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Quote from: j360 on December 09, 2012, 18:30:06
Thanks Lionheart, I'll definitely try that, sounds like a good technique.

I just noticed that the laxman site has 2 additional sessions that can be downloaded.  
Yes, those two are free, but I didn't find them to be as good as the others. Many more sessions can be found here, but these you have to pay for these ones.

I am looking forward to trying out that entire Planets CD and the brand new Superior 5 on page 2 here.


As Lion mentioned, I do like to go extra bright on every session I do. For me, the brighter the better with the Laxman. And I always do sessions with my eyes closed.

I have had the Laxman for a few months now and I can definitely say that the more often you use it the "better" it gets. Also, I think repeating your favorite program is a good thing to do so that you can go deeper and deeper with that program. It will "train" you to go deeper into the mind awake body asleep state if thats what you are looking for....which I think most of us here are.

I highly recommend the program that Lion created that we are both now using. Its called L3 and it uses all white lights and in a 30min program takes you from 27hz down to the Theta range. I dont know if its how Lion has set up the frequencies, or the intensity variations of the white flashing lights, etc etc....but, this program works very well for me. In fact, I am only using this program now...and each time I go deeper and deeper.

I used to never be able to project late at night during regular sleep hours because like everyone I was too tired and always just fell asleep. So to make up for this I get up very early for morning practice. But lately I have been doing Lions Laxman L3 program (which doesnt have a sound track by the way...and personally I find sound, even binaural beats, distracting and far less powerful than the lights...but thats just sound lets me decouple from the physical much more easily)...anyways I listen to this L3 track which is just under 30mins long...and while I am listening I repeat continuously "Now Im out of Body" (per William Buhlman in Adventures out of the Body)....that is all I do....I repeat that continually and let the lights do their thing. Then when the program is finished I roll over onto my stomach and go to sleep and continue repeating the same mantra....and then bang as soon as my body falls completely asleep I am brought back wide and awake with the OBE vibrations...and then its off you go.

This is awesome for 2 reasons. The first reason is that I can finally project at night...and consistently too. I will keep doing this and let you guys know how consistent it is. But so far I would say its about 70% or better which is pretty incredible considering night time projections have always been the most difficult for me (I should note that projecting in the early morning has never been a problem for me so for those who try this have some it every night and stay faithful about it and dont be in a rush...let it happen...and it will). The second reason this is so awesome is because it requires the least amount of effort of anything I have ever done before. I am not visualizing, etc. I am just saying that simple statement over and over and then letting the process unfold on its own. I think over concentrating on visualization which goes hand-in-hand with trying to hard is the single biggest factor people have trouble projecting. Have patience and just let it happen....I promise you this is all so much more simple than we all tend to make it at first.


Quote from: leavesofgrass on December 10, 2012, 03:56:01
I promise you this is all so much more simple than we all tend to make it at first.
This is so true and is the hardest part for people to get their heads around. It is simple, you do it every night, but your usually not Consciously Aware of that fact. After people do learn to excess the NPR Consciously Aware, they do see that it's as easy as turning the Physical off and the NPR on!  :-)

The Laxman is helpful with this because it CONSUMES your entire Focus 100%. This allows you to shift with ease.


Following up on my post from yesterday. Doing the affirmations at night together with the Laxman has proved invaluable. Projection is easier than ever and happening at night during normal sleeping hours. Its very consistent and requires almost no effort. I was already able to project before so maybe I am not the best way to measure the effectiveness of this approach. But for anyone else who has a Laxman try what I have posted above regarding Laxman before bed with affirmations....believe in it, stay consistent with it....and let me know if you start experiencing success with it. Based on everything else I have read around here it feels like one of the easiest routes to projection. You are downloading the intent to project into your consciousness and the Laxman is putting you into the ideal neuro-physiological state to accept that belief and intent into the depths of your sub-conscious mind....then the rest is on auto-pilot and you start to project in the middle of the night with virtually no effort at all. No waking up early, no being extra tired, no intense visualizations that make you feel like you cant do it and you are failing....all that goes out the window.


Who wants to have their very own Lucia No3 Light Simulator? This is the light machine that comes out of years of university research in Austria. It was developed by a neuro-scientist and a psychologist and it is the benchmark of all light and sound machines available today. Sounds great, right? Where do I get one? Prepare yourself to fork over 25,000 EUR (that is about $40,000) and you can have one today. Oops, dont have $40,000? Me either...and it bothers me that they would come up with something so good, so effective, and yet only make it available to the elite that can afford it. Isnt the whole purpose behind all this stuff to help everyone regardless of background, money, status, etc etc?

I bought the Laxman because of Lions thorough reviews. And you will read on this site that I am very happy with my Laxman. But the reason I bought the Laxman was because I couldnt afford the Lucia! Not even close. Even the Laxman at $650 was a big stretch. But after having the Laxman for 3 months, familiarizing myself with it, using it to help me induce the ideal neuro-physiological state for projection, etc etc....I have realized that as great as the Laxman is still not a Lucia...and it still costs over $600.

So what is the Lucia besides a really fancy piece of "therapeutical" equipment that will run you $40,000 and put you into the poor-house? Here is what the Lucia is. It is a set of lights. One middle light that is always on...bright and stable...pointing at your face focused on the can use either a Halide light or a Halogen light - try both. Now the other lights are bright you have the center stable light that is always on and does not flash (it is constant, stable)...then you have 8 LEDs surrounding that center light and those are the lights that flash and trigger different brainwave states. Now, all of these lights are hooked up to a computer that runs different brainwave programs...not anything unlike the Laxman or any other light stimulation machine. The main difference between the Lucia and everything else is the COMBINATION


The COMBINATION of the center stable bright light with all the flashing LEDs around that center light. That combination is what sets the Lucia apart from everything else. Their research has shown evidence, all anecdotal, that points to the fact that that center bright stable light does something to trigger the pineal gland releasing DMT...this combination with the LED lights flashing different brainwave programs supposedly leads to a lot of very interesting phenomena (projection first and foremost!). Google around on the Lucia light simulator and you will see what its all about. Better yet, go to their website which you can access through their YouTube videos and you can read a ton of information there about what the Lucia is, why its so special, etc. etc....the problem with doing this is that, like me, you are going to want to get it...but you cant! Bummer....Wait, not so is how to simulate your own Lucia without sacrificing a single thing. You will have something virtually identical to what they have created for around $300.

Buy one proteus light and sound machine from mindplace for $189. Then buy one pair of the "blue" model see through glasses from for $30....then buy both a halogen and a halide light from home depot for under $100....grand total is right around $300....half the cost of the Laxman and less than 1% the cost of the Lucia. You then create an all white light program on the proteus software that comes with it...experiment with different combinations of frequencies and duration...but generally speaking start with something that takes you down to the theta range (4-7hz) and keeps you there for a while...make the program anywhere from 30-60 minutes. Lay down on your bed or in a comfortable chair and put the halogen or halide light out in front of your face so its pointing directly at your eyes (dont burn yourself by being too close and dont blind yourself by staring with open eyes into the bright light!)...use common sense and keep that light a foot or two out in front of your with different distances...see the Lucia video on YouTube for, you will have your AvStim clear goggles on...they will be flashing all the LEDs at your closed eyes and will be running whatever program you have created...then your bright stable light will be there shining through your goggles right at your face. now have a Lucia for $300.

I just ordered my proteus and goggles last night and will pick up the halide and halogen lights at the hardware store today...when my proteus and goggles arrive in the next week or two I am going to write a couple of programs on the proteus to begin testing...and will then post numerous updates here on how it is all working, whats happening, how it all compares to the Laxman, etc....but what I would love is for a few people who read this who are really interested in this stuff is to order your own setup and we can test different things and then see if we cant duplicate each others interesting results. Whats the point with all of this? First, to have fun of course! Second, to see if we can use modern technology to serve as a launching pad into the non-physical reality...making it all a bit easier, more fun, etc etc.

I am happy to try and answer any questions I can.


to leavesofgrass:

Do you fall asleep with your Laxman on, or do you take it off after the session before you fall asleep?
It would be nice to repeat affirmations/mantras while the program is running and to be able to either fall asleep and project or phase during the session.


Hi AteBits-

I read before going to bed. Usually some kind of book on consciousness like Tom Campbells Big Toe, or William Buhlmans Adventures Out of the Body....something like this....because I enjoying reading these types of things and also because they then seed the intent into my sub-conscious. I read until I become very tired...on the border of falling asleep.

Then I put the Laxman on and do a 30min all white lights program that Lionheart composed called L3...there is no sound to this program as I find that sound distracts me and keeps my awareness centered on the physical as opposed to moving away from it towards the non physical. While listening to this program I repeat the mantra "Now I am out of Body" over and over repeatedly....

During this stage of repeating the mantra I am usually experiencing hypnagogic around the 10-15 min mark of the 30min session is when the imagery starts to get intense and I am kind of in border-land...half asleep but not really...and what always brings me back from losing full consciousness is the mantra...I will stop saying it consciously only to find that I temporarily dozed off for a few seconds and then I am brought right back with the mantra just repeating in my head at which point I take over saying it consciously again...and this cycle repeats...where I lose it, bring it back, etc. over and over again.

At the end of the 30min whether I have fallen asleep or not doesnt really some point the goggles sitting tightly on my face wake me up if I have fallen asleep...although usually I havent fallen asleep so I just take them off and roll over and go to bed...continuing with the mantra as I let myself doze off. The key throughout all of this is to put in as little effort as possible and to not want anything to happen...say the mantra without hoping it will lead to anything but say it passionately and believe that if you keep doing this it is going to work...then just put a smile on your face and fall asleep and the rest will happen for you.

Hope this helps. If you have any more questions Id love to help in any way that I can.




One more thing I should mention. I dont ever phase straight from the Laxman in the middle of the program with the lights flashing, etc. I always use the Laxman to get the body and mind in what I think is the best shape possible for phasing....then I phase right after the session....a few times my goggles have been on and the session has been over and I will phase that way. But the majority of the time I just take the goggles off, stretch out and kind of get any last kinks out of my neck, etc....and then let the process unfold from there.

Maybe Lionheart phases directly from the Laxman during the sessions...I am not sure. Lion?


Quote from: leavesofgrass on December 11, 2012, 08:10:02
Maybe Lionheart phases directly from the Laxman during the sessions...I am not sure. Lion?
At different times I do different things. I am always experimenting to keep this adventurous. Sometimes after 1 minute of the Laxman, I try to view my room and my etheric body. Sometimes I attempt to walk outside my home or fly above it. Other times I just relax into the Laxman and ALLOW what it is giving me at the time.
It really depends on my mood, pain level at the moment, time of day or night, etc.


I have the procyon now in addition to the laxman. I'll post a full review when I've had enough time to thoroughly test them both. The procyon works but my early impressions are that the laxman is more impressive. It gives a much better light show, the sessions are more immersive and complex, the build quality is better, and I seem to get to a meditative state faster.


I recently bought mine on EBay after reading about the Laxman and owning a Mind Gear PR2 for the last 25 years. But I have only tried it a couple of times. You can also get them on Amazon. Which I had sent and email and called mindmodulation and had no reply and contacted the manufacturer in Germany.  So far the experience is different so far. I feel more comfortable that I don't have to worry about opening my eyes and especially it makes people I invite to try it more. I made one short program on the LaxEdit software but will have to spent more time testing it. I do get a good feeling of relaxation. And have not had the out of body experiences as with the PR2 but I only tried a couple of programs so far. Let me know how if you have any places to get good programs for it. My father is 90 and I bought one for him for Christmas after he liked trying my Laxman. I want to try some of the new experience enhancing drinks to see if they really work. The sleep program works good on it. I did fall asleep before it ended.


 Mspecial12, once you are more comfortable with the Laxman, if you wish I can send you a program called L3 that I made with the LaxEdit. Just PM me your email and I will add it as an attachment.

My program is without sound, so you can alter it in the LaxEdit as well.

Good Luck and Safe Travels!  :-)


Here is my latest update on the Laxman, the Proteus, and trying to create a mini-Lucia for a fraction of the cost. If you dont know what I am talking about see my posts on these last couple of pages and it will clear it up.

Okay so the Proteus was very slow in getting here what with holiday shipping and all. Anyways, it finally arrived and I have had a few days to play around with it. The first thing I will say is that the Proteus itself is an awesome machine. It is actually quite a bit different from the Laxman believe it or not...even though they are both light and sound machines each one offers a completely unique experience. While I dont want to say that one machine is better than the other, because they are different, I will say that my preference at the moment is definitely the Proteus. I like the Proteus because the lights on the glasses are right smack in front of your eyes whereas with the Laxman the lights are on the side flickering in. For me, I like this more intense experience of the lights right in front of your eyes. So although I love my Laxman, the Proteus is currently my first choice....and, for all those that didnt want to buy a Laxman because of the price of $600 USD, check out the costs $189...I cant tell you how much value you are getting for the money with the Proteus. And no, I have no affiliation whatsoever with either Laxman or Proteus.

Now to my little experiment of trying to emulate the Lucia No 3 light machine....that didnt go so well. The AvStim glasses that I bought separately to use with the Proteus are not bright enough for my needs. I bought a 50W halogen lamp that I shine directly on my eyes from about 2 feet away and while the AvStim glasses are good because they are clear and let the light in...well, the halogen light drowns out the flickering lights of the AvStim glasses so you cant really get the Lucia effect. But, I am able to put the Proteus glasses (which are great by the way) on the tip of my nose...that way I do get some nice flickering lights from the glasses and it lets the halogen light in through the top and I get some kind of a Lucia effect this way.

There is still lots more to do and test to see how to emulate the Lucia. But I will say there is definitely something there with having a solid, stable, halogen lamp shining on your eyes while then also simultaneously having the Proteus do the flickering seems that the stable halogen light helps you to keep bettter lucidity as you fall into deeper states of trance with the Proteus.

Will keep you posted. In addition to continue to playing around with both the Laxman and the Proteus and the stable halogen light...I am next going to try and listen to some Binaural beat tracks while looking up at the halogen light with closed eyes to see if this gives a Lucia effect. I would encourage anyone out there who has binaural beats and a halogen lamp to give this a shot....see if you cant go deeper into your binaural beat trance maintaining better lucidity because of having that bright halogen light shining down at your face.

And in the end, remember that these are all just tools to make all of this a bit more fun and entertaining!

Cheers, LoG


Very interesting experiments leavesofgrass !
Why must it be an halogen ? Any other bright lamp won't do the job you think ?
And maybe a simple and cheap strobes lights for party would work fine, like this :
On almost all of this things the frequency of the flash can be controlled. This with a bright light could perhaps approach the effects of the Lucia, what do you think ?
There will be no synchronized sound but it could be interesting. Perhaps I will try some day.


Quote from: leavesofgrass on January 07, 2013, 16:16:19
Here is my latest update on the Laxman, the Proteus, and trying to create a mini-Lucia for a fraction of the cost.

There is still lots more to do and test to see how to emulate the Lucia.

I want one!
I also got excited about the Lucia No. 3 Light Stimulator until I heard about the
hefty price tag  :-(

makes sense. I will be keenly following your experiment progress reports.

We are spirit, expressing what we will.
We act out perSONAs on our stage of iMAGEination.
We are both the dreamer & the dream.
I think therefore I am.
I am consciousness & potentiality


Hi Daidy,

I did a lot of research on the Lucia No 3 and discovered that they do indeed use a halogen lamp in the center of the other high powered flashing LEDs. So I am not sure if halogen is necessary, or better, etc. But, since they have found good results with the halogen that is what I am using in my experiments. I dont know how many watts their halogen lamp is though and it would be interesting to find out. I am using a 50 watt halogen lamp with a bulb that is roughly 5cm in diameter.

As for hooking up to those lights you found on Amazon....nice find. Sure looks like it would be worth a shot thats for sure. If its not too expensive and you can make it happen go for it and let us know how it works out. The more comparing and contrasting we do here the more we will all learn. And its a lot of fun to boot!

Cheers, LoG


Hi dreamingod,

Thanks for your post.

Yeah, the Lucia No 3 looks awesome. Its unfortunate that they set the price tag at around $35,000. That is just crazy. It seems to me they are selling an awful lot of hype. Because the unti itself wouldnt be that expensive to make at home. Maybe $2,000 max...which is still a lot of money....but common, $35k.....I wish they would make it more accessible to the average person. Thats ok though someone will come up with something as good or better than the Lucia for less than $1,000 within the next few years. In the meantime we have to get creative and see if we can come up with our own mini-Lucia.

To that end, I have decided that this weekend I am going to drill small holes in my Proteus glasses to let the halogen light source in while the Proteus is running. The key to this operation is that I dont drill through the wiring on the glasses! If I do, well, I guess I will have to order another pair of Proteus glasses and learn from my mistakes and try again. HA.

Seriously though, if it works I will begin testing things with that setup...drilled holes in the Proteus glasses with the halogen light source shining in from above...that should give us an idea of what the Lucia is about and why the Lucia setup is so effective.

To that end...I did some experimenting earlier today and am going to write about it in the next post.

Great to have everyone following along. If you have any suggestions please dont hesitate to throw em out here...we need to try anything and everything! More thoughts on the Lucia effect coming soon.

Cheers, LoG


Ok so heres the latest update on what I am calling the Lucia project. In the Lucia project what we are trying to do is replicate whatever they are doing with the Lucia No 3 light machine...but on a budget!

In my talks with the Lucia people they have mentioned several times that the bright, stable halogen lamp source in combination with the flashing LEDs is what gives the machine its effectiveness. Even they are not sure why that halogen light makes a difference but they have told me they have plenty of anecdotal evidence to show that not only does it make a difference but the differences with and without it are significant. Now you can see why I am so interested in trying to knock-off the Lucia effect.

In my previous post I mentioned that I am going to drill holes in my Proteus glasses and then see how that goes. The reason being, the drilled holes will of course let the stable halogen light source shining from above in through the holes and perhaps give me an idea of what the Lucia is like. I plan on drilling the glasses this weekend and if that goes well I will post about my experiments early next week.

In the meantime I tried something that I will say worked incredibly well. I figured if the Lucia people are getting these effects from that halogen light source why cant I manipulate my brain waves with binaural beats and then just start up at the halogen lamp? So thats what I did. My favorite track is by the Monroe Institute called Right of Passage on the Going Home CD series...this track lasts 35mins long and takes you from Monroes F1 which is full waking consciousness all the way to his F27 which is his park or you could say the astral proper or Frank Kepples F3...the point is, the hemi sync on this track takes you deep, drops you off, and leaves you other words there is no ramping up at the end to bring you back to full waking consciousness. And thats what I love about it. Who wants to be brought back just as one arrives? Not me!

So usually when I listen to this track I click out (lapse in consciousness) as they and then come back some time later when the track is just finishing or has already finished. Its a powerful, poweful track...try it and you will see what I mean. Anyways, today I listened to that track while lying down on my back and placed the 50 watt halogen lamp about 2 fee above my face. So the lamp was on full blast shining down at me right at my closed eyes while I listened to the full Hemi-Sync Right of Passage track. I will just say the experience was awesome! The difference with and without the halogen is in fact significant. This was the first time I was able to stay fully lucid from start to finish on the Right of Passage track....yet at the same time I kept going deeper and deeper into la-la land....the difference is that as I went deeper and deeper I maintained clear lucidity all the way "down"...I have a feeling this is because of the lamp. I will continue testing and post results here.

If anyone else reads this and can try this at home with their own binaural beat track that they have found effective without a halogen light...try it with and let us know how it goes. I think you will be astonished. And remember, the key is to let things develop on their own....dont force anything. I will be writing more about this issue of not forcing things in a later post.

Cheers everyone, LoG


I bought a Laxman after owning a mind gear pr-2 for over 25 years. I too wanted the latest and greatest. I tried to get info from Mind Modulation and after 2 month of no replies from emails and no one answering the phone I bought one on EBay. I see now on Amazon too. Some low and some higher priced. I love it so far but my father who is 90 liked it and now I am always working and he gets to use it. The two programs I tried were a relaxation and a sleep program. The sleep program I was out within 10 minutes I think because I was out quickly. Faster then the PR-2 and the relaxation with the monkey sounds in the trees have me giggle to my self when I hear it. I will try more and write more. With PR-2 over the years I once saw the so called white light were my body was surrounded by white light and I felt so great but only once. And a lot of past memories come back and the colors are great even with your eyes closed. But with the Laxman I can open my eyes and see the colors more quickly. Or close them and I have to spend more time when I can get it away from my father. So far if it lasts as long as my PR-2 it was a good investment. Since now I am not afraid to share with my family. Where with the closed eye systems. When I tell them they cannot open their eyes the stress counter acts the purpose of the machines.


Sounds great.  I am happy for everyone that has one of those gadgets.   It sounds exciting.  It would be wonderful to have something to look forward to.  It makes me feel I would like to have one but I decide not to.   If I really want to ap, I mostly can.  I just have to make the effort to really want to ap. 


Thanks to this thread and subsequent research online, I have ordered a Procyon and will be posting my results to this thread.

My goals for getting it:
- Want to achieve deep trance state reliably and quickly
- Want to avoid falling asleep, hopefully the flashing light delivery system will take care of that

I can reach my goals during the afternoon but not in the morning when I want to actually practice phasing, so I hope to use this to prime myself for a more productive practice session in the early morning.

For anyone with a Procyon, what are the best preset tracks to use?


Had my first experience yesterday with the real Lucia no3, it was unbelievable, its something out of this world, all i can say is this: its really all that i have read about it before and much more,

Within a few minutes i was in a different world seeing gorgeous colors and well set patterns shaping and merging, some of them are in serious mode and some are making you light up like,

I had a 17 minute session and when got out it felt like i slept for many hours, was a different person afterwards, felt sharp and energized, boosted with confidence and power,

Thinking about purchasing one and bring it back to NY so people can use mine and enjoy a session for a small fee to help cover the cost.


Quote from: Lucia@NY on January 15, 2013, 23:58:00
Had my first experience yesterday with the real Lucia no3, it was unbelievable, its something out of this world, all i can say is this: its really all that i have read about it before and much more,

Within a few minutes i was in a different world seeing gorgeous colors and well set patterns shaping and merging, some of them are in serious mode and some are making you light up like,

I had a 17 minute session and when got out it felt like i slept for many hours, was a different person afterwards, felt sharp and energized, boosted with confidence and power,

Thinking about purchasing one and bring it back to NY so people can use mine and enjoy a session for a small fee to help cover the cost.
First off. Hello and Welcome to the Astral Pulse!  :-)

I am thoroughly jealous of you. Go away!  :wink:

Just kidding, Thank You for sharing this!  :-)


The Procyon arrived yesterday, I have had the opportunity to use it twice. Each time I used it with high-quality in-ear-monitor headphones, using the synthesized sounds from the presets that come with the system.

1) In the evening to try it out, I lay down and tried the 35-minute "visualization" track. It's quite dazzling at first, I turned down the brightness to about half. You get very interesting patterns but I did not get any "brain-generated" imagery as I expected, only the patterns generated by my eyes being exposed to bright flashing lights. So, no mandalas or geometric forms or scenes, just different patterns of flashing lights.

2) Today at 6AM I woke up early and tried to use the 35-minute "Night Voyage" session. It's very relaxing and it goes through several stages. I definitely clicked out towards the end, since I almost didn't notice when it was over. You wouldn't think that would be possible with these lights flashing right into your retinas but it definitely lulls you off to sleep!

My method so far is to lie down and focus either on my breathing or on the lights in my visual field, without trying to think or see anything in particular. By relaxing my focus and taking in the entire of my periphery this makes my eyes relax and seems to bring on a trance-like state sooner.

If there's a better recommended method let me know. I want to get into an alert but very relaxed state, so it's easier to take my mind away from the physical sensations once the session is over. I think that how you approach this mentally is a large component, so you definitely have to be meditating in some way to get the most out of this device. Just lying there blanking your mind out is probably not the right way to do it because you'll just fall asleep.