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i dream.. i realize i'm dreaming.. still feel like i'm crazy..

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my mind has been on over drive in the past month or so for some reason.. i feel like i'm getting close to something i'm not supposed to be getting close to.  I feel that AP is just another filter or something.. i'm not against it because i can't do it freely.. i don't even know if what i am doing is AP..  but i've experienced some wild things in my dreams.. been in control of flight.. conversations with people about my abilities when i dream with out opening my mouth.. most people in real life and in dreams seem to belive that i am on the right path.. but i am just so unsure. 

many times in my dreams i will jump down a flight of stairs or perhaps just jump on flat ground while i'm running.. and this is when i realize i'm dreaming because i tend to hover.. i don't know maybe its a test i've worked out in my brain that works to let me understand i am dreaming.. anyways i jump... hover.. then say cool i'm dreaming.. what should i do... then that quickly i'll forget that i just realize i was dreaming and go right back to what i was doing.. just last night i was with a friend that i normally spend a lot of my so called waking life with.. i was trying to show him that i know i was dreaming.. he was right behind me i said watch this.. i'm dreaming and i'll prove it to you.. i'm going to run and then jump.. and i say " you tell me if this is normal " .. i jump float about 20 feet with out touching the ground.. he says.. yeah thats deffinatly not normal.. we continue walking and i attempt to jump and float again.. but nothing.. i couldn't do it.. again feeling the frustration of having it one second and then nothing the next.  why???


Cos you're trying. Simple as that.

In that state of perception trying to jump invokes the built-in failure "trying" has.
Anything you want to do, just do. Very much Yoda-loie stuff. "Do or Do not. No trying there is"

Incidentally a similar built-in failure can be observed in the usual perception, namely trying to quit smoking (or anything for that matter)

2cents & L&L

Seeking ET

It's lucid dreaming dude, dig it, it can be so much fun.  If you are experiencing it, and you're aware of the experience, then you should be ok from being crazy.  Dreams are a tricky thing.  Is everyone crazy because when they go to sleep they all enter a different world of total subconscious fantasy?  Are you crazy for realizing the plasticity of it?  My advice, accept each incident when it happens, and learn as much as you can through trying and experience while in those states.  Damn they're fun!