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Astral Intentions?

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I know there are a lot of you out there who have been experiencing AT for a long time.  What are some important intentions to possibly have?  I have heard on many intentions that one SHOULD meet their spirit guide/guides.  Do you set an intention for this or is this something that will happen when the time comes?  When most of you set your intentions is it the intention to HAVE a oobe/at?  My intentions for a long time were to TRY to contact a passed away relative.  This has not happened yet even though I have had about a dozen oob's and 2 or so AP's.  Any advice or anything you guys who have EXPERIENCE with this care to comment?


You should definitely contact your guide, if you can. Your guide could potentially be your teacher, and obviously, a guide. Another good intention to have is to always learn something new, and be curious. Keep in mind though, this is just my opinion. Your intentions should really be whatever it is that YOU want them to be. They should be how YOU want to live your life. Asking someone what YOUR intentions should be is like asking them to tell you how to live your life.