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This is intended to help those who want to try to enter a NPR who have little knowledge.
Success is yours.

As some on site are reasonably proficient in this NP reality  thing, a few common points keep arising. To teach this is a wieldy prospect but not impossible. A few similies are easier to understand as getting a subjective point across can be difficult through language.

The thing is this physical reality is very similar to your home. Inside it's consistant and safe. Best of all you know so much about it and its contents. (This house can represent the physical reality).
Knowing that  very young children (beginners) don't often go outside of this safe house alone, the great outdoors (wider reality) is occasionally viewed through a window. (spontaneous projection first experience).
As these children grow and learn a way in life, they are made aware of the great outdoors. (anyone coming to this site seeking information).
Once experiences start in the great outdoors they learn that they each have to do a job to promote longevity and survival of our race. This is an expectation and a requirement for intergration and cooperation to produce a functional society. ( this is where you learn to become proficient within NP environments and start to realise things like conciousness is much more than that of being physically alive).

Teaching this to the whole planet through personal experiences will put mankind into a totally different way of life. This is an ultimatum, a divinity of sorts to create utopia on this planet.
The reality of this is far in the future of man. At present all we can do is build a strong foundation like that of Monroe and others. Integrate our gained knowledge and proceed with careful consideration for every single person who wishes to explore the Non Physical Reality that we represent on the Pulse.

Many times the same questions are asked, each from an aspiring NPR seeker.
All the questions that follow are particular to that person. Some come with a good knowledge wanting opinions and sharing experiences with others. Others have hardly started to read anything but remember from a past experience that someone else has posted on this site, smitten and information hungry they digest the words knowing there was more to it.
Others wish to try, no experiences at all, just think its a fascinating subject.
A few less want it proved to exist as death itself represents an awful concept.
It would be nice to have it all in one place with a few Q n A's which clarify all aspects to a point of self teaching.
One fact remains. Some on the Pulse have gone to hell and back to learn this. Im not talking of the difficulty, I mean being trapped in a hell dimension. An actual NP experience where fear runs away with you. All this and being on your own. Can't tell anyone for fear of being locked up and drugged to senselessness. These are the pioneers who have done it the hard way. These are few and their knowledge is paramount to this whole subject.
Their knowledge is as high as a Buddhist monk, most don't accept this but the fact remains.
No names are mentioned out of deepest respect.

Where do we go from here?
An example,
In the beginning, its all stories and disbelief, but, an air of skepticism still has a slice of insight, an enigmatic microchasm down to the core. This tiny crack in the skeptical viewpoint is all it takes. From this the curiosity will eventually make this firm disbeliever a prophet and mentor.
How did this occur?
The fact that a chance of this being real was too much a challenge to walk away from.
The chance its real would totally change your life completely.
Its too big to ignore as nonsense. The thought of flat world comes to pass and the rest was history.
The above is my understanding of ONE WELL KNOWN author. I knew nothing of, until I joined the Pulse.
If this skeptic can become master, so can any of you.
More on site have been born to this and have a very high energy store or energy-efficient metabolism.
Its a case of remembering the feelings associated with those earlier days and integrating them while phasing or the chosen method.
The rest unfortunately need a few pointers. Some may need dynamite too in order to gain access to the various NP realities.
A generalised start is required.

Part 2.

Where do we go from here?
As a starting point to get out of the physical vehicle we are presented with a myriad of informations all saying different things. The end result is the same.
What do you need to know?
This is something that applies to all of you who wish to exit this physical world.

This is required as the way it works can't be forced. You, at present hold a square peg yet the hole is round.  A little work is required and the peg fits through. It will take a few attempts the rounder it gets. Work has to be done.
To enable your first NP experience you need a few pointers.
It works naturally so the time involved will be different for everyone.
What works today may not tomorrow.
A phasing example will be worked on and the concept itself needs to be adhered to. The way it works for you in particular will be different from many others. You can use the guidelines below and change anything that grates at your way of doing things.

This is very important. The general idea of being relaxed is to have no worries or cares, anything that needs your attention must be dealt with. You should be left with nothing but yourself and plenty of time.
The aim now is to become totally still where no loud or sudden changes occur close to you. A soundproof room is ideal but the noise from a fan or a radio tuned inbetween stations on FM can be used. An alternative is headphones playing a binaural beat for at least an hour. Use one for Astral Projection as the frequency within is correct. The same applies to lighting. A TV flashing like a strobe is not recommended to start. Pitch black or a soft constant light can be used to the same effect. If you prefer a red glow then use it, whatever makes you feel safe.
At this point your environment should be set enabling your attempts the best chance of fruition.

This is a questionable topic. Use of your bed is great, it can also be a hindrance. For years you've got in and gone to sleep. This action has trained your subconcious to do exactly that. Although the attempt you're making is similar, getting in bed isn't the best option. However, few people lie fully clothed on the bed for a nights sleep. This is the best option as long as you are wearing comfy clothes.
A point brought up is if you constantly fall asleep too easily then another location may help. A recliner for example. Also being slightly uncomfortable in your resting position may help. Its your body and hopefully you know what to do given the above options.

The Principle.
It's simple, go to sleep keeping only your mind awake. How? By listening and passively watching what appears as you try to sleep. The idea is to stay awake just enough to have some awareness that the 'you' keeps ticking over but not your physical body. This has to be ignored. The same way it is when you are dreaming. You are in the dream not in your body. You're acting out whatever totally unaware of the fact your physical is asleep in your bed. The 'you' is doing whatever in the dream, its this you that has to stay alert.

Where we are.
Comfy in a relaxed frame of mind, eyes closed in a suitable location and low or chosen background noise.

This is a key factor. You have to keep yourself aware without any analysis on whats happening. A placid frame of mind is required as anything grabbing your attention will put you back a step. You can look with your eyes closed at the grainy backdrop and just stare at a point within it. Sounds strange but do it. It's something you actually do whilst sunbathing. Some colours or shaded areas may appear, perhaps a recognisable pattern. The thing  to do now is IGNORE IT ALL. Yes things will appear and after a while you'll be drifting in and out of sensibility, thats where you'd normally fall asleep.
Now you have been noticing the visions from within yourself you may have also noticed some noises.
These  are common and can be from a gentle hiss to an earthquake in your room with some loud voice shouting your name. They are natural so let them occur.
Stay aware in this non- reactive way for as long as you can and things will start to progress further.

Where am I now?
In a comfy position looking within myself and actually noticing strange sounds and images come and go.

Part 3.

This is where the fun begins.
You should have found a part of you NOT actually that prominent. Its your body. This technique is slowly taking your awareness into another conciousness that DOESN'T require your physical body. You are phasing out of a physical world into a non-physical one. The amount is conditional on one thing. Have you thought of, or moved, or even been aware of your physical body?
As long as you were not moving etc you may have heard a pulsating, rumbling noise, it's your physical asleep and snoring its head off. If not you may not snore. Its one of the first signs that you are entering the halfway point. Keep going, its the awareness that you have to keep in a passive way. It's important not thinking of anything to do with the physical world. You will be just 'you', a single point of conciousness and through these initial stages you will appear to be less involved with the body and ending up in your head. The body itself is sleeping. At this point continue on being passive. The images by now normally start to become picture like. There's recognisable detail but keep your eye's fixed on that spot. Ignore the visualisations, its hard but needs to happen.
From this point there could also or either be sound phrases. These are clips of music either known or not. Strange zings and whistles with a background squeal that lasts, all are normal. Voices too in all manner from  shouts, babies crying to soft words. IGNORE THEM. After a short time you may have been aware of your wakeful state and nothing of your body. Its like a blackness in general with its light shows and scenes and you are still aware of yourself but now as a single point of awareness.
You may start to drift in and out of this blackness a few times. Possibly having what seem like mini dreams.  These are normal and it's here where sleep can win. You could easily lose it so try to keep a check on your awareness as you will learn to snap back to this blackness with a single thought of hey I'm dreaming and don't want this right now.
If you wake up for real from this point and everything seems physical you may be awake in the physical. You may actually be awake in a non-physical  location thats a copy. You could get up and try a light switch or similar. If it works then its the physical world and well done getting so far. If the switch doesn't do much then get a good distance from your body as you've made the transition and you're out.
There's another thing associated and thats known as sleep paralysis SP. This is where you are awake in your body but your body doesn't respond to your commands. Its natural and it can be a frightening experience. The job here is to stay calm and use this as a platform for an exit. A common one is to relax and attempt to roll out of your body. If successful you'll be in the non physical. Get away from your sleeping body to a place 30 feet or so.
None of the above can happen and you'll need to carry on being passive. Eventually the scenes in the background will be very clear almost life like or perhaps much clearer. This is the point where the sounds heard usually are synchronized with the images presented. This is the point where you can interact with the scene. You have control and an exit is already happening. Some people report getting the vibrations at this point. If so you ignore them as best you can, they will fade and when so an interaction with the scene should be attempted.

This is where you examine whats going on like in a film. You do have a lot of control of the situation and careful thought is required. The same applies if you wake up too much and find yourself in SP. Another one is where you partly wake yourself usually from the mini dreams and find a different blackness. This one feels massive its a 3D place like a giant cavern.
In all of these situations you are at the door. The saying of thought=action comes to its own. Here is where the fear factor within you gets tested. It can run away with you so stop all thoughts in this direction. This FEAR is self induced. You are able to scare yourself easily and ruin the exit. Remember you are now in total control of everything around you. Know this and carry on to opening the door


Part 4.
The techniques available are many and vary from person to person. It's finding one that appeals and trying it out a few times.
Should you manage to get this far quickly and fail because of not knowing whats next, that would be a sad thing.
The visualisations you've seen should be the same as when in the physical. Its the same as in a dream. You can control them. They appear infront of most people like a giant TV screen. You simply interact and get involved. You will become active in this the same as in a lucid dream. You can carry on in your creations or change them with a simple thought suggestion.
Basically as you are in control, you need somewhere where you can go to.
A safe place local to you is usually the best option. It could be a room in your house as long as its furthest away in a straight line from your sleeping body. A friends house or even the local park is better.
You think of this place, being there, seeing it and KNOW that's where you'll be. You can close your eyes while thinking this, knowing you'll see it when you open them. It could take a few tries at first as anything on your mind will manifest. This method works well from the 3D blackness. It works when you get away from your sleeping body. It works if you have entered the scene you created earlier. You need to be aware of yourself.

Staying aware.

When you're able to get familiar with this new world the rules are different from daily life. They take some adjustment. Now you're out, a short stay is recommended so you remember it clearly.
In addition, all the passivity to get here has to stop. Now its just the opposite. You need to react with the surroundings. Feel the ground,  rub your hands to feel the warmth, feel and examine any objects you can. Hold your hands infront of your eyes and they normally appear to melt. It's a natural phenomenon, it proves you're in an altetnate reality. Demand clarity, by having a strong desire to be able to see clearly, all your senses will come alive. Thought controls the force. If you really want something so badly you'll go to the ends of the Earth to get it, this INTENT is what needs to be developed. You will learn this quickly.
After a while in the NPR you may feel a tug or your conciousness slipping, this is your times up sign. Going back.  to your physical body at this point could cause you to forget some of your experience. Rub your hands together and feel the surrounding objects to get back the clarity. Slowly, using thought, get back to your body. A simple thought of being just above it is enough. This enables better memory recall, you could write things down upon return. Normally the experience is that rooted you automatically remember most of it clearly.


This is in your own hands. The limits are outside that of the physical. You can read minds and communicate an encyclopedia in a flash. Moving objects remotely and even time travel is possible.
Take things one step at a time.
Guides are always at hand and mostly invisible to you. You ask for help and they may help you in many ways. Anyone you meet will give off a mental radiance. If unsure ask them " What's your intent". They either go away or communicate.
Have no fear based thoughts. Its your world. You  may learn this in one lesson. Thoughts=action, remember you're almost limitless. Various realities have differing rules. Enjoy them, what you do, may be done to you. One good deed... should you be behaving inappropriately for the NPR you are in you will find yourself moved to another fitting your actions. You need to remember this. Out of the frying pan puts you in the fire. The lower frequency realities are no place for one with little experience.
There  are schools and lessons you may be sent to by your guides. Learn to be yourself, when successful and have gained a greater understanding you may be sent on a quest, even a retrieval. Its a great feeling once you're successful in this. What you know will be required for this. You'll understand this in time.

Info to read.

There are many books on this subject some freely available. With a read of some you'll find various ideas and ways to help in your progress. We all travel different routes but can arrive at the same destination.
The FaQ section has info worth a read.

The Vehram Energy System is interesting. It holds connection to the vibrations and can aid in exit routines.
Theres plenty of other topics too.
Use the search box at the top right of the page.  You know how it works obviously.
When well informed any questions you have will be backed up with some knowledge and hopefully experiences.
This does take time and can't be rushed.
Rome wasn't built in a day...
Perfection is attained with practice, go practice.
Enjoy the trip.

There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


 Excellent post Szaxx. Thank You for all the time and hard work you put into preparing this. Your continued input is always welcomed and appreciated!  :-)



Fantastic 'idiot' guide Szaax, some really helpful pointers on where I've been going wrong  :-D


Yeah... it's pretty damn good! nice one.  :wink:


I agree completely!  Definitely worthy of a sticky too!

Wow, we're gonna have to start pruning some of the stickies soon.  :D


I agree. It definitely needs to have a sticky.


 It ended up right where it belonged. Thank You!  :-)


Thanks guys.
It actually works, in fact IMHO, its the most efficient concious exit technique that works its wonders. If you fall asleep, which is easy, you tend to have a vivid dream. Once aware within this environment, you have another exit route.
I could do another to explain how.
Its condensed to keep the information packed so you dont need 1000 pages of reading to forget what you're supposed to do.
Hi Dan, I hope you get successful now a script is available.
I hope you find prompt success with it.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.

Chaos Mage

This is a valuable read and helps me to understand more of what I need to do.  In my experience, I have become 'too physical', and even my phantasy has become something carnal.  Now that I see it related as 'non physical reality', perhaps here is where I will return to power and wisdom, and simply let go of this poor suffering man, and exit into a limitless world where all that imagination and thought can create the ideal reality for new forms of fulfillment.

Thank you, this information helps.  I will remember to be patient, and to allow my awarness to leave the physical realm, or, physical realm as perceived as physical.  Perhaps it is an Omniverse, and that we are not obligated to live in one body.  Astral Projection opens the possibility for controlling multiple bodies, that's part of why I cling to my own form so much.  I don't want to end up losing what I have, I don't want to lose my body to someone else's spiritual will.  I will certainly remember the 3D blackness, after all, that's where I used to go when I was angry and had had enough of life here on Earth.  Thanks.
Strength. Endurance. Speed. Resistance. Stamina. -these are dimensional, at density and frequency.
Will. Courage. Faith. Love. - these are spiritual, the power to effect Life Force.
Balance. Peace. Focus. Charge. Awareness. -mentally active self control


Thanks Chaos, any questions just ask. It's definately a way to get to a NPR where you are in total control of everything. Once familiar you can create an environment limited only by your mind.
I'd advise not creating a place where any visitors could get into a fearful state. You get booted out and placed in a fitting environment.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


 One thing I wanted to add to this already excellent thread is the fact of how important it is to ALLOW this to occur. When you start noticing or trying to AP you are going to go through all these strange sensations, see all these weird things. You MUST passively observe all of this. I read statements by a number of people here that say I was attempting and then I started feeling the vibrations or experiencing lights/hypnogogic imagery, but then it just ended.
Last night I slowed my Phase process down as much as I could and paid attention to every thing that happened, no matter how small it was.
I was using a Binaural Beat soundtrack found here I reclined in my chair, turned on my MP3 and closed my eyes. Immediately I started to see brief Hynogogic Imagery. Just passing thoughts and visuals. I passively observed these with an air of curiosity and continued. Now I was starting to feel the onset of mild vibrations, once again I observed these, but kept going. The vibrations started getting stronger and stronger and I was starting to feel a swaying motion. I just observed these and kept going, ALLOWING what was happening to keep happening. Thoughts started to fill my mind. I didn't try to fight them, I just observed them and kept going. Next thing I knew the thoughts stopped abruptly and I was left just viewing the 3D vastness/depth before my eyes. Once in awhile a visual would appear, I would observe it and ALLOW it to morph into an actual scene. By now my half hour Binaural Beat MP3 had stopped and all was quiet. Once again I was back in the 3D darkness. Then a horse appeared. I ALLOWED the horse total freedom in this visual. The horse was running on a pathway, now I could see a bit of background, I could also hear the faint sounds of the horse's pace. But I didn't try to hone in or deepen it, I just watched/allowed it to grow. Now I could see mountains in the background, I could also see that I was traveling even to the pace of the horse, almost like I was just above it. Then I saw I was on the horse. I grabbed the reins and enjoyed the ride.
The reason I wanted to post this was because I have feeling that when people are seeing something in this 3D darkness or having something occur while attempting to project, that they put too much focus on the first thing that happens. This immediately hinders any further progress. I also think some people may be "straining" to see something. 
We need to remove the pressure, the expectations, the stress that we are creating ourselves. ALLOW what is happening to happen. Question it AFTER you are finished your session.


It`s quite... Interesting. Some of the things you said I already knew but I`ve forgotten. Very refreshing guide. Thanks

And let me edit; those that I forgotten, in the back of my head I suspect sre the important ones


Ok. Today I had a 3 hour nap  :wink:.

I intended before and after it.

Before; I relaxed, focused on a spot on my dotted blackness. Managed to relaxed down in not much time, 20 minutes or so. I Kept focusing on my spot until the my lineal thoughts started to stop slowly. Funny enough last thoughts were in english ( I'm not native english). So, I started seeing faces, "mini dreams" as you call them. People telling me stuff, I used to pay attention to them before, and getting into the scene; this time I tried to ignore them and keep focusing in my little spot.

I remember by the way, entering a shop with a woman, in one of those mini dreams but gained consciousness and made my self go back to me. Sadly I couldn't keep it up much, too many dreams coming in (too tried). So I decided to not force my self and sleep a little bit, and try after my nap. I was there for around 45 minutes.

After the nap, I woke up which is funny cause the moment before I woke up, I remember telling to my self "wake up". Don't recall any dreams though; I got my body relaxed in around 15 minutes. Focused on the spot once again; but there is a big difference than the before nap experience. The blackness it self was whiter , much much whiter, and the lights in my room were even darker (Already at  night, before the nap it was already sun time). I "ignored it/let it happen :roll: ", and keep focusing in my spot.

I sensed something in my left, not sure what but something, I trusted whatever it was and kept focusing on my spot 5 seconds after that "noticing" I felt very very VERY strongly (as usual) that my self was going upwards, but not up in the ceiling, but from the top of my head to the wall where my bed is. I felt this pulsing push, of my entire self as if I was trying to push my self through my body; I tried focusing on my spot but this time I coudln't; I was calmed, realxed, a bit excited maybe.

And I had to wake up not long after that for physical life stuff I had to do right away. Hopefully next time I will have a little bit more of time. I've noticed though, a difference. My mind has a "goal", which makes everything more easy; I put all my strength in focusing in that little spot.

I know by the way, that I'm well on my way, cause this pulsing/spinning sensations are happening constantly, and I know the key is to let them happen and get used to them, but god are they intense :wink:


Quote from: Anonymouse on November 21, 2012, 13:26:37
I know by the way, that I'm well on my way, cause this pulsing/spinning sensations are happening constantly, and I know the key is to let them happen and get used to them, but god are they intense :wink:
I have some good news for you my friend, you are already there!  :-)


haha, you actually made me laugh a little bit  :-D


The spinning around IS intense, more than a rollercoaster ride. Lion is correct, you are out and need to attempt a translocation to a local safe place.
These spinning around feelings are the open door for me. I get them at random times and usually the timing is not where I get chance to use them. When the timing is correct the experience is excellent.
Do as you feel is working best for you and each time something new appears make the most of it. The mini dreams are the last part and after three or so you are primed enough to go into the NPR through interaction with a strong visualisation. The visualisation is not a mini dream. Its part of the state between them where you see the blackness form into a scene where you notice the sounds and scene in synchronicity.
You can control the process of generating the scene. A good one is seeing your safe place. Once you recognise this place demand clarity and you'll know you are there.
This is a gateway as you're out. Any thought from here will manifest so go where you desire and enjoy the experience.
You were through the door and didn't recognise it. It's so real you will think you're still physical, thoughts=action and thats what you'll experience. Think on somewhere you would like to go next time especially with the spinning sensations.
Let us know what you experienced.
Safe travels.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


 Since tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States, I was thinking about preparation for a hearty meal.
 Recipe for Success:
2 cups of Focus
1 tsp of Detachment
3 cups of Awareness
and a whole lot of Patience
Mix well, experiment often, log your results!  :-)


Yum! :)

I missed this article before. Very very nice!
Take to the sky, feeling so alive! Past the clouds to the Milky Way, share our secrets with the starry brigade. The stars surround us like a million fireflies. For once I see infinity... it's in your eyes.


Thanks for making it more clear szaxx. I've never tried visualizing a place as the spinninh comes but it does make sence/sense( not sure about he word but you get).

I'll keep you updated this evenning after my nap.

Ps: shouldn't thanks giving be an everyday thing? Except for the turkey  :-o


It tastes nicer and more people love the recipe, if you add a dash of strong intent. :-D

Miss the turkey, I suppose they'll gobble up all the food.
Ok on another attempt later. Hopefully you'll find things easier and more relaxed.

I'll bet you won't miss your dinner now you've found the recipe?
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


All right. 2 hours meditate (1 hour before, 1 hour after my nap).

Before: Mini dreams once again, but nothing changed in my blackness. Mini dreams all the way until my mind was too tired and I started to loose lucidity, so went to sleep thinking about OBE after waking up.

After: Woke up, drank some water and went back to bed. Mind very very awake, I lost perception of my body in not much, 15 minutes maybe. Still no visualizations, I did sense a difference though in a certain period of time where everything seemed different than any of the times before. Wasn't about the body, I could feel something very hard to explain, as if I could sense particles moving around in front of me, only that I couldn't exactly see them but feel them.

I know now, thinking back, that I was actually expecting something to appear in the middle of the blackness. That "let go, let it happen" is harder than it sounds :-P.

No spinning today. Got focused on my spot though, relaxing meditation as always and got out of bed fully rested.


The turkey knocked me off my butt into a nap... But I will try again later :) Maybe I'll have better luck because I wont be quite as tired. Happy travels everyone! :D
Take to the sky, feeling so alive! Past the clouds to the Milky Way, share our secrets with the starry brigade. The stars surround us like a million fireflies. For once I see infinity... it's in your eyes.


Here I go. Last night and evening.

I woke up at 7 am (had to wake up around 2 hours later than that, still natural clock is already used to wake up at 7). I decided to relax/meditate/OBE. I didn't have much time sadly, but the spinning came alone once again, I managed to stay focus, calmed, I increased the speed and remember Lionheart telling me to go up, so I did. I could feel the detachment, hard to explain. Was to aware of it and didn't manage to keep my focus. It really is hard, when YOU KNOW you're getting out (cause I know it 100%), to keep on going and not get excited  :-).

In the evening I had another experience, before my nap; I stayed there, and started to have this mini dreams...only that this one in particular was very real, and live. I was in a concrete floor, and I started to put this greenish grass on top of it, literally. The problem is that I was loosing consciousness, as I began to feel too tired to the point it was unstandable and decided to move to my side to get some sleep ( as soon as I changed posture, I realized what I was doing and laughed at my self for loosing it!  :roll: .

I think, the biggest issue I have is not fully keeping my attention away from my body. When I say fully I mean fully; the controlled breathing isn't really my thing, since the only thing it does is focusing even more in my breath, to the point it isn't natural and I can't forget about it.  All I do is lay there, focus in a spot (technique I'm trying now), and basically wait, still have to train my mind to not expect.

And I edit: I look back at each of my experiences, and keep expecting, once things I've been expecting start to happen I get excited of course cause of my expectation towards them. So yes, be passive is my next step. Let's see how it goes  :wink:


Hi Anon.
You should have no expectations. It's hard to do as each step you make you are making progress and this typically generates elation. This is an emotion and will stir things up a little. Let them settle and then continue. Its easy to say but if you csn just notice the progress as it happens then continue another step will follow. It's a natural progression of body and mind and you really have to learn to allow it to happen by itself. As you become familiar with the feelings that occur you can quickly get them in order and eventually they become second nature to you.
I bet you can already get a few of the initial stages over with already as your familiarity with them increases.
Keep going and you'll soon get the hang of it, this is what practice does. It makes each stage easy. Once familiar enough you'll get to a point each time you try in a couple of mins.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.