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Hey Everybody, Hey Lion, long time no talk.

Things have been busy over here ever since I bought my floating tank. I realized that my Laxman has been sitting on the shelf for quite some time now only because I am always in the floating tank. Since the Laxman was such a good tool for me to learn projection, and now its just sitting there, I thought Id see if anyone here is interested in taking it off my hands for a good/fair price? Since we are probably not allowed to solicit deals through the AP, which I completely respect, then anyone who's interested can just let me know and then I can post it on ebay or something like that where the transaction can take place between a neutral medium where nobody can get screwed or anything like that.

Other than that hope all's well with everyone....esp you Lion. I miss our conversations! But such is life :-)



I am curious, what is this floating tank?   What does it do for you?   How long do you spend in the floating tank?


Alright, I finally got the Laxman!, alright sweet, ill post up some experiences when I get around to it tonight, cheers.


Alright, first experiences, firstly the finish and quality of the Laxman unit is high quality finished metal, the buttons have a satisfying click feel to them, and the LCD display is easy to navigate and use, the goggles resemble swimming goggles, though the thin wire leaves me feeling that it may be to thin and prone to breaking if misused, any owner of in ear buds will understand, so handling the cable with care and making sure not to crimp or snag it on any thing to ensure it lasts.

Okay, like every ones first experiences, I found the flashing light to be very dazzling to the point of making my eyes water, I turned down the light intensity, and also turned down the flashing intensity, which helped, the goggles fit snug, how ever in my case it was very uncomfortable near the bridge of my nose to the point it distracted from the experience, tissue paper stuffed in the bridge area helped elevate this problem some what, although I think DIY soft foam inserts into the goggles to soften the goggles onto my face will help greatly.

I used underwater and deep relaxation, I have to admit, I spent a large portion of my time waiting for some thing to happen, and the anticipation of it was distracting, I was hoping id come into some some psychedelic encounter with a dolphin, where I strap on to its back and it takes me to hyperspace to the planet ooomtar, this didn't happen, nor meeting deceased relatives or meeting people and being under water etc.

I found the my self adjusting the level, volume and flashing to get it right, and adjusting the goggles to feel comfortable, I thought at one point that all was lost, it dawned on me that I started to find my self fighting to keep my eyes open, a deep wave of relaxation came over me several times through out the experiences, mind you I had drank a mug of coffee earlier on and its the afternoon, I did feel my self getting deeper and deeper, and at times too felt my body start "disappearing" mild at most, how ever, given its my first few uses, and I have a few comfort bugs to take off, I can see with farther use I can go deep very quickly, ill keep you guys updated.


 Be very careful with the Laxman goggles, Manuel. Try not to flex/bend them if you can. They are very sensitive.

I took the straps completely off of mine. That way I never had that heavy pressure on my face.

I just drape them over my eyes and when I am finished a session, I can easily remove them with no loss of focus at all.


Thanks for the tip, its rather strange that the Laxman unit is made to be very strong and resilient, yet the goggles are sensitive, how strange.


Did my second attempt at deep relaxation sessions sans straps, made a big difference in comfort, I place a light towel over the goggles to seal out any ambient light that may enter because of the lack of straps, within 10 mins that same deep relaxation came over, towards the end I started seeing hypnogocic imagery, in this case, it was me pulling out a bottle of pepsi out of a coca cola fridge, I dont know why, lol, as the session came to end, I decided to call it day, it will be interesting to see where this all leads.
Edit had one more session underwater one, WOW, towards the end I clicked out momentarily and found my on the cusp of approacing mind awake body asleep! okay now we are talking!


I've got a Laxman and another light and sound machine called an InnerPulse DeLuxe.
I've found them both very helpful for all sorts of psychic work, including, of course, astral projection.
Manuel – are you keeping your eyes open when you use your Laxman ? If so, I think most people would find that uncomfortable on their eyes. I know they say you can keep your eyes open, but I always have mine closed and I find that really effective.
Also, a big misunderstanding with light and sound machines is that they are more effective if you have the lights set bright. This isn't correct and the important thing is to have the lights at the level that's comfortable for your eyes without straining.
I've tried a Kasina and, like Lionheart, I've returned it. I got the feeling that it's more of an 'entertainment' machines and  been designed by people who are really interested in music and wanted a light show to accompany the audios.
The InnerPulse DeLuxe is actually my favourite light and sound machine for trance work, it's got some great deep-meditation sessions built into it.
By the way, I live in the UK and like Indigowings, I bought my machines from . Also like Indigowings I found them helpful and friendly, and they seem to know what they're talking about.
Just going back to the Laxman, I've always found the goggles to be really comfortable. I guess we're all different. I don't think much of the supplied ear-phones though and use my own over-the-ears headphones (actually I use the headphones that came with the InnerPulse DeLuxe, they're brilliant).


Phaedrus, I keep my eyes open, I keep the light down to a comfortable level and have a minimal of flicker, but after 10 or so minutes I feel an overwhelming urge to close my eyes as I become deeply relaxed, doing this seems to let me go deeper.


Quote from: manuel on February 07, 2014, 07:05:29
Phaedrus, I keep my eyes open, I keep the light down to a comfortable level and have a minimal of flicker, but after 10 or so minutes I feel an overwhelming urge to close my eyes as I become deeply relaxed, doing this seems to let me go deeper.

OK. Thanks Manuel. It sounds like you've found the best way of using the Laxman that works for you.

The next time I use my Laxman,I will try keeping my eyes open and see how it works for me.

It's always good to hear of other people's experiences. Thank you for sharing.


 Hmm, I still haven't tried an "open eye" session, even after owning my Laxman for a couple of years now.

I did find out the hard way recently about what happens when the lights are too bright!  :-(

Phaedrus, thanks for the tips. Have you tried any of the new "Trance" session downloads from yet?

Now that I returned the Kasina, I think I will purchase a couple of new Sessions for my Laxman.


Quote from: Lionheart on February 07, 2014, 17:36:05

Phaedrus, thanks for the tips. Have you tried any of the new "Trance" session downloads from yet?

No, I haven't Lionheart. In fact I didn't even know they had extra sessions.

I've just checked their website and some of them look tempting, though they seem a little expensive.

Please let me know if you try any of them and what you think of them



I do honestly think it is unfair to have a MindPlace and Kasina discussion on this Laxman forum. It just seems hostile and I don't mean it that way really. Neutronics has a good product.

Starting another thread would probably be best.


Quote from: neuroasis on February 10, 2014, 11:40:32
I do honestly think it is unfair to have a MindPlace and Kasina discussion on this Laxman forum. It just seems hostile and I don't mean it that way really. Neutronics has a good product.

Starting another thread would probably be best.
That's a very fair assessment.
I'll do so now.


Now for everyone...
I want to remind everyone too that we're all on the same side here.   
Let's try to get perspective on things said.  Try reading posts made as neutrally as possible, because chances are good that the emotion you're assigning to something someone said is incorrect.


Hi, I'm new to Astral Pulse. I have a history of spontaneous OBEs and have worked on initiating them on my own. I haven't been successful in that respect, but when I spontaneously wake up with heavy vibrations and buzzing in my ears, I have no problem with getting out. I continue to work on techniques I learned through Bill Buhlman's course at the Monroe Institute. I have some of the binaural recordings Buhlman created, as well as the CDs he engineered to provide a guided hypnotic approach to achieving OBEs. While I haven't initiated separation on my own, I've become very close.

I just ordered a Laxman through the Mind Modulations website. I don't know how the Laxman will help me specifically, but I'm going to approach it as an aid to meditation, then basically experiment to see what is possible. I'm intrigued by the results that people have described here, and I'm hopeful that I'll have some interesting experiences to share. I've read a lot of opinions here that seem to recommend that someone should be experienced at astral projection before using the Laxman. If that is to suggest that I should be able to initiate vibrations and sleep paralysis on my own, then I guess I'm a little premature on my purchase of the Laxman. Just the same, it can't be much harm to begin experimentation with some of the Laxman programs from a purely meditative approach. If my experimentation into these altered states leads to projection, then all the better. Am I approaching this with the wrong expectations? Just wanted to know what the consensus opinion is on this subject.


Hello and Welcome to the Astral Pulse Brett!   :-)

The Laxman creates a very deep NP (Non Physical) focus. What you do when that happens is up to you!  :wink:

Just be prepared to strap in and enjoy the ride!   :-)

Just so that you know, MJ (my better half) and my friends, all people that have never experienced AP consciously aware, all experienced being drawn into the scene that the Laxman was suggesting, via the light and sounds.

After the Session was over they just kind of laid there not moving a muscle. I had to actually take the Goggles off of them before they moved, lol!


 To any people wishing to purchase a Laxman in North America. Mind Modulations has been closed for the last couple of years now, so you can no longer use them for your purchase.

Neurotronics (the maker of the Laxman) does have another distributor in the USA : It is Marks General Services (Mark Adamak) from Wisconsin (

They will be more than willing to help you with your purchase.

Thank You!  :-)


Hey Lion,

Not sure if Mind Mods is out of business, but they currently don't have any Laxman units. They called me and asked if I wanted to wait for a shipment to get in. I declined and immediately picked up a new unit off EBay. I get the same warranty and support from the German manufacturer. I should get it either Saturday or Monday. I wasted a week with Mind Mods. They left me hanging with no follow up. Perhaps they truly are out of business and are working to get back in the game. Either way, unless they demonstrate to be a reliable dealer, I would look for Laxman units elsewhere.



Brett a matter of fact, (my Laxman I got off EBay) is actually coming from Wisconsin. Perhaps that's the North American distributor Lion was talking about!


The Laxman I ordered off Ebay was actually from the Marks General distributor that Lion mentioned. However, I got the last new Laxman from this distributor. Others are on order from Germany. He was also selling some used units on Ebay that came from open boxes or were previously used as demo models. Marks General is probably the best bet to buy a new or used unit if you live in the US.


Astral Pulse followers,

Got my Laxman today. Started with the "Deep Relax" program, followed with "Underwater" and "Across". I experimented with open eyes vs closed, and determined that closed eyes actually provided the greatest variation in color and stimulation. While keeping my eyes open, there didn't appear to be the variation and imagery that closed provided. Open eyes gave a great intensity, but I would have to say I prefer to keep them closed. I achieved a wonderful relaxation experience during the sessions, but did not phase today. At one point, near the end of "Across," I felt a huge surge of vibrations, much like I have felt during spontaneous OBEs in the past. It took me by surprise and my shock kind of killed it for me. I need to be a little more of an observer, welcoming sensations as they come. The program was coming to an end, so I felt to shift to Beta, killing the vibration state.

I took Lion's advice on the goggles, removing the strap altogether. This seemed to work pretty well. I draped a towel over the goggles to cut out any outside light, as well as hold the goggles in place. Never had a problem with discomfort or movement with the goggles during the sessions.

At one point, feeling her presence, I called on the Archangel Haniel during one of the sessions. It has been over a year since I communicated with this angel! She provided some valuable feedback to what I should expect. She was very comforting during the process, putting my mind at ease in my expectations of a possible OBE today. She said that the sessions will help build up my energy body and that I will achieve an AP soon enough. I've been very sick for most of the past year with pancreatitis. It is still a mystery as to how I got sick, but I'm thankful that I began to come out of it near the end of the year.  It is only recently that I have taken myself off all the pain meds. Haniel further reminded me that I am still healing, and my energy body is healing as well. The Laxman is serving as a vehicle to build me back up in mind and spirit. She encouraged me to continue the sessions, as all progress is cumulative, nothing is wasted.

This is not a forum about angels, but angel communication is a big part of my life. It is something I lost during my sickness, while I was on all the meds. Getting back to being able to communicate, as well as learn to initiate OBEs is important for me. When I got sick, I had just finished the first draft of a book I'm writing and had turned it into my editor. Needless to say, for over a year the book has remained unfinished. Angel communication, messages and inspiration fill the pages I have channeled and crafted thus far. So restoring that channel, as well as opening up to new experiences and inspiration are quite important to me. I have to feel that my sickness served a purpose. Had I not become sick, I would have probably finished the book with the same perspective I had when I started it. I would like to think that the Laxman will provide something important that I was missing, taking me to places full of inspired thought and messages that would not have been available to me a year ago. All indications seem to point to this truth.

Thank you for reading this rambling post! I will continue to experiment with the Laxman, as well as remain open to your suggestions during this learning process. I have read all your posts and feel as though I know each of you. I look forward to sharing something a little more interesting next time.

Love and Light,



 Hey Brett. I am happy to hear your Laxman has arrived and you are enjoying it. It really is a fantastic little machine!  :-)

As far as your health problems go, I have heard many people, while travelling doing my shows, tell me how their health problems led their life into a new direction. Most of them state that if it wasn't for their problem, they wouldn't have found or did what it is they are doing today. It's like a blessing in disguise. I just wish it didn't have to come with so much physical pain.

I know if it wasn't for my own health problems I wouldn't be here on this Forum today either. It frees up quite a bit of "healing time".

I look forward to reading your book. It has peeked my curiosity!  :wink:


I agree with you Lion. However, not all learning and change comes thru pain, but sometimes it serves purposes otherwise not possible. I'm of the opinion that it's all for the better. I see positive changes I'm making now, as well as a perspective I might not otherwise have had. My patience is perhaps one of the elements I find most difficult to find peace with. However, I can't expect everything to happen all at once.

Thanks for the L#3 program. I assume I can connect the Laxman to my computer with the USB connector and load to the internal drive? I ordered a mini SD card, but I don't know if I'll be using it anytime soon. The only downside I see to the preloaded programs is the tendency for them to shift to Beta, thus killing any vibratory state that has built up to the point. Found that out yesterday. Any opportunity for an OBE would be limited by the length of the program. This may not necessary continue to be the case though .Still, there is much therapeutic benefit to the programs, even if you don't go out of body. I guess that's why I'm looking forward to working with the L#3 program today.

I will say, the experience changes the more the Laxman is used. Archangel Haniel was right. All experiences are cumulative and changing. Nothing is wasted. It's kind of cool to have angels take an interest in our progress towards the exploration of altered states. Their interest and involvement goes beyond our imagination. We certainly are never alone as we might think we are. Have a good day everybody.

Love and Light,



 Yes Brett. To download it to the Laxman, you hook up your USB connector, then open the Laxman "files" on your computer. Then you download the L#3 Session on to it. But remember to turn the "Data Transfer" on your Laxman on first. You can find that in the Laxman device settings. All of this is written in the Laxman manual as well.

You will enjoy my L#3 Session because it ends in Theta. I wanted to stay deep in the trance state at the end of it.  :wink:

Good Luck and Safe Travels!  :-)


Hi Lionheart. I've just joined the forum and I already ordered the laxman a couple of months ago after having read this thread, while in the process of learning to project.
I'd very much like to try out your L3 program for it. Could you give me the link as well?

Much appreciated!