you very much people who will answer. Anyone who has a bit of an idea to help me is welcomed!


Thanks for your input, the idea on this topic is to find out how much is in common with everyone. It doesn't matter if you've been active for 50 years or just starting out, all the info is useful in eventually creating a sequence of events that are very common to all. Your problem of doing what's needed to break free and join the non physical will be addressed. It's early days yet and sometimes it's better to read the manual than a 'quick fix and hope for the best'. One thing to actually do is keep extremely still, don't even move your eyes, (easier said than done). This will help you get deeper. :wink:

Paying attention to the audio perceived is one method of increasing your focus which is vital for success. If you can obtain results by actually creating sounds to order then you've done a fine job in staying focused and not losing out to fears or those emotional stirrings that trigger the fight or flight reflex.
What you can perceive is a truly amazing experience, where the sounds are so real and under your conscious control. The level of awareness experienced in this is easily matching that of a lucid dream or a conscious astral projection. Use a tune you know and change the words into whatever you wish them to be. If you can do this easily, you should have already had a good number of projections. If you're learning the art and can do this easily, then your memory of what you did during your projection has been lost. This can be sorted out too.
A good focus exercise is worth doing with intent on being successful. You never know how much will be gained if a half hearted attempt is made.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


QuoteLast week I got pushed back in my body and I even felt my back hitting the sofa as if I was out of phase and got out of focus. But I wasn't even aware I was out before getting pushed back.
I hate it when that happens. :-P  But if I can figure out pm, I'll send you a detailed reply.

Also, ditto what Szaxx said.  I staying still really helps me, going to be a little tired or reading a boring book helps too.
I'm tired of this hostile environment, and aggressive, dogmatic moderation.  I'm taking my 40+years of OBE experience to a forum, where those who can and do project at will can further explore without the imposed limitations spurred from ignorance. Peace.


Hi I wrote this reply to dpk38 in his post: need some advice. It explains a lot how I feel and other things that could help so I'll post it here too hoping it helps. If you find the message innapropriate for your subject I will delete it. Here it goes:

I just tried for 2 hours still can't believe it was that long. I was able to reach the vibrations at least 10 times I'm not joking. Well it's changed a little, I don't feel vibes too much now it's more like a little feeling in my body that's staying there. Same trick I let my consciousness go away and begin to daydream. Exactly the same thing. As when you are in class or at work and you're so far in your mind you don't even know you're sitting in class in the moment. So once I am in this deep visualisation, I feel after seconds kind of a click like someone else says in another post. I already lost sense of it. It's like a quick and sudden movement of the consciousness. It's close to the feeling of receiving a slap behind the head. A gentle one. There's kind of a little shock, a quick movement. One of these times in my visualisation the scenario changed from a second to the other into something cartoonish shooting a bullet at my head. I heard a strong noise like thunder (second time I hear that first time I was in a dream and I received a basketball to the face. I heard a gunshot and woke up in SP with huge vibes) and felt the ''clic''. You know in these moments ''you're on your way''. I couldn't manage to use the technique I told you about above for it to work. I don't think it will be the way I'll succeed. Really interesting thing: each time I was getting to the clic, there were less vibrations. I could feel something in my body, like being in a whirlwhind and being on something that vibrates mildly. I think people tend to think vibrations are always felt strongly, but it's false. My first times it was really strong. All my energy centers were stimulated and it felt great. But it got away little by little. At first I was thinking it was not good, like it was because I wasn't reaching the state anymore. But now I know that I'm used to it. You'll notice the more you put your consciousness away from the physical the stronger the sensation becomes. You can still manage to focus on something else but if you come back to the physical you feel the augmentation. It gets to feeling like you're falling from the same point many times. The fall begins, it lasts not even a second and I'm back to the top only to fall again of 2-3 cm and it keeps on doing that. I think it's the consciousness moving quickly frome the physical to astral. It's the farthest I've been. This session has been a crazy big jump forward for me. I got to the right state many times and now I know what people mean by waiting the right state before doing a technique. That is the state they talk about. I'm way better at ignoring the sensations. Each time I got the click I ignored it a little more. Next time I get to this state I will only try to go deeper see what it does. I didn't even try this simple thing and maybe it will cause the strongest shift. For me it's pretty easy to feel the movement of it, I practiced for a long time sinking in myself. Maybe it's the last little thing I need, I'm pretty damn close!

Experiment with the right state of mind (the state that causes the vibes to come). Play with it, try different things. You gotta see by yourself what I'm talking about. The moment I will be able to use the right technique to further my consciousness away from the feeling of the right state of mind, I will get out of my body. And what's wonderful is I'm now able to reach this state at will, many times per session (before I could only reach it 2 times per session). I really understood how to reach the state, and when I'll understand how to get past the vibes, I will only have to practice it. Then I probably will be able to get out at will since I can reach the ''vibrations'' anytime.

The more I think about it, the less I like the denomination ''vibrations''. Well the use of the word. Yes it describes well the feeling of the sensation the state of consciousness brings, but people should'nt call it the vibration stage. It makes people understand the wrong thing like I used to think. It should be called the right state of mind stage or whatever suits you. This is an important thing to know. Vibrations, along with many other sensations, noises, light patterns behind your eyes etc are a product of this state of mind. They're merely a symptom of the shift that occurs. It's like for people that hit rock with they're hands. At first it hurts, but with time and repetition the hand gets used to it and it does'nt hurt as much. And after it does'nt hurt at all. You don't feel it anymore but you still did the same action. I learned a lot today wow I'm happy I had this session! Wish you good luck and success keep us posted!!!

For people who would like to know the feeling I have I can explain it like this: the first times it was like electricity inside and throughout my body. Really strong. It was so strong I could'nt notice the click (sorry I write ''clic'' without k it's the french word don't feel like searching for each of these so I'll let them be haha).

Now it's the same feeling I have when I shave my hair with my clipper. It's a mild sensation, like the one you get when you put your clipper on your head but in your whole body. The vibration is fast, soft and if I had to put a sound to it i'd say it's a low-pitch sound. Really low.

By the way thanks Zecora for your reply on hotmail really appreciated you taking the time to answer as you see my experimentations have taken a different path if you will haha! Good luck in your practice everyone!


an nice OBE this morning.
Relaxing and letting any body feelings just come and go as I do. A few minutes and I dropped into the quiet spot in my mind and felt my hands start to heat up and vibrate. I relaxed into this and the feeling spread to my complete body. I just waited and accepted all these feelings, very soon I had slipped out and was standing in my room. I dont try to open my eyes in these easy exits as the internal senses are not fully engaged and to force sight will open my real eyes and I will lose the state. Next its a walk across the room and out the glass doors.

All up only a few minutes from attempt to out and away