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Hey szaxx, and everyone around ;).

Wanted to update you on my last progress  

I'm still trying your way of getting out. Before and after each sleep, but also I've included a William Buhlman tip, which is to; right before falling asleep, tell my self "I'm out of body". So far, I've been doing this for 4 or 5 days, and in today's nap I woke in the middle of it with vibrations all over my body  :-D. But the strange thing is that I wasn't as wide awake as last vibrations, I was kind of tired (haven't slept much lately cause of busy life stuff). But still, vibrations came in, and I'm very happy to realize it.

Will keep telling you how it goes, I didn't get nervous or anything by the way, I think I was just too tired, I don't remember either what happened after the vibrations, maybe I got out but don't remember, who knows. Maybe I've fallen asleep.  

Safe travels everyone, best of days


Keep going. The affirmations you are using are a great help for many. These should be repeated daily, several times for a minimum of 21 days. This is the required time for them to be imprinted into the subconcious. Once imprinted, they can show up in your dreams too.
This can be a tool for gaining enough awareness to take control and an exit could be very successfully achieved in this way.
If you have anything at all recurring often in your dreams then the imprinting can be useful as an anchor. This gives you immediate awareness. Its a technique used that has as good an effect as stopping the dream in seconds, the same as it would a ship in the sea if dropped. Affirmations and strong intent can have an imprinting effect the intent can imprint with immediate effect.
This I've achieved by passively seeing something during the day and instantly creating a scene in the minds eye of what it would be like if astral. I'd effectively daydream myself in that spot and create all the associated feelings expected, emphasizing anything that applies.
This method is a very useful dream creation tool too. The intent needs to be as high as if your life depended on it.
It works and Im creating a post of a NPR within a castle from using it. The memory recall is second to none while lucid too.
Best of luck.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
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Hi All,
An interesting looong read courtesy of Frank Kepple is available with this link,

Its a Q and A thing and has some interesting points expanded from the first post here.
It's another's view and falls into perspective with this thread, especially of interest for those wanting more generalised info.
I've read half of it and have found everything to be clear and precise with no difficulty in interpretation.

Thank you to those who prepared it.
Respect to Frank wherever you are.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


Thanks Szaxx, great guide. Now one of threads I often return to, to refresh my memory on certain points.
Will read Franks Q and A next.  :-)
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The first time I ever had an AP, I was merely lucid dreaming and I became aware enough to imagine an actual window appear in the wall.

I, then, stared at the window and directed all of my energy into projecting out of the window. I was using it as a portal. And, outside, was just a grassy green meadow landscape.

I have found this method to be very successful thus far. If you ever become lucid, just find a portal into the astral. If there is no portal, just try to materialize one or picture yourself raising your vibrations and meditating into AP as you would in real life.

Plus, this method allows you to bypass the scary sleep paralysis and strong exit vibrations.

I did, however, feel a huge push and jolt, as if someone pushed me without me expecting it, and I whoooshed through the window like a bird. I consider this to be the point when I went from dream body to astral body. It, oddly enough, had the exact sensation of exiting your body in the physical world. Very physical feeling indeed and felt like there was lots of wind underneath me. My dream body felt like it was shed and I found myself wearing the nightie I had fallen asleep in that night. And, this astral body had an aura, while the dream body was clad in jeans and a plain t shirt and had no aura. Was such a great feeling. I recommend trying this out if you're ever able.  :-D


Creating the window to exit from is very clever. It has the obvious physical aspect and a way subconsciously suggesting as its not in this physical reality it's other side WILL be a non physical reality. We mostly get through a window easily.
Its better than drawing a door on a blank wall then trying to open it as I did eons ago. Doors can be locked and guess what happened on occasions of low awareness. I couldn't get outside of the room at all. Frustration gets you then you awaken to even more...
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


Thank you for an excellent article.

I just registered here to ask a question, if you differentiate between WILD and OBE/AP.

I have had about 50 WILDs and in some of them I enter via images/movies. But lately, most of them I enter via getting up or rolling out. How can I tell if I exited into a lucid dream or OBE/AP? Thank you.


 Hello and Welcome to the Astral Pulse!  :-)

The only difference between a Lucid Dream and a OBE/AP, is that with a OBE/AP you are completely 100% consciously aware during the entire thing and with Lucid Dreams you are awaking already in the Astral proper.

Here is a great video that explains this. Listen to the entire thing, it is filled with great information.


Thanks Lion, as a typical phase exit, have a read of my post down this page a little.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


Thank you guys for welcoming me and for the info. Watching the video now.

BTW, great site. I see myself finding a nice second home here. Happy travels.

spirited away

This is a great read and very well put together. thank you for the blueprint  :-P
Boom chika wow wow!


Hi Szaxx,

Hope you are doing well !! This is my first post here. Like you said, I am sharing my doubts on AP. Its been about 15 odd days since I have tried APing. I have neither been meditating nor doing any energy exercises (as described in Robert Bruce's Evolution) since 15 days. I wish to try APing now. Please advise on further notes.



The problem i have consistently faced in Aping is when I lie on my back and try being asleep, I just cant go anywhere close to being asleep because my mind is quite active and awake. and over time like say about 45 mins or an hour, i get really tired of feeling nothing and so I lie on my stomach (this is how I normally sleep every night) and try feeling sleepy and before I think that I should turn around and lie on my back again for thats how I have been told one could AP, i fall asleep.

Please advise.


It doesn't matter what way you lay in the slightest.

Alternatively.. start on your stomach.. then turn on your back and try if you feel it's important.


Darshan, please disregard anything that says "this is the only way". Lie in whatever position you like. Sit up if you wish.

It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
Mark Twain


I'll agree it can be done in any position. It's whats just comfy enough that counts.
I've PM'd Darshan and we're getting familiar at present. I'll find the easiest way first as a concious exit is the least successful to start with.
Soon we will start a topic where everyone can hopefully see the progress and interact.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


I share with you the quote to two posts on a topic on The Astral Pulse where I've shared some ideas that might provide additional help to those who read this topic to achieve what's mentioned in it.

Quote from: PhaPriSpa on February 13, 2017, 20:31:49

As I mentioned to Mr. Ryan Tasker, what's contained in his Great Book "My Astral Projection Truth - What Is Astral Projection And How To Do It!", listed as number 5 in the List, which he so Generously shared for FREE, the methods that he mentions in his book need to be combined (in my opinion and according to my experience) with the WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) methodology in order for them to work (at least for not so natural/easy Astral Projectors /Lucid Dreamers), as for what you'll read in Dr Rory Mac Sweeney's book the WBTB process produces/activates in a natural way in the Brain the chemical processes that are required for acquiring/triggering Lucidity during a normal Dream, which triggers the start of a Lucid Dream (/Astral Projection). This also applies to the instructions contained in the Topic "The Astral Blueprint" of The Astral Pulse forums.


Quote from: PhaPriSpa on February 13, 2017, 21:54:46

When performing the WBTB (Wake Back To Bed) method, is NOT necessary to stay awake for a long time (generally will take around 30 minutes or even less, depending if wanting to achieve a DILD Dream Initiated Lucid Dream or a WILD Wake Initiated Lucid Dream, and in some cases a little more as everybody is different, but it should be less than 1 hour as the body is supposedly tired as it's at the early morning and 2 or 3 more sleep cycles should be sleep), as the body and brain will fall asleep (in all cases even if a thread of consciousness/awareness seems to be present, but is not like that as the brain falls asleep as well as the body and only if it falls asleep after the body is that you hear your body snore but eventually the brain and mind gets asleep), and then, the Brain chemistry that has been activated by trying to keep slightly awake (during the return to sleep when you make an effort and try to keep a thread of consciousness that WILL eventually fall ASLEEP) and also for the time awaken during the WBTB (going to the bathroom, drinking a little of water, and reading a book with light low or in an electronic tablet with low light in the screen, but NEVER eating food and NEVER seeing Television and NEVER turning lights on as that affects the process) causes the sudden trigger/activation of awareness/lucidity/consciousness as a result of that brain chemistry being activated (but is important not activate it much Not to cause insomnia), as somehow the activation of the lucidity/awareness has been BY DESIGN tied to the brain chemistry functions that normally DRUG and turn off the Memory Functions when the body and brain are sleeping (and activate them when the body and brain are awake during waking activities) and that as a result of the WBTB method is "forced" into working in a different way by helping with the proper brain chemistry resultant of the WBTB to induce the trigger/activation of the Critical and Memory Functions of the brain causing/helping/assisting consciousness into acquiring/regaining Lucidity/Awareness. READ THE BOOKS as many of this it's explained in Detail in some of them. Below there is a link to some additional information and analysis regarding the WBTB method/process, as IT IS ONE OF THE MOST EFFECTIVE WAYS TO ACHIEVE LUCID DREAMING (ASTRAL PROJECTION) at night, and it's same logic applies to those who practice naps (at 2 or 3 PM when some REM cycles occur in the brain) with a certain amount of tiredness with the difference that there is not need to previous sleep as the REM cycles happening at that hour and the necessary tiredness help in the process (those who practice it that way are the ones who know it, I mostly know about the process at night with the WBTB and can confirm that IS EFFECTIVE/EFFICACIOUS, but must me mentioned that naps affect the WBTB when practiced in the same day/night as they alter the sleep cycles of that same night, but everyone should experience with that and find what works for each one).

WBTB - Wake Back To Bed - Some Ideas and Analysis;msg364868#msg364868


My best regards.

Pha Pri Spa (Phasing Primer Spanish/French)



I just read this Szaxx, don't know how I missed it. Excellent thread you started here and a great reminder for us folks short on recall. Thank you! Hugs, hope you are well.