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Laxman Light and Sound Machine

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Hey Lion, That sounds like an amazing experience! I have not yet done the Escape session but now I cant wait to do it. As I was reading your post something came to mind. Next time I do, say, Deep Relax...where you are hearing all the jungle sounds...I am going to try and visualize that jungle scene....see it, feel it, smell it, etc. And see if that puts me into the jungle. Because so far I have just been getting used to the lights by kind of letting myself go during the sessions...and then I am so relaxed at the end I immediately phase.

I did experiment with a Monroe hemi-sync track (right of passage from Going Home series)....I listened to that while at the same time running the lights from the 60min sleep session (the very last pulse track - but without the pulse sound) was very intense. I kept clicking out and then clicking back in...back and forth like that for the whole session. It was powerful...I didnt phase afterwards because I did this in the middle of the day...but I definitely could have I was so relaxed. So that was cool because I am almost never relaxed enough during the day. So this I think will open up my day-phasing abilities. Right now I find it much easier to phase early morning...but I am suring phasing any time of day is a skill that is not far off especially with the help of the Laxman.

My wife is pregnant with our first and so some nights she just doesnt sleep...last week was one of those weeks where she didnt sleep and so it was harder for me to get up not much to report. But this week I am back on it! And will report if anything interesting happens.



Hey Lionheart,

I am focusing on the deep relax ambience track at the moment and I notice the more I do just that one the deeper I can go with it. So I think for the next couple of weeks I am going to only do that track and just see if I can go deeper and deeper with it. I think you once mentioned that now you can get into a very deep state after 2-3 mins on the Laxman. I see what you mean....I am not there yet but I can see the time other words the first few times I used the Laxman I wasnt totally relaxed until about the 20-25 min mark on deep after say 5-10 times of that track I am already fully relaxed and immersed around the 15 min that should continue drop as I do that track more and more. Also, I did visualizations today for the first time with that track..I usually am not a huge fan of visualizing because I find it boring...but with the lights going and the music in the background it makes the visualization not only a lot easier but a lot more fun as well.

Today I woke up at 6am and did deep relax right away...then after deep relax was over I continued to visualize and within a few minutes the vibrations were surging and I was off. What I am noticing is that when the vibrations become quite intense if I exercise my intent to say get out of my body the "traditional way" (I know I am not getting out of anything or going anywhere per se...) then thats what happens I just get up and out and off I go...but if I just let the vibrations build and dont exercise any intent I usually end up somewhere in the Astral Proper (Franks F3) I am guessing....more like a traditional phase experience...and that is the experience I prefer because the real time zone is boring compared the the Astral Proper question is do you have any pointers on how I can still exercise intent and end up in F3...seems like every time I exercise intent it foils the I just let it go and see where I end up...and that is working fine...but I would like to start learning how to control things a bit better. I am sure with more time and practice it will all come. But any pointers are appreciated. Cheers.


 Hello, start by doing some kind of action related event in the darkness before your eyes, such as a shooting a basket or kicking a hacky sac. Get into it, let the scene progress. Once you are deep in the scenario, try to get more of a visual on what's happening around you. Try to increase your awareness. From there you can experiment with leaving the sporting event and walking into a different scene, not of your creation. You can also do this by creating a doorway or vortex that you become totally focused on and see where it leads you. Have fun with it, experiment!  :-)


Thanks for the pointers, Lion. I will give that a shot.

I am using the Laxman 3-4 times each day. I am finding that when I do it before bed I have much better dream recall the next morning. It still may be coincidence but I dont think so. The differences are staggering in terms of when I use it just before bed my dream recall is great the next morning and when I dont I am hazy. So I will keep tracking it and see if I can reach any definite conclusions.

As far as my normal sessions. Here is what I am finding. I do the Laxman for 30 mins. It almost doesnt matter what program I use as they all work. By the end of the session I am sufficiently relaxed and the imagination is off and running...with me only barely having to kick start it. And then all of the sudden my vibrations will start and then I am off. What I noticed this morning which was a bit of a breakthrough for me, I think, was that when the vibrations got very strong I focused up and in on my forehead..pineal gland area...and bang I was in the 3d void or what Frank I believe calls Zero Point...and I started seeing all kinds of Chinese alphabet characters. Anyways, I am going to see now if I can turn this into a reliable process...Laxman, Vibrations, 3D Void...and then from the Void see the movie screen and control where I go in F3...and even go "back" to F2 if there is personal stuff I want to work on in my own subconscious. This is exciting for me as I am looking forward to making the same process repeatable. Will keep you posted. Hope alls well in MN. Our weather here in Sweden is starting to get cold and dark...I imagine you are not too far behind us! Great time of year for Laxmanning it Up!


One more thing, Lion. I have a bit of an exciting update on the Lucia. My best friend here in Sweden is as crazy about all of this stuff as I am. This weekend we met up and put initial plans in place to start a non-profit consciousness research institute here in Sweden (out of Göteborg...2nd largest city and on the west coast of Sweden). Our goal is to have the institute formed by Summer of 2013 which we both feel is realistic. We are going to launch the institute with one Lucia machine and one top of the line flotation machine...what we want to do is customize the the flotation machine with a hole compartment on the top where the Lucia light can sit facing down into the flotation machine...that way we can do both at once. I have to think that shoud lead to instant projection and a highly repeatable process from which the research can really have a solid foundation. Where we go from there...who knows...but we want to research anything and everything having to do with consciousness. Mapping out the wider reality in more detail, etc. Anyways, like I said, when we set that up you will have to come to Sweden and do some research with us. I will keep you posted. Cheers.


 Great news Leaves. I love your plan. I wish I was better set up here to do something like that. I wouldn't try to combine the 2 units though. From what I have heard from experienced people, like David Warner here, the Flotation Tanks take a bit of getting use to all by themselves. To link this up with Lucia would be way to much and overpowering. Lucia by itself has had very favorable results. I think down the road a bit, once people have become comfortable with both of them separately, than it may be the way to go. But I wouldn't modify the Flotation Tank at the beginning though. Just my opinion!
When you have that up and running I will have to make a trip to Sweden to check it and Sweden in general out. I know how beautiful your country is, you are a lucky man my friend!  :-)


Hey Lion. I hear what you are saying regarding maybe leaving the two separate because the experience would be too intense. I think what we will do is modify the flotation tank so that you can float with or without the lucia placed at the top. That way you can choose to either do them separate or together. But yeah, its always best to exercise a bit of caution for sure. Yes, you are definitely welcome out here when we are up and operational. And Sweden is a beautiful country...I am a lucky man I married a Swede...otherwise I would be stuck in my native Southern California! I will keep you updated.

As for all the other Laxman stuff. Just steady as she goes right now...getting more and more used to it. I think I have had it for about 2 weeks now. I can see that after several months of practice it will just get better, deeper, easier. Be in touch. Cheers.


just an update my Procyon arrived about a week ago I opened it and found out that the console was missing. I had to contact the manufacture and they have told me to send it back for a replacement so may be a bit longer till I get to use it :(


That would be disappointing for you.  What a nuisance.  It would be great when you finally have it again.


I am here to thank all that have contributed to this post. I was looking into the Laxman because of a purchase I had done on a pemf machine called MRS2000. The company that sells the MRS2000 device also has a separate light sound add-on that plugs into the initial device, but I would only be able to use it at home when using the MRS2000 device. I had seen the Laxman online but didn't find much user info on the item and since it's a pricey item you really want to hear some user reviews. This thread really help confirm my intuition on the device. I have now received my Laxman within 9 business days of placing the order and this thing is great. I have done a series of session opened and closed eyed, and yes I agree it feels like it helps produce DMT, after doing an opened eye session I stare up for a while and the texture of the ceiling seems to move in swirls for a while. I have been feeling pressure in my cerebral cortex and at the same time I feel focused and energized. I have let my wife and brother try the device and they both love it, all though my wife couldn't finish the Bionik session because of it's intensity (She actually jumped at one point, I think it must of been the thunder). Once again thanks, this thread is definitely useful for someone looking to purchase this device and finding this forum was just a cherry on the top of my sundae.


 Hello, first off, Hello and Welcome to the Astral Pulse!  :-)
Thank you for your kind words. Just a tip though, use the Deep Relaxation or the Vibrations session on for new people. I even find Bionik too strong and I have been using this device for about 8 months now. If you liked Bionik, you will really like Escape.
I still haven't even attempted an open eye session yet, so thank you for that quick review.
Everyone in my family has used it as well and loves it. Mary Jo, my better half, likes the calmer sessions like Vibrations, Deep Relax.
Please keep us updated on your progress. The more people that use this, the more we can see if it really can be an helpful tool to all.
I recently sent an email to the company, they told me they have new sessions coming out soon. That's great news, I would like to see something a little more abstract.
Good Luck and Safe Travels!  :-)


Hey All. I have been on vacation the past 3 weeks and will be back in Sweden on Saturday. Hence my absence here lately. But its great to hear that these reviews helped yet another person take the plunge and get the Laxman. I know that Lions reviews were very helpful to me when I was thinking about purchasing the Laxman. For everyone that has a Laxman, lets continue to use this forum as a place to share ideas. To that end, Lion, did they give you any exact dates as to when the new programs are going to be released? I agree that something more abstract would be awesome. Hopefully they can come up with something like that. When I get back to Sweden I am going to spend the long, dark, cold winter days of Nov-Mar creating and experimenting with different programs that I write on LaxEdit. Oh, and in the meantime, I am about to send a letter to the Lucia people telling them that I am going to buy their unit next Summer...and also ask them if they can give me some clues on what light patterns they have found most successful for projection....because then we might be able to create a mini-version of that with the LaxEdit software. Hope all have been well these past few weeks! Looking forward to getting home and getting back in the swing of things! Cheers, LoG


 The company just said it would "soon" have the new sessions.
From what I have heard about Lucia, the lights are incredibly intense. In the video they show the lights start from a bright white, than jump into all different colors and flashing patterns. I don't think the Laxman could match that intensity. But I would love to try to match it as close as possible, just to see the results we get. I am curious what would happen if we wrote an entire White Light session for the Laxman, with fluctuating pulsing flashes. It could be done.


Hey Lion. I am back in Sweden! I sent an email to the Lucia people on Thursday and have yet to hear back. I will keep you posted if-when they reply and we can take it from there. In the meantime I think the all white light session is a great idea. I have been thinking of that myself so I am glad you brought it up. I havent even experimented with the LaxEdit software yet. How hard would it be to do a white light session like you are describing? Also, I read somewhere that the white lights are the best for visualization. Although I cant remember where I read it or if its true....anyways, would be fun to experiment with! I am going to start messing with the LaxEdit software next week. Please keep me posted on the programs you write and I will do the same. Have a great weekend!


 Today I used a great Binaural Beat program by Jurgen Ziewe-The Multidimensional Man, found here, I downloaded it to the MP3 area of the Laxman and played it during a Random Session with no pulse, using the setting Visual. It was awesome. That Random session will display the light program for the entire 40 minute MP3 song, then automatically shut off. So you don't have to worry about manually shutting it off yourself. It took me about a minute to totally lose my entire focus on my physical body. Then I just relaxed and enjoyed the Journey.
I attempted to create a Lax Edit program of my own, but didn't like the results. I think an entire white light session would be interesting though.
I went to the website today and I saw they have many more programs available for sale now. The "Planets" program on page 2 here looks interesting as well.


Thats very cool regarding Jurgens MP3 and the random Laxman session. I will do the same and let you know what I experience. Jurgen is such a nice guy. I have had email correspondence with him and let me tell you that people do not come more genuine. He is an all around amazing human being.

Regarding the all white light session. I did some more reading on the Lucia website and from what I can gather it looks like they are only using white in, no color at all. This is interesting. My understanding is that they have a constant light always there in the "background" and then pulsating white lights that mix in with the constant light. Surely we should be able to mimick this in some way on the Laxman, right? What I am thinking is that I will send an email to Markus who owns the Laxman company Neurotronics...he seems to be a super guy in my past email correspondences. I will explain that we are trying to mimick the Lucia sequencing and see if he can offer some guidance on how best to do that using LaxEdit. Let me know if you have any thoughts...and if after reading through the Lucia site you think my understanding is accurate in terms of how they are using lights...IE- without color. Cheers.


These devices seem quite useful tools.
Im considering constructing a unit using a USB interface standard in/out card of the like readily obtainable from Maplin or similar. The light unit Ill think about given time but the latest posts suggest utilising 3 grouped leds in clusters so white light is obtainable as any colour too.
An interesting project but for the future.
The cost would be far less, the unit would require a P.C. or possibly a smart phone. A programmable self contained unit could follow.
The options are in need of research at this time and this thread will be a very useful guide to the end product.
Im definately interested with such tools as presented.
Thank you Lionheart for this thread.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


 Your Welcome Szaxx.  :-) I know how you like to build things, so I think this will be another successful venture for you.
Leaves, I didn't realize the entire Lucia program was a "White Light" session. I watched the video and saw the white light at the start, then I figured it would change colors down the line. The Laxman has an option for a white light session in the Lax edit area. All you have to do is omit the colors. the problems I have is getting the flashing right. Too much flashing creates a blinding strobe light effect, which gets irritating after awhile. I would like to find a way to blend soft blues or reds into a White Light background. I wish they had a way to view your created session before the entire thing was done. I keep going back and deleting the old, then creating anew, but you have to go through the task of creating, downloading the new session, then viewing it, which takes quite a while to do. Especially with someone like me that's not the most computer savvy.  :-P
Looks like it's time to start experimenting!  :-)

Here is a video that shows Lucia in action. It starts with a solid white light, then goes into strobe, but only for about a minute. It keeps that sequence for the entire session.


Hey Szaxx, that sounds like a great idea. I wish I was better at building things myself because I would love to try and build both a flotation machine and a Lucia machine. Keep us posted on if-when you decide to start building something. That will be fun to follow!

Hi Lion, yeah, I believe the Lucia has a constant white light in the background at all times with some kind of alternating strobe white light pattern laid on top of that constant light. I wrote emails to both the Lucia people and the Laxman people asking them how to create something like the Lucia pattern with our Lax hopefully I will get a favorable response. If-when I do I will surely post an update right away.

As for the Lax Edit I understand what you mean in that it takes time to go through the whole process. That is too bad that you cant test it first before downloading it and the whole bit. Maybe we could ask them to make that a feature in the next available software update to the Lax Edit? Well, like you said...time to experiment! I will be starting on stuff this week and will keep you updated on any progress I make. This is exciting! Cheers.


 I did a Create/Theta Pulse Session today and turned the brightness up, it had some pretty intense lights and created some very interesting visuals. I haven't even touched the surface yet with all the Laxman can do. Just configuring the lights and color intensity creates a whole new atmosphere. That will keep us busy for awhile itself.


That sounds interesting, Lion. I forgot to mention earlier, but yeah, I always go to the brightest level for every session I do. My favorites so far are Bionik and Escape with the lights really bright. But I agree, we havent even scratched the surface with the Laxman. There is so much more here. If I have the energy after work today I am going to try and create my first custom Laxman session along the lines of what I think the Lucia is doing. I am sure I will screw it up in a major way but I have got to start somewhere! One thing that came to me in a bit of inspiration during one of my last Theta sessions was that when I do my custom session it needs to be longer than most of the preset sessions. For me, 20-30 mins just isnt long enough....So I am going to try and create something that goes a solid 90-120 mins. Here is my idea and the reason I want something longer. Basically the idea of hypnotic fractionation is an interesting one to me...where you keep entering, exiting and reentering deeper levels of trance in a very short period of time. The idea being that each time you reenter trance you reenter deeper. I know for me when I am in deep sleep where Delta brainwaves are in the majority...I am gone. I could as well be dead at that point because my consciousness, for me, does not exist...its only when I am on that threshold that I have full waking consciousness on the other side...but sometimes I lose it as I slip deeper. So my aim with this is to use the Lights from the Laxman together with a Monroe Institute Hemi Sync track that takes me deep into the Theta-Delta border range....and then hold my awareness there for a good 60-90 mins (say after having used 30mins to get there) but the key is that I will create custom beep sounds that come in and arouse my awareness every 5 mins or that I am constantly drifting off into no mans land but then coming right back....then drifting off....then coming back...then drifting off deeper, then coming back, etc. I am just curious if this will help me go very deep into the delta range and maintain awareness and basically just see where that leads. This may not work at all but its something I have been thinking about so what the heck..I will give it a shot. Let me know if you have any thoughts.


Quote from: leavesofgrass on October 29, 2012, 07:04:09
So my aim with this is to use the Lights from the Laxman together with a Monroe Institute Hemi Sync track that takes me deep into the Theta-Delta border range....and then hold my awareness there for a good 60-90 mins (say after having used 30mins to get there) but the key is that I will create custom beep sounds that come in and arouse my awareness every 5 mins or that I am constantly drifting off into no mans land but then coming right back....then drifting off....then coming back...then drifting off deeper, then coming back, etc. I am just curious if this will help me go very deep into the delta range and maintain awareness and basically just see where that leads. This may not work at all but its something I have been thinking about so what the heck..I will give it a shot. Let me know if you have any thoughts.
That Binaural Beat MP3 from Jurgen is 40 minutes long. It works really good because of that loud unexpected Chime you get at about the 3/4 part. I find that if I start to fade to far, that that Chime instantly wakes me again. So, I see this process working well. The Pulse sessions are done without music, but they have very short interval of Binaural Beats. If you can find a program that runs for 90-120 minutes long, you can use it with Lax edit. Last night I wrote a White Light program, but instead of it being 1 hour, it turned out to be 1 minute long, doh, lol. I wish to create this program at first without any kind of sound. I just want to turn my noise reduction headphones on to kill the various sounds around me and enjoy the visuals. Last night doing this I could hear things that I was seeing as well. Usually I do a regular session with Lights and Sounds, but last night I did a regular Pulse Session, ramped up the Light intensity and really enjoyed it.


Hey Lion, Thanks for the info. Once you do the light white session let me know how that goes. As for that Chime from Jurgens MP3, yup, that is the effect I hope to create when I write my program. I did mess around with LaxEdit yesterday for the first time. It seems to be pretty easy software to use actually. The only thing is that I need to do a lot more research on light and sound in general as I do not understand HZ and pitches, etc etc. But I like what you said a few posts back...and that is that all these different light and sound combinations are going to cause different experiences....and because we are essentially all different there will likely be no one size fits all its up to us to keep experimenting and we will find what works best. Also, I really like your idea of lights without sound. I think I read somewhere that sound is good but lights are responsible for something like 80% or more of the experience. Dont know if thats true but experimentation will tell us over time. Ok, I have some GREAT news!

I sent my email to the Lucia people last Thursday...yesterday I got a response back from someone at their office saying that the scientists were travelling so please be patient for a response. So I wrote back and said sure thing. And I was expecting a long delay...WELL, I woke up this morning to a very friendly and detailed email from one of the co-creator scientists (I will leave his name out just because)..but lets call him Dr. P. He was so friendly and helpful. And he wrote back so much faster than I would have thought. He seems willing to help us out in any way he can in terms of helping us program the Laxman to in some way mirror what they are doing on the Lucia. So let me get back to his email, take some notes, figure out what he is saying, and then I will post a detailed update here later today. Cheers, LoG


 Wow, that is great news. I thought they might have been offended with you asking period, since they have created their own Modern Marvel. Since we are all trying to achieve the same goal, any input or advice they may have is really appreciated. This may help them in the development of a smaller unit as well. That would be a win win for everyone!  :-)


Yeah I thought there was a chance they might be offended but generally I think most people working in this field care more about the greater good than their own egos or pocket-books. So thats why I just took a chance to write them. Thankfully they responded just as I had hoped.

I just finished reading through Dr. Ps email a couple of times. He is open to skyping with me when I have more questions but I want to make sure I use that invitation having a lot more info from experimentation, etc. He also said they have a Lucia in Stockholm which is awesome. So I will make it a point to go to Stockholm either before or after Christmas and will try out the Lucia. But in the meantime he said he is willing to help us, by email, in any way possible with trying to develop something similar on the Laxman. And he said if we have any questions by all means fire away. In other words, he was very clear that he wants to help and that when we have good questions, etc. dont hesitate to ask.

Other than that he gave me some basic information that I am happy to share with you albeit through private channels because I dont want to take for granted that he wants all his stuff posted on the web. So PM me and I will share everything I have with you and we can start experimenting with this. And then of course, we can post our own findings on this post so that all others can benefit. I just want to respect Dr. Ps privacy.

One very interesting thing he said, which I feel that it is ok to share, is that creating these prgrams is like creating a piece of music. There really isnt a set frequency that works for everyone.  So basically dont put too much emphasis on the EEG readings and different levels....just experiment with a bunch of different combos, take notes, and see where it all takes you was kindo f what he said. With that, he did give some specifics, and he is willing to give more, and we can talk about that through PM. Cheers.