Can someone help a confused newbie?

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So I've been at the Gateway tapes for several months. On a few tapes beyond Focus 12. Then the Frank K guide lands on a subreddit post and I'm very curious.

Unfortunately, I'm very very confused. What exactly should I be doing? He says most of gateway is simply a "commercial exercise"?

Do I do:

Focus 10
Focus 12
Then try his "peel a potato thing"?

Any concrete instructions I could get would be greatly appreciated.



Well you've got me on the "what do I do."

If you are new to the practice I would just lay myself down in a comfortable position, close my eyes and go in. Keep your attention into the blackness in front of your closed eyes and pay attention to the fact that you are breathing. --for as long as you can. Notice. When you get back ( ie: when your session ends ) LOG EVERYTHING ABOUT IT. After you do this for long enough you will have material enough of your own to begin seeing patterns and perhaps associations with what some others are describing. The really important thing is to practice regularly enough and to make the logs. I am not sure this will help, but there it is.

Hello, btw, welcome to the board. ( dive in deep  :-) )


Hi thereallocuro!

Welcome to the Astral Pulse.  :)

What I'd suggest is to just simply find a technique or method which resonates with you and give it a try for a few weeks.  Then when you've got some questions, pop back and ask.

And work on meditation - that's the foundation upon which everything else is built. :)


Besides the good advice already given, I will add this:

Do Gateway or do Frank's method. Or combine both. But do not use one method to question another- this only leads to needless confusion and endless debate.

Both methods can work; what works for YOU, you will have to discover for yourself. That is the only way.

Regarding the Gateway tapes- Like you have been told, practice regularly and take notes in detail. Understand that each Focus level is just a target, but describes a spectrum of you find yourself in a high Focus 10 or a low Focus 10, a high Focus 12 or a low Focus 12...or anywhere in between within each Focus. So, the notes you are looking to record can be very subtle indicators of where in each Focus spectrum you are. Are you relaxed in F10, but your body not feeling fully asleep? Okay, that's maybe a low F10. Does F12 feel like F10, but somehow different? What is that difference? Maybe a little deeper awareness? Maybe your arms or legs tingle or grow warm in one Focus but not the other, fine write it down. Maybe you hear buzzing or dim voices, or see flashes of color in one Focus exercise, write it down. Do not disregard any of it. Like mentioned, you are building a sensory vocabulary of the energetic information you are encountering, your own personal energy language which will grow and become more useful over time.

Another aspect of the Gateway tapes is the amount of time you can expose yourself to the Hemi-Sync, the more the better. One session every day is probably better than three sessions in one day and nothing more for a week. Ideally, if you can do a session a day and then on a weekend or day off, do three sessions back to back to back- like the FreeFlow F10 followed by a scripted F10 followed by a scripted F12.

When you have worked into F15, a really cool 3 in a row is to do back to back to back-

FreeFlow F10
FreeFlow F12
FreeFlow F15

And pay close attention to the subtle differences between these Focus levels. The more regular and extended exposure to the Hemi-Sync will build your flexibility and  intuitive understanding of your awareness within these deeper spectrums of consciousness.

This is what makes a weeklong trip to a Monroe retreat so powerful- for 5 days and 6 nights you are immersed in Hemi-Sync for three sessions every morning and three or four sessions every afternoon. Even with this maximum exposure, it can still take one, two or three days for participants to "get up to speed" and begin experiencing what the Focus levels can offer, myself included. So, consistent exposure is very beneficial.

We don't all have the time or money to spend a week at Monroe, so we have to work effectively with what we do have.
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 Just to add a bit to this conversation that is already filled with a ton of useful information that is shared by all those "in the know" here. I found while reading both Monroe's and Frank's fantastic material was that both of them knew the "feel" of the Focus areas that they spoke of. That is why I began utilizing Binaural Beats and Isochronic tones years ago. At first, I used them when I attempted to project/Phase. After a while, I found that they were great to listen to just when you have a few moments to relax. I learned through the different brain waves or should I say "frequencies" what each individually one felt like. I found that to be extremely important in the Art of Phasing. Knowing how each brain wave, Alpha. Beta, Delta and even Theta felt like, aided me in realizing where I currently was in my process/session.
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thanks for being new
((me, too

so much reading here

it's quite awesome

a bit confusing, yes

traveling happens, sometimes when we least expect ..
and that's where I mess up.. I indulge myself in 'expect' 

when I leave behind the expectations of flight,
my mind lets go the tethers, the anticipation,
the frisson of fright.. yes, those spooky chills

the lift softly happens
a vibration begins
when I allow it

now, setting intent is easier

thanks again for being new