06-23-2007 - Jane Shirley Schroeder

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David Warner

Date: 06-23-2007
Time: 11:30 AM – 11:59 AM
Subject: Jane Shirley Schroeder

Author:  David A. Warner
© Copyright 2007

OBE Journal (Synchronicity, Coincidence)

My wife Katie and I traveled to this auction in Nunica, Michigan. She bided on a few items and won in which we had to pick-up.

This auction was an estate sale of someone's belongings. Many items were new but mostly old, roughly around 1940 - 1970s.

I was checking out the different items being auctioned and came across an old 1951 University of Michigan College diploma. The name on the diploma read "Jane Shirley Schroeder".

Next to the diploma were college / high school photograph year books. I decided to pick-up the one year book, fanning the pages with my thumb without paying any attention.

The first page that I arrived at was Jane Shirley Schroeder's graduate photo. The book was in mint condition, no creases, roughly around 200-300 glossy black and white pages. I decided to open the book a few more times to see if I could repeat the same coincidence but failed.

Interesting Facts:

•   The book was in mint condition, no creases to be found where it would open     
   to the exact page of Jane Shirley Schroeder.

•   Validations, Synchronicities, Coincidences are steady on a monthly basis's
   especially in June 2007.

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