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Darn you FA! I thought I ate breakfast!

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I've been staying the past few nights in hotels while traveling Japan and this funny bit happened this morning. My hubby woke me for breakfast and I wasn't hungry so I stayed laying down to fall back asleep. But I didn't lose consciousness to my knowledge. (instead I went straight into a false awakening. But my hubby actually had woken me up to go to breakfast in the physical.). I heard him getting ready and I eventually changed my mind. I got up to go with him and stayed in my PJs. He had already gone down, but I wanted to tell him to get me something. I got there and stood with him in line. Some people speaking Japanese cut in front of us, but we just kind of nudged back in front of them. Breakfast wasn't very impressive, but not bad. I started heading back to the room and I woke up for real. Ugh... He had gone back to sleep too and neither of us went to breakfast. I even asked him. Darn you false awakening!!!! Had me wandering around the hotel! haha!

As soon as my head hit the pillow again, I phased right into a dream, though the detail was astounding and used a "template" of the surrounding area outside as well as the hotel. It actually even stared right where the false awakening left off, but now it was much more dream like in elements. Back at the hotel room, I discovered my hubby had a secret base where he had a TV station. He was sending the signal into a country that was brainwashed and had the truth of the world hidden from them. Sounds a bit like North Korea, no? Which he has an unnatural fascination with coincidentally. However, on the screen it displayed Japanese characters. One of the random bits of conversation was that he was playing a segment about the conspiracy of Lennon's death at the moment. I didn't even know there was a conspiracy about it, but I guess there can be a conspiracy for everything. I was really worried for him and at one point people tried to break in. I changed into a Renaissance type outfit because there was a costume party outside (run by my old high school?). Oh well, I went out and recognized some people. However the costume party was like... all poodle skirts. A good "friend" there I didn't recognize. Well, I did in the dream, but not outside the dream. He was blonde and wasn't fat, but a bit heavyset, especially in the chin/neck. He was also a cross dresser. Pulled off the dress quite well, too. I felt kind of out of place in what I was wearing, but he told me that I looked stunning. Really? haha! I felt ridiculous. There were tents out for the festival kind of thing complete with carnival games. At one point I was sitting in a tent chatting with a few people I knew. Someone told me that my elf ears looked cute with my costume and asked if I got them at a ren fair. What? I wasn't wearing ears. I felt them and they were long, reacting with my emotions and such. It seems I haven't gotten over my spontaneous form changing that's been going on recently. I knew what was going on and started freaking out a little. I made up an excuse and started making my way back to my hotel room. I came across my "friend" and he waved me to join him. I told him it was an emergency and had to go. He asked what was wrong out of concern and I couldn't say. Seriously... These experiences just keep getting clearer and clearer. Not just visuals, but I am remembering physical sensations in full detail. Feeling my tail under the dress, my teeth and nails, the awkward moments when it's kind of hard to walk. There were people in the hallway when I got to the hotel. There wasn't really too much hiding a this point. I ran... no, actually I bounded. Running on all fours down the hallway, even making rebounds off the walls. Freaking cool feeling. I made it to the hotel room and I was panting from the run. I entered and my "friend" was there. Yeah, I was a bit confused how he go there that fast. He was trying to get me to tell him what was wrong. At least I had on a long dress. I'm not sure what went on with my wings. I didn't really notice them or think about them until a bit later. I apologized that I couldn't tell him and as we talked, I carefully threw on some jeans under my dress. Usually I don't remember clothes at all... so that alone was pretty wild. Maybe I didn't want to fly in a dress... Don't judge me. :P I was eyeing the window during this (which was exactly like the physical one). No screen and 16 floors up. Big enough to jump through. The funny thing... I couldn't pull my pants all the ay up because of my tail. Der... Then I made a break for the window and it freaked him out. I opened it and jumped out, spreading my wings to fly. Yup... Then I woke up. At least I wasn't sleep walking.
Take to the sky, feeling so alive! Past the clouds to the Milky Way, share our secrets with the starry brigade. The stars surround us like a million fireflies. For once I see infinity... it's in your eyes.


Wow! Haha nice one Fox! You really have a some wild experiences, You no there is a conspiracy about Lennons death apparently he started to expose the illuminati so he got shanked, along with the rest of them who have tried. 

Hey whats with always changing into a fox? I don't understand.. Do you really want to be a fox deep down or did this just start happening in the NP one time ..?   :?


I looked up the Lennon thing after waking up. I probably heard it in passing before, but it's still neat when little things pop up like that.

In this experience and most of my experiences unless specified, I'm not a fox. It's actually kind of uncommon, but it is a pattern nonetheless. My usual form which I have taken in a majority of my dreams for as long as I remember is this: ...

All my spontaneous "oh crap I'm changing" moments I've been sharing are into that form or I just am for the duration of the whole experience. Kinda weird... And for the longest time I never shared for that very reason, but I figure meh... why not. There's probably some people out there as confused as myself about it. The best way I can describe it is living in two places at the same time. I've grown up there as well as I've grown up here. Learned to fly and all that. I really wouldn't have it any other way because that form is just as real to me as my physical one.

As for the fox thing, I've gone through phases of being different creatures, some spontaneous, some consistent for some time. I was a dragon for a while which was cool. Then wolf for a while. Then I was a red fox. I think is had something to do with want in all the cases to some extent. Especially through high school, I found others that took other forms in their dreams and wanted so bad to fit in. (I tried sharing my usual form one time and I got bad vibes of "that's weird" so I kept it to myself and shared my animal experiences). Then I let go of the wants because I wanted to observe. See what happened. Rather than always trying to directly influence myself. That's when I started having random experiences finding myself as a black fox. Sometimes it follows right along with kitsune legends which is always fun. I'm a sucker for them.

I probably subconsciously manifest them, but at least at this point I don't TRY to change my form if that makes sense. It just happens. It was probably my belief that changing forms was extremely common that made it effortless, haha!

So do I really WANT to be a fox? Not really. It just happens and I don't complain, hehe.
Take to the sky, feeling so alive! Past the clouds to the Milky Way, share our secrets with the starry brigade. The stars surround us like a million fireflies. For once I see infinity... it's in your eyes.


I am quite jealous, I wish i took on different forms, I would love to be an animal of some sort, Like a huge hippopotmous Stomping around! lol

Ill have to experiment with trying to change form, Not sure how it easy it will be for me tho..

And share for sure, Its not weird.. Nothings weird here. I think its very cool. :)