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How would one browse the akashic records using a computer, is there an app or tool for this, like an akashic browser may be?
Could someone please pull my astral body out of my physical body? I feel like I am stuck here... Also I am not a big fan of jumpscares, so please be gentle :P



Quote from: fatfooty on July 17, 2021, 08:54:24
How would one browse the akashic records using a computer, is there an app or tool for this, like an akashic browser may be?
The irony being here that I had to use Google to find my own link to my article on akashic records!  :)
Thank you for the suggestion, Nameless!  :D


QuoteWhat most people have to realize is that the "akashic records" isn't a place... it actually isn't any "THING" at all. It's not a "place" which you "go to". It's more akin to a huge database which collects and records data. Consider it a record of everything that HAS happened and everything that COULD HAVE happened... along with a potential for anything that COULD happen in the future. But mostly the first two things, because those are the more concrete things which can be recorded.

First off, remember... everything is consciousness... and that means YOU ARE PART OF CONSCIOUSNESS TOO! As such, this means that you always, at anytime, have direct access (although it might not seem that way at times) to it. All you need to do is learn to listen to it.

Through our non-physical experiences (what humans subjectively call a "dream", "lucid dream" or "astral projection", or any of the various other labels we use -> because, meh, they're all the same thing anyway) we have more direct access to this information. While we're experiencing this physical reality, we DO have direct access to it as well, but it's only accessible through the same filters which our consciousness currently experiences this physical reality through. Meaning, you have to put up with all the interpretations and snap judgments your consciousness makes on a secondly basis. So, how do you go about to do this?

FIRST, you meditate... focus your mind. Unless, that is, you're a person who is always in a focused state of mind... then you can kind of just shift your attention towards that focus.
But let's face it, most people are absent minded these days. So, meditate... focus your mind for a few minutes... push away as much physical-ness from your awareness as you can. THEN, ask your question. Say it out loud... think it... do whatever you want... just make sure the Intent behind your question is strong and with a powerful purpose. THEN, sit back and wait for an answer.

This is the most important part of this process... your answer will most likely *NOT* be something verbal. Don't get me wrong, it COULD come to you in a neatly verbal reply which you "hear", but it probably won't. As such, you need to listen intently to your body. The answer could come as a change in temperature... a breeze... it could be in the form of a memory popping into your mind... the point here being, remain COMPLETELY OPEN to *HOW* the answer comes to you. Don't judge it, don't analyze it, just accept it into yourself, however it comes.

That's how you access this stuff while "physical". This can be used to do more than just gaining access to the Akashic Records, or contacting your Spirit Guides... you can do anything you want with this really. Speak with your Higher Self, talk to other people's Higher Selves... contact animal guides... your subconscious... anything. Keep in mind though, that all of those things are, pretty much, the same thing anyway.