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Shoveling Coal

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Hi All,

I wanted to share what for me was an unusual experience. Last night I was talking to one of our members on the phone (I'll let that member decide if they want to reveal). He talked about a book (Bulman) I think that gave an example of a way to release pent up frustration. He told me he had worked out his own visualization that worked for him and suggested I give it a try. The reason for this is that I was telling how frustrated I have been this last week with not just personal irritations (there have been a number of those) but also all the madness currently going on around the world. I didn't feel like I could accomplish much of anything on the NP/Spiritual level due to being so low on energy myself. So he told me to shovel coal, just burn up it all up imagining the coal as all that negativity.

So for newbies and others who might not understand how this works I'll try to explain a little without boring everyone. So, I crawled my tired, laden, frustrated butt to bed and stretched out on my back. I grabbed my healing rods which I sometimes find helpful and just started imagining I was shoveling coal. At first there was no visual so I just thought it. But then after a few shovels full I began to wonder what I might look like etherically. So up pops my usual visual (an outline of a human figure with little to no detail). This figure if you could see it would look like a life-sized Ken doll made of clear glass only flexible like a person.

There he is shoveling coal, I looked at the coal, just coal. I looked back at my avatar and saw a flicker of red and realized red represents anger (in this circumstance). Next thing I know he's full of swirling angry red flames and he's shoveling faster and appears to be quite angry. I watch and think "Burn", burn that anger, burn that frustration, burn all that negativity and confusion, just burn it all out.

And then I thought I could do this for the whole world so I/he began shoveling even harder. There were dark spots and hot spots all over the globe popping up here and there. We burned and burned and burned. Eventually the whole globe had been burned of negativity and shown like a gleaming white pearl and there stood my avatar out in space beside the globe and he was blacker than the night, puffing like a freight train and I realized I still needed to do the same for myself. So 'we' shoveled coal, this time concentrating on my own body on every level.

Starting at the feet fire flooded over through and around them consuming and moving ever upward. I don't know if I could have stopped my avatar at this point if I had wanted to which I did not. The fire burned every negative thing to ash going up my legs, up my torso, up my chest and arms and throat, up my jaw, across my face... All this time I could see a slight wind blowing away the ashes leaving behind a gleaming pearly white me behind. The fire burned into my head and...

Next thing I know it's morning and here I am sharing with you.

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, My phone is fully charged. My cat bounced into the house for his breakfast which is far better than I expected. He's been a pretty sick cat the last few days. My grandbaby came into my room bright and early to bring me a balloon (he usually does not come in early like that)  :lol:

I feel great and that is all I have and I wanted to share because who knows...

Love and hugs to you all!
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


Just wanted to share this as well. Right after posting that I went to YouTube and here is the very first video that popped up. It's heartwarming is you want to take a gander.   Boss of the Swamp
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


That is such a clever way to release tension and negativity. Thanks for sharing, Nameless! I'm glad it showed positive results today for you. And hopefully on a larger scale for the world. Some of us do work during meditation on the entire world to get healed, not just on a personal level. I like how you crated the avatar. This adds an interesting element of the visualization.
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Captain Jack Sparrow


 Thanks for the share Nameless!  :-)

Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to shoveling coal I go, lol!  :-) 8-)
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Wow that is a good vizualization technique I should use that when needed. I feel the weight of negativity leave with each scoop of coal. and then to be washed over by purifying flames I feel pretty good. hehehe its a nice spiritual work out.  :lol:


Brilliant - steady she blows ( ! )


Thank you guys, you are all so wonderful and funny and I am one blessed individual to know you.

Mwwwwuahhhh! (that's my stab at blowing you all a kiss) ;-)
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.