The Steps to Success in your First Projections

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What you said reminded me of Robert Bruce's method of NO Visualisation which is based more on feeling than seeing:

I never considered hearing-based visualisation though. Sounds like a great idea. I'll definitely be trying this out soon.

Nardz Belen

I have just logged in as a new member, and the first item I read is the Centeno piece. As a beginner, I found it very enlightening. I am quite sure that I will be learning a lot not only from the above subject but also from other postings by other experienced members on astral projection or astral travel. Thanks a lot! Nardz Belen


What a great post!!!!! Wish I would have found this sooner! THIS IS WHAT I DID to get an exit! funny... still perfecting my exit.... but heard no sounds, no vibrations! I guess some do and some dont... A LOT OF VISUAL and melting yes! and just knew i could leave... it was just like you said... snapping back after a vision, i just kept going back to that state of vision to see what I would see next! hahahaha! then pop! now this post helps me perfect what i did... really didnt know! hahahaha! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!
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Contenteo, thanks for your input, it is quite helpful. I just have two questions for you. How often do you manage to project? And second, how much time does it take you to visualize in order to "get out"? I am just looking for some estimate here. The reason I ask is because I am getting way better with visualizing everyday, I can actually "see" and hold my focus on the image for longer than 30 seconds. But I still have not had an OBE in this way and I am wondering if I am "throwing the tower" too early.
Today I woke up after 6 hours of sleep, stayed up for 30 minutes and then layed down for an attempt. I listened to hemi-sync for 20 minutes in order to relax better, and then started visualizing. I thought I was doing very good, but nothing really happened and I decided to quit. I looked at the clock and I have been actively visualizing for 20 minutes - not enough?


Awesome question, thank you, I wanted to add somethings and this is a great opportunity to do that as your question fits right along.

The Philosophy of Opportunity
Over the past months, I have come to adopt a philosophy of "opportunity" pertaining to astral projection. When I started, it was all so new and amazing I was obsessed with achieving the astral state. Getting there was my goal. However, once you get there; the softness, the awe that you feel, and the comfort allows you to be a peace with yourself and your existence. The easiest way to explain it is that once you get there(and you have to get there first, or else I sound loony right now), you immediately realize that this phenomenon of projection is pretty much that 'secret' journey that will help you understand the meaning of existance. And as the scope of this journey will extend beyond your life, there is no reason to rush is, but to rather try to understand it to its fullest. The beauty that we seemed to have dubbed PUL (Pure Unconditional Love) is a life-changer. Why do you think so many people go 'crazy' when they have one of these experiences. (on a side not: Your social life depends on you not losing your wits, so please, be scientific and stay sane. :wink: I can't stress that enough.) When you feel PUL, you will understand what you have just discovered is a journey in which you should not rush or force. This is why I have contently assumed with a life of opportunity, a life where you project when the opportunity presents itself. My best projections to date, have all been from simply going with the flow. Not one forced attempt has had the same effectiveness, although I am getting closer, but that is the beauty of a journey that truly takes a physical lifetime.

The Gossip
Since I am pretty sure you are really asking me about the juicies, I'll take an intermission to tell you. To date, I have projected about 3-full times since day after I wrote this post. Remember though, my practice regiment has changed though. As I said my goal was to project before going to bed every night, prime opportunity time. That is when I practice. Two of the three of my successful attempts however were similar attempts when I got the "screw it I am going back to bed" feeling and just took a nap. The other one was a really fuzzy yet unmistakable WILD to projection through sleep. However, my dream-life (if i can call it that) has been incredible, I dream long vivid dreams every night, no exceptions. In fact, most of the time I don't even want to get up. Lucid dreams and sections of lucidity(control) have been scattered throughout these experiences.

In summery, it is not how many times you project, but your enjoyment of the process. So relax and stop "forcing." It is being at peace with the nature of this system which will make you most successful in the end.

How Long Does Visualizing Take?
I could not give you an exact measure. Really. They call F15 the no-time zone for a reason. You know when you start, but when you finish you are in the astral. You can't really measure a length when you only got one point. When I screw up, I realize that anywhere from 20-60 minutes have passed, but then you have to subtract time entering F10 from that, which can vary greatly too.

The importance of the putting your physical body to sleep
Let's talk about those first annoying 10-30 minutes or so. Honestly, it takes an annoying long while to get to a proper F10/F12. Putting your body asleep may be so new for you, that your definition of asleep is not a adept's definition. Personally, Waiting for F12 to set it (that is when your body goes numb and you hit the Novocaine state so you can focus(well, not focus) on other senses if my least favorite part. As much as I would love to act like a selfless guru on the subject, I have to tell you that waiting that first 20 minutes has become painstakingly mundane. At shortest, I would say I have achieved a solid matureNovocaine state is around 10 minutes, but there has been times when it has been 30 minutes or longer. To be effective with you visualizations, you really have to let your body completely fall asleep.

Tips on getting to Novocaine quicker
Usually I'll be taking deep breaths, at this time, I have found recalling the memories of being hypnotized back in high school is really effective. I will "notice" and think about life to pass the time. You really just got to sit in your consciousness for a long while. During this time, visualizing may help get there quicker (remember visualizing is just a way to passively disconnect yourself, there are other way to passively disconnect yourself, like focusing on an 'OHM' or phrase) but you are jumping' the gun on you F15 transition. Although it could work, save the 'big guns' (visualizing) until you teeth really fall asleep. Then visualize. Keep disconnecting until you feel that melting, then just keep riding the that wave into the astral and try not to freak out(which is easier then it sounds).

For rangestormer

I have 3 comments for you.
QuoteToday I woke up after 6 hours of sleep, stayed up for 30 minutes and then layed down for an attempt.
When you are new, you don't get to choose when you lay down for an attempt. You have to wait until your body says, "Yo dude, we really should go back and take a nap, I don't wanna be awake." That's when you lay down to project. I think that's just the hard knocks.

QuoteI listened to hemi-sync for 20 minutes in order to relax better
Don't use hemi-sync when you attempt this methodology. I have tried it and it screws me up every time.

QuoteI have been actively visualizing for 20 minutes
Active visualization is a create way to start, but your goal is to let you body take over and passively visualize. Let your thoughts flit and flutter and when random thoughts start messing with your 'visuals', just let them and keep going, eventually they will completely take over. And its the case in which you don't realize that they have taken over when you will be successful.

All and all

What is important though is that you do the first step correctly. If you reach a nice strong Novocaine state, the visualizing should be a breeze. Don't forget, when you start visualizing over and over, you are going to go into kinda of a drowsy stupor; where you really couldn't place a finger on what is going on. It is akin to those power naps with crazy dreams that seem like an hour but only 20 minutes passes. I think your problem range is in your achievement of a nice strong F10-F12 state. If you can maintain 30 second visualizations to start, you should be a powerhouse at the next step, just remember to let your body eventually take over.


Contenteo what an awesome post! :-D  Thanks for seriously taking the time to share all of that!! You're very articulate and break it down perfectly. I am new to this and have yet to project but last night I started actually seeing images. I was completely relaxed and felt my body start to have these sensations they felt good cant explain it really and then I remember seeing my niece and my dog knock over some juice in the kitchen. I ended up getting frustrated with this attempt however despite feeling great I started sweating I felt so hot and it was freezing in my room and my eyes were twitching too much like they wanted to open. Thanks again for sharing. I will be looking forward to your future posts :)
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Thanks again for another great post, Cententeo. Your advice is spot on. The other day I got very relaxed and tried to just let my mind run with whatever random images that came to mind (like you were watching a rapid montage of unrelated television scenes).

I had results very quickly: felt my body fade away as the visuals became more immersive. Unfortunately I had a bad cold and it kept me from progressing.


Thank you both for your kind words.

Stellina - Welcome to projection. Yeah, it feels good. There have been some attempts where I have just sat on the "edge" bathed in those sensations. For a lack of a better english word, it is orgasmic. But I guess that is to be expected from intense brain stimulation.
Your senses are going to do that to you as you get deeper. What I like to think about in those scenarios of noises and distractions is simply what our nervous system is, simply a system of perceiving information. This helps me logically disconnect from those sensory feelings, as I then realize they are simply dragging me back to the physical. They are still really annoying though.

Blu- Spot on, I like the analogy. I have found that rather then knowingly perceive I am experiencing random television scenes, attempt to live one in one. By this I mean, lock onto what is happening in one of them and start using metaphysical imagery. For instance, right now, close you eye's and imagine you are juggling a hacky-sack or soccer ball. Do you see how you created the arcs the object takes in your brain. You might even feel like you are getting pulled "into the back of your brain" slightly when you try this. That is the feeling we are shooting for. Just lock onto one of those television images and use that tactic. Sorry bout the cold, hope you feel better.



I still burst out laughing everytime I think of "a lady dancing in a hotdog suit".  :-D



thanks dude for the instructions and it's similar to what i'm currently doing - with varying levels of mild success. (never fully projected into the astral, only real time zone) I've had the numb lips and mouth sensation many times, but never known what to do about it and now i've got a clear instruction on what to do next.

Thanks again. 


Big ups from a newb! This is a treasure house of information and knowledge put neatly into words so even I can understand :-D i was just posting in another thread that i dont have it in me to maintain an image in my consciousness for long and that i would rather just focus on my breath, but after reading this post i must say im convinced otherwise. Im very good with daydreaming having practices shamanic drum journeying for several years and i see now i can use my experience in this work!

So just to be sure i get your approach:
1. Get out of bed after 4-6 hours of sleep and wait for the 'thats it, im going to bed' feeling.
2. Lay down in projection spot, not bed, and relax. Dont move!
3. Wait for novacaine milestone(amazing!)
4. Visualize or daydream. Keep visualizing no matter what i feel or experience.
5. Projection will occur naturally.

Hope thats it, if not i need to edit this post :wink:
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Chris Ditfort

Awesome Advice, I'm too just learning how to Astral Project.


To Contenteo

  You said two times about WILD's, are not WILD's and AP's a different thing?
  I myself have had many time Lucid Dreams (in the middle of my sleep) not a WILD's and from what I have read WILD's are just Lucid Dreams in which you enter from a conscious state...In other words WILD's are dream in which you don't lose consciousness am I not right? Is not Astral Projection a different state of consciousness or is it same as in WILD's and LD's?

Quote from: Contenteo on June 16, 2011, 03:43:23
A full WILD actually takes a while to complete the actual phasing process.


ShaMagus - Excellent reduction into concise terms. I just can't stress enough  how important a full fledged Novocaine is to success and alongside that how much I understand it is remarkably annoying to get there. Astronauts must feel the same way. Strapping in to launch off into space, but having to sit in their seats for hours and hours and hours before they get their chance. Some nights I don't attempt just because I don't feel like waiting, but the times I do, I am always met with success.

Chris Ditfort - Congrats. I like to think of Astral Projection is a lifestyle. It is not something you can achieve once and forget about. It's like what Leonardo Davinci said about flight. "When once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

In my personal opinion, I have found there to be one universe duality separate from our physical reality. Some call it the dreamland, others heaven, others consciousness, etc. There is a definitive set of rules that are equal and opposite of this realm's laws of physics. For example, intent instantly manifests itself. One defines life itself is the ability to possess consciousness on this physical plane, and a "centralized point of being" on the other(one part of each).
Our attempts in meditation, APing, WILDS, NDEs, and the like are all different ways we can experience this other duality. It is much like the blind men and elephant parable.  So think of Astral Projection as a nice umbrella term for "phasing" over to this other duality. WILDs and LD's are just different paths in exploring the same phenomenon. You can get there all sorts of ways. Here, I will post one of my old models of the Astral that helped me earlier this year in another thread. Happy New Year.



This sounds like what happens to me i started like a week ago, and ive been doing them at night before going to bed- now i get to the point im not sure but i think F12? ( i feel like mind blowned), and i automatacally daydream or visualize it does it naturalally that i dont even have to try but i feeel like my body is shrinking or the world (some wierd forest place) growing heaps big like im an ant. But then it fades out and i lose the feeling, and if try keep focusing on that but sometimes i feel it again or it just stops and im back to my body and hearing my heart beat and breathing and im kinda sweaty aswell.
It also happened once in the early morning 4 or 5? stayed for like 40mins reading about what i should do next. THen head to bed and got that err F12..state, and then same thing i cant keep that daydream or visualization long. !


This is really helpful, I will do that the next time I get the chance.
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I love this! I always start think about breathing then get fusterated when i cant stop, so after readimg this i csn now understand what to do! Thank You so much for this! By the way i dont realy understand what F15 and the other F's are could you explain them the best you can? Thanks again!


No Problem Dark, I am glad I could help.

This guide was meant to cover the early stages, but I guess going over the next couple couldn't hurt. F3/F10/F12/F15/F18, etc. are non consecutive placeholders to understand repeatable mental states as you disconnect yourself from the physical. All language has context and all context has bias, so to reduce bias, this non-descriptive placeholder system works best. These were proposed by the pioneer in the field, Robert Monroe. To respect the bold adventurer and his hard work, I use his system of describing a phase. For the earlier stages of the astral, this sequence works rather brilliantly.

Once you get to F12(understanding these stages well is a must, so go do it now if you haven't already), you should have a nice Novocaine state going, your body should be distant, and you should be experiencing what I can only describe as black "Vastness." A very mature F12 state will have you past the breathing problems(the worst of it :|, it even plagues me now, so don't expect it to magically go away when you get better, you getting better makes it easier to cope with) and if you did repeated visualizations correctly you will have progressed into F15 without even being aware you did so. This is because I found F15 sets in when you are really engrossed in a metaphysical visualization.

Known as the "No Time Zone", F15 was the most elusive for me to understand as a young projector. You know you hit the early stages of F15 when you start getting those sinking into the bed feelings. These are the exact same feelings you get when coming out of a falling dream. If you ever stop to analyze an F15 feeling from the inside, you will realize you have no idea what time it is, nor how long you have been attempting visualization. In the moment, this falling/sinking/melting can seem to go on forever, but on waking, you will find very little time has passed, nor sure how long you were exactly in that falling state for. Hence, this where I believe the name arises.

At this point, it is weird in a way, because you know where you are, you are falling into your consciousness in your bed/couch/wherever. You can talk to yourself while in there kind of focus on other things(although not recommended for achieving a phase, understanding this stage is more important than you might think). If you start thinking of breathing again you may realign yourself with the physical by accident in this phase. You WILL realize you are not breathing and for the first time (Congrats!) in a state which your body also seems cool with the notion.  So rather, if you recognize this stage, do what hypnotist's do, keep saying, "Deeper, and deeper, and deeper..." over and over again in your head and focus on the falling.

Now, a state having such attributes, as you would expect, feels like a transition stage. In many ways it is. The next Focus of mind is much more stable.

AKA 3-D blackness (which is confusing because people confuse it with the vastness in F12, I did when I started), AKA The White Room/Light (which is confusing because it is both black and white, I would say more white :wink:) is the last limbo state we can define concisely before you project. There is no next verifiable step except projection. So congratulations when you first get here  :-D. I have a gut feeling this is the stage people are talking about when they have a near death experience and they are saying "Walk towards the light," etc. I have read a lot about people calling this the 'transition zone'

You will know when you get here, because it feels great. It feels like there is a gentle breeze all around you. I like to say you are at PUL(Pure Unconditional Love)'s Doorstep. It is bathing you in vibrations and feelings of ecstasy. No wonder Monks train to come and hang out in this state, because given you can get back there on a regular basis, it could very well become addictive. From this state, you then focus on your "Crown Chakra" to project. I think this is what people are talking about when the say they are getting pulled upwards. Its not gravity's up, it's the top of your head's UP.
It is my opinion that many people try to pull the trigger prematurely in the early F12 stages. It's like the gun's chamber still has gas in it, or not enough gunpowder and the whole mechanism gets jammed and stalls. So this is where you are going to want to get before you start doing all that energy focusing stuff so many "pros" talk about. Don't worry, it will be like you are sitting in this room, and you can feel how "energy" works much better. Given you can weather the intense sensations that happen during the actual "phase," and I have to reiterate, they are damn intense, you have made it. Home Run. So when the phase occurs, the breeze will become more violent, you will start to hear a loud buzz, and you will feel like you are getting pulled out the top of your head. Frank called this the "cannonball" exit. Quite appropriate. You are the one focusing all your energy there and making it happen so simply hang on to this self created force, and try not to analyze it too much. Just let it happen.

From here, the F12,F15,F18 sequential path changes in a way, because there is a lot of places you can end up depending on how you exactly exited in the process, But these are all conversations for another day.

Note: Anything above F15, but below, F21, as far as I have read, is pretty scattered in definition and consensus. I mean it is beyond the place with no time(F15), but before, a composed esoteric subjective adventure(F21). Put that way, I think one can understand why widespread concensus is difficult.  :-P

A Final Metaphor

Think of entire Phase like attempting to pop a balloon by pushing down on it against the floor. If you deviate and attempt to control the push, it wobbles all over. You have to keep starting over. However, if you attempt this with a sharp intent and directed energy and simply gain well placed momentum from a well placed understanding of the dynamics of this particular balloon, your task will feel like a cinch. When you phase for the first time, it will be like this. You will be confused why you thought it was ever so hard to begin with. A good understanding of what is going on, gained through practice with true intents, with good timing for your initial projections and, yes, a little luck, will give you everything you need to achieve your goal.

I wish you the best on your travels, as one day you will realize it is the traveling, not the destination, that matters most in adding projection to your lifestyle.



Excellent message. I hope that others can use it to experience what I believe it going to be a quantum shift in all our consciousness and a leap in evolutionl. The sooner the better!


WoW I am sooooo greatful for that post,I was getting realy frustrated at the fact that I wasn't doing it right but its just what I need thank you thank you soooo much
With best regards
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great thread Contenteo, nicely thought out and explained. Very helpful stuff  :-)


veeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy helpful.............tried it today didn't successfully project but............i completely lost track of time and meditated for about an hour for the first time in my life!!!!!!!!!! :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D :-D...............thing is when the ringing and vibrations start i find it hard to keep visualizing and i am drawn to my breathing and my body which i immediately remember that i wasnt in charge of my breathing since my visualization process and i have to start over again .is there something im missing with the vibrations and ringing what do i have to d to keep this going naturally and successfully project .........i am aware of not looking for IT and letting the natural process occur but i want to be sure if i am doing every thing right .


((((((((((vibing))))))))) reading this right now. a few weeks back i was trying to ap and my mind started to wonder and i started to play out little stories i was like stop it and relax guess i was relaxing. dont know how many times i have had this happen and i have bee like what are you doing but guess i was being a drug dog like someone said. going to try this for the next few days hopefully il make it out.
just my opinion on the issue to me it is fact to you it is only a possibility? just saying think about it.


I tried this early this morning, got up went back to bed, went to f12, created a falling sensation, and the vibrations came,I
kept calm and tried the visual thing, but they faded , I'll keep trying this though very excited at this progress,