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Quote from: Fairywindblues on May 15, 2013, 23:40:31

Honestly, aside from that, I can't find many cons for this, so I'm going to go on to the next one.

Admit it! Customer service is crappy!  :lol: :lol:

Just kidding!  :wink:

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Okay, here's another thing or things I'll say about machines.

The binaural beat + light flickering action is actually quite relaxing on the brain. In fact, if any of you take sleeping aids, have insomnia, or are on anxiety or anti depression meds, this baby can honestly help with all. I have all these problems, and suffer from them daily. When I put on a light machine, it's like popping a happy pill.  :-D

The light + pulsing sounds really make your brain feel like it's getting a massage. If I have a headache, or any tension at all, it's like the light machines go into my brain, massage it, and I can literally feel all of this negativity, weight, tension, and.... invisible, heavy "gunk" just dissipate and float away. Oddly enough, my pineal gland area in particular starts feeling like it's stirring, and being poked and prodded, and influenced by something.

Also, the feeling of relaxation is much more potent than something off the shelves. Well, at least for me. It just feels like your whole body lets go of all tension, and you just slip into a void where nothing exists but your consciousness and this pulsing, and vibrating color, all around you, easing your mind into pure relaxation. I literally feel it pulling me like a magnet. The relaxation. My mouth will gape, I'll start to drool, my head will tilt to the side, and I'll start leaning over, when using one of these machines. I get so relaxed that I just go limp and surrender to the light!  :-P

I get a mixture of visual (possibly from DMT in the pineal gland triggered by light) hypnogogic-like visuals, where I'll see alien and far away landscapes, and all sorts of amazing stuff. Then, I'll get mandalas, and swirling patterns, etc. Sometimes, I get both at once! Mind visuals AND geometric patterns

On another note, I am glad that I got the Procyon refurbushed and for very cheap. The Procyon is a machine by Mindplace that usually runs for $270 and its only advantage to its much cheaper $180 counterpart the Proteus is that it has the addition of blue added to it, while Proteus only has red and green.

Well, the procyon has six total lights, while Proteus has eight. To me, this makes all the difference in the world, and I'd gladly sacrifice a color for extra brightness. When not in the mood for the Laxman, I find myself going for the Proteus quite often.

In fact, last night, I fell asleep with the Proteus on, and had many colorful dreams.

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Quote from: Fairywindblues on May 18, 2013, 05:13:51
Okay, here's another thing or things I'll say about machines.

The binaural beat + light flickering action is actually quite relaxing on the brain.

I noticed that same effect with my more modest  :-P machine. The light, instead of being unnerving, seems to have a quieting effect.
The light with the sounds perhaps. Not sure the sounds have to be there. But still, it was restful instead of stimulating. Of course I used the "meditation" setting. They have settings to stimulate learning and performance and would likely wake you up more, etc... but flickering light and sound can actually be relaxing. Which makes sense since they've been using it for decades, for that purpose (and it works)  :p


I've had a while to test both the laxman and procyon. I still find myself wanting to use laxman the majority of the time since it gets me into a deeply relaxed state faster, the sessions seem more immersive, and the light show is better.

I have a flotation tank and when I don't have time to use it I've found that these light and sound machines are the next best thing. I just wish there was a way to use them inside the tank. I have underwater headphones and an underwater mp3 pouch that could fit the unit, but I doubt there is a good way to protect the goggles from the salt water.


I've concluded that:

Yeah, the Laxman is unbeatable, and provides the best experience if you're looking to lose yourself. Best visuals - lets you adjust blinking / brightness, as well as mix and match beats + colors + and mp3s, etc. The way the light bounces around in the goggles is also beautiful.

The Procyon is not as flashy, and the light show, while beautiful, is rather dull.

There were a few sessions in the Procyon that had a brighter light show than some of the other sessions, but still. The red + green + blue light show is a beautiful one, though, and I did get some visuals, but definitely nothing close to the mandalas produced by the Laxman.

The Laxman produces the craziest mandalas. The brighter the light, the more intense the mandala is. With the Laxman, you'll see the flower of life, sacred geometry, crazy kaleidoscopic mandalas, but with the Procyon it's like... not as ornate? But pretty. I underscore pretty. It's still a relaxing device.

The Proteus is brighter and gives more defined mandalas, and imagery. It seems that the brighter the machine settings, the more intense the experience... for me, anyways.

I really want to get the red/blue Proteus glasses, and a Thoughtstream (bio feedback device, can be used with Proteus - will make a light show based on your own body. )


 This is for people that are currently using a Light/Sound machine.

Experiment, Explore, have fun with it.

Don't just sit there and wait for the light/sound to do all the work.

I just completed a session on my Laxman. It was the "Deep Relax" program.

At first I let the lights and sound do it's thing for about 5 minutes, so I could lose my physical focus.

I was watching the lights in front of me, then I decided to separate them.

So, I used my Astral hands and separated them like a curtain.

That opened up to some kind of strange tunnel visual. I then kept doing this over and over again.

The more I did, the wider the tunnel was opening and I could finally peer into it.

What did I see? Try it and see what you do.

The machines sole purpose is to get you into a relaxed state. It does this by changing frequencies, Which lets you go deeper and deeper.

But you shouldn't just be melting in it. You should use this opportunity to explore.

See what you can see, try new things, mess around with the lights using your mind.

Be creative.

Then you will start to see how fun these machines can really be.

One again the more effort you put in, the bigger the reward will be.

Post here about some of the experiments you are doing or have done as well.

I'd love to try them too.

Thank You!   :-)


So i finally got round to putting the L#3 session on my laxman, And all i can say is WOW! :-o Well done Lion and Leaves, Thumbs up.

That for me is better than any of the sessions the laxman comes with.

Here's a brief description of my experience:

Position- Laying on bed with a few pillows propping me up.

Mind set- Exited, Interested.

The setup- Laxman L#3 session, No sound.

- The white light at first is so soothing and puts me in a place of pure bliss.

I lasted about 7 minuets or so before my eyes slowly crept shut, Watching the new images appearing and constructing on this now new reddish backdrop reflecting from the half of my shutting eye lids.

Already loosing touch with the physical i realised my eyes must be fully shut now, I started to delve deeper and deeper fading into this place becoming more and more apart of the scene with each second. Looking into the distance only to have a rainbow of colour appear in my field of vision and start warping around everything chasing its tail so playfully, Racing through underground like tunnels picking which hole to enter when it splits, Flying beneath kilometre long over hanging cliffs of colour, Strange machine like objects appearing soaring along cutting its way through whilst rainbows collide, Spinning and morphing vortexes pulling me in, It then slows and everything stops, I take control, I start to be the only one moving circling a vast mountain like range in the sky getting a full 360degree view. Suddenly BAM! The whole scene is flipped and changed, Im now somewhere completely new and fresh, Crisp, The lights must of changed.

"This is the most excitement when the light pattern changes", As your so wrapped up in everything thats going on you are apart of the scene.
So when it changes its like someone has just dropped a bucket of paint on your head. You literally just go OH MY ! WOW ! Your lost for words !

I was anyway, The first time (I'm presuming its the light pattern changing?) this happened and the scenes changed i just instantly appeared in outer space with the most amazing colours, I was looking at a galaxy, It was pretty still not much movement but was very alive, There was infinite space with a backdrop of twirling space dust and stars, A huge planet to the left just peacefully spinning with a magnificent ring around it like saturn.

Ill leave it there, But it continued the whole session like this with each light change an amazing new scene and they were so vivid every time it changed, Lots of other strange things going on also at one stage i was actually seeing a place with trees and houses from a low plane sort of view but it looked odd like it wasn't of earth. Somewhere else in the universe maybe ? Who knows but i cant wait to crank up L#3 again. :)

After effect- Cant stop smiling, Feeling of achievement, On cloud 9.



 You don't know how "enlightened" I was to here that, enlightnd.

To this day, the Laxman creates the fastest non physical focus I have found.

I can take people that have never APed consciously aware before and after a 20 minute session they are telling me how they were spiraling down a tunnel or vortex, seeing homes, flying in the mountains, scuba diving underwater.

The L#3 program leaves you deep in the theta state. If you haven't already blasted off during it, you likely will immediately after it.  :wink:


What a wonderful experience.  I am happy that it is working very well.


Thanks Astralsuzy :)

Quote from: Lionheart on July 15, 2013, 02:23:02
You don't know how "enlightened" I was to here that, enlightnd.

To this day, the Laxman creates the fastest non physical focus I have found.

Thanks Lion :) And yes its so quick isn't it! And so easy! :) Im happy as larry with my purchase,
Iv only used it about 10 times and IMO its already paid itself off, Especially after L#3.

Quote from: Lionheart on July 15, 2013, 02:23:02
The L#3 program leaves you deep in the theta state. If you haven't already blasted off during it, you likely will immediately after it.  :wink:

:lol: Funny you should mention, Just this morning i tried a little experiment around 3:00am, Awoke and started up L#3,
10-15 mins in i could here the jet engine starting and the bees nest was close, Immediately took off the goggles -



One Happy Customer.


 I took the straps off of my Goggles for quicker removal.

I find I can remove it without it interrupting my focus now.


Ah Hah! :wink: Good thinking ! Haha Love it. I think ill look at doing the same as it did interrupt the process for a second there.


wow!! I've been reading alot of these reviews on the laxman, thanks for the info!!,
I have always struggled  with NP focus, I can AP from dreams easy but unfortunately its not frequent enough,
I have a laxman on its way, hopefully within the next week it be here 
can't wait too use it :-D


 That's great news Sixx!  :-)

Be sure to write a review here for everyone as well.

It takes a while to adjust it to what is comfortable for you, but once you do, you will love it.

If you wish to try my L#3 program, just PM me and I will send it to you.

Also, start by using the Relax/Deep Relax and Vibrations programs. Those are the most gentle on beginners.

So is the Underwater. The others will be quite a bit more intense for a first timer.

Good Luck and Safe Travels!  :-)



Well my laxman arrived yesterday, right on time for the weekend.
So i spent  most of Saturday messing around with the  brightness contrast etc,I had too turn
it down a little bit but the intensity wasn't too bad overall.

I did all the relaxation sessions, started off with the underwater session, it was nice, kind of feeling my
way opening my eyes closing eyes to see what I preferred, now definatley closed eyes.
country side session was similar,
the deep relaxation session was good although the audio got really irrating especally the monkey
that comes in every so often and goes OOh OOh Ahh Ahh..

I tried the vibrations session next,which i got alot out of,after the session had ended I was in a deep
F10 for about an hour or so , did it again later in the day and  I see what you mean lionheart, regarding losing
physical focus quickly,
I was in the light and I was trying to get over this wall, I realized this and I snaped back.
another time I was in  a bedroom about too open the curtains , then snaped back again.
i was trying to walk around the house , and other things that use my imagination
Also I noticed my dreams where really vivid almost lucid, early days yet though, I will try some of the
meditation sessions later on today,

Overall what a great tool/aid


forgot to add.
Is it supposed to come with an SD memory card?


 Excellent news, Sixx!  :-)

I'm glad it's working for you.

It's fun to just kind of ignore the lights and go exploring.

Sometimes I will reach my "etheric/astral hands" out in front of me and open the center of the lights, just like I'm opening a door. You find such unique things on the other side, lol!

Astral walking around the house if fun as well.

I let the light/sound take my physical focus away for about 5 minutes, sometimes it really fast, more like 2 minutes. Then I start experimenting.

I have never bought a memory card and I have a number of programs that I have written for mine.

I haven't needed one yet. Maybe I will after I purchase the new "Planets" program. It's one of the downloads that you have to buy separately.


yes i was looking at buying the planets download in a month or so,
lots to do before that though, heh, be interesting  to hear what its like though.


 I have owned my Laxman for a year and a half now and have never purchased a separate "Download" from the company yet.

The presets will keep you busy for a long time. It's best to log what you experience with each program, then you use the same one for a week or a month.

Some will work different for you. Then you can just try a light/binaural Beat program and see what effects that has.



I have been lurking this thread for a while, very interested in purchasing a Laxman unit, but unable due to budget, are there any cheaper equivalent of decent quality, or is the the Laxman, creme de le creme of light and sound machines? id really like to try this unit out if im honest, I am interested in the Proteus unit for a fraction of the cost, but is it equivalent in terms of the quality of the experience to the Laxman?.
edit: okay I read a nice review on the previous page, thankyou for the reviews!.  im leaning towards either the proteus or procyon at the moment, would prefer a laxman if my budget let me.


 Hello Manuel!  :-)

Craig at the link provided here is very knowledgeable in AVS units and all of the models that are currently out there.

You can find excellent reviews and comparisons there. He really does his Homework and you can see his passion through it!  :wink:

His entire website is loaded with all kinds of great info.


i would like to adjust the white balance back as the laxman came in the original. could anyone tell me what to set in? or your own settings that u most like? can not find the original settings in the manual.

thank you!


 Hello Malvasia and Welcome to the Astral Pulse!  :-)

From what I see, whenever you turn the Laxman off, it resets automatically.

Page 12 of the Manual explains that when you turn the Laxman off, the brightness/white balance returns back to it's normal setting.

I personally like to turn the brightness up one or two notches. It really depends on which Session I am using. Some are much more intense then others.