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So, I decided to try projecting today.  (Been in a dry spell due to health related stuff, nothing serious)

I laid down for my normal routine, progressive relaxation, some deep breathing, but then I decided to try something a little different for me.  Normally at this point I would have focused on my body and creating a falling sensation throughout.  But today I decided on a whim to go back to the ol' stare at the blackness technique, only I modified it slightly. 

Instead of waiting for shapes to appear or whatever, I focused intently on my "mind screen" (the place where your third eye is).  Once focused there I remembered an old trick I used to use where I drew energy in through the third eye to intersect at the line between my ears (which is roughly the pineal gland).  But this time I thought back to Robert Bruce's "reaching out for the vibrations" concept.  So what I did was created a vortex of energy going away from my third eye and I visualized it to look something like the wormholes from the stargate series.  the vortex was turbulent looking and so i focused on that turbulence and thought of it as "vibrations" and pulled them toward me or pulled myself toward them.

Within moments of doing this my hands were loose, which never happens to me.  Usually my whole body goes loose all at once.  So I decided the best course of action was to use the rope method at this point and slowly reached up to my imaginary rope, took one tug and my whole body just came loose.  Then I was off.  If you care about the experiences I had (one of which was kind of cool) you can read about it on my journal. 

But the technique itself is the important part.

After my relaxation and deep breathing, i created and outward flowing vortex from my third eye, focused there for a little while and once i felt that i was "trancey" enough, i pulled the vibrations of the vortex toward me and in a matter of minutes I was out of my body.
be awesome.


 This sounds similar to a technique I practiced known as "Throat Breathing". First you start by breathing in a raspy way with total focus on your throat area. Once you have done this for awhile, you split your focus between your throat and your 3rd eye. After about 5 minutes you start to see purple flickers of light, than those flickers turn into clouds, than they start to spiral like a vortex. From here you "will" your focus into this vortex and you are off on your journey. They had an instruction to link your two hands in focus with your throat and your 3rd eye too. But I found the throat and the 3rd eye combined focus to be powerful enough for me.


sounds like a plan.

i had just never really tried a method like that, i stuck to my tried and true techniques.  but this worked much faster.  so i'm gonna try it some more and i'll let you know how it goes.
be awesome.


wow I'll definitely try this too! tnx guys!  :wink:


That is fantastic.  I am happy for you.  It makes you feel great when you astral project.



Thank you NoY.   :-)

I've missed chatting with you.

be awesome.


Cool experience personal.

Hear is a quote from Robert Monroe's "Far Journies II" I think you might like:

"These phenomena were gradually perceived in a pattern, as somewhat
of a band preceding a change into the out-of-body experience. There were
also preliminary physiological responses—lowering of blood pressure and
pulse, slight temperature drop (03°), loss of muscle tone. Subjectively,
there were reports of a heaviness in the physical body, sometimes catalepsy,
and a strong sense of heat followed by coolness. As the induction of
the OOBE state was examined further, one key element did repeat consistently.
Subjects began to locate within their nonphysical perception a
pinpoint of light. When the subject learned to "move" in the direction of
the light until it became larger and larger, and then move through it, the
OOBE state was achieved. In slow motion, it "felt as if one were going
through a tunnel to get to the light," a classic description that has been
brought forth by many who performed the OOBE inadvertently or in a
near-death situation."

If I can pinpoint that light, which is fairly easy in an deep F10, light F12, and get to it without disrupting my physical eyes, I know, I am in for a bumpy ride.