Date:October 02, 2008-Video Experiment 1 Take 7

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David Warner

Date: October 02, 2008
Time:  8:56 AM – 10:09 AM
Subject: Experiment 1 Take 7

Author:David A. Warner
© Copyright 2008

Video Can Be Viewed here:
Video Link:

This is a short brief description of video experiment, recording my physical body during the out-of-body experience.

Video Cameras
XV6700 HTX Pocket PC
Sharp VL-AH50 View Cam Hi8
Sony DCR-SR80

Type: Dream to OBE and False Awakening

Body Temp Begin: 97 degrees
Body Temp End: 97.6 degrees

Room Temp Begin: 69 degrees
Room Temp End: 70 degrees

OBE Bullet Points

Saw dads best friend "Big john" in casket and daughter during the dream
which awakened me became conscious and entered the mind awake body asleep

Big John passed away on July 20th-2010.

Knew when I was in trance, kept calm, relaxed and deepened the
state. Also knew I was video taping.

Rolled around on the water and excited the body. Felt vibrations

Used mouth during the OBE hoping cams would pick up me murmuring making

Found myself in the physical bedroom where I currently reside in
Jenison, MI - not my parents home

Went threw bedroom door, upstairs and outside front door.
Door started shutting and willed the door to not lock me in. Made it through
Daylight outside, saw everything w/o any discrepancies. Felt as if it was late March

Saw bluebird on the tree - big fat in physique
Dreary day with cloud coverage.
Jumped into air and transcending and lost consciousness.

Quickly took my temp and verify room temp

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Interesting experience. I would like some more info, for example some more detailed description of the surroundings, if any more people were present, what lighting it was, how close to feeling real (closeness to the feeling of reality in the LD)?

I would also like to know exactly when the dream became lucid, and also when you physically waked up because that's not clear to me from the OBE points.

It would also be interesting to know if the Focus Level was something different than F 22 during the LD, but I guess that would require access to TMI's definition of the brain wave patterns for F 22 as well as you being connected to EEG.
Former PauliEffect (got lost on server crash),

David Warner

did you watch the whole video and pause at different spots for the detailed descriptions?
did you visit my web site and download the audio journal?

probably not, but that is okay..

click on the video link to the youtube video, everything is 100% documented. also, visit my site and you can
access the audio journal.

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Ok, I didn't visit your web site. Will do that now.

Edit: ehh... I think the web address is misspelled, it lacks an 'l'.
Former PauliEffect (got lost on server crash),

David Warner

i edited the document and added a few things to it, make it a little clearer.

web address is corrected as well.

enjoy the video,

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I havent seen the video.  Im just wondering.  Are you video taping yourself sleeping? :?  Pretty funny if you are that sounds exciting.  I just guess im wondering how you would video tape yourself leaving this physical world??

David Warner

Hello Sadie6c,

Yes, I have recorded my physical body during the course of an obe many times.

I wanted to verify and research what happens to the physical body during the OBE. This is
very important data to me and other people as well.

So when you can find the opportunity, record yourself and document your research.

All the best,

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Quote from: sadie6c on September 19, 2013, 00:18:44
I just guess im wondering how you would video tape yourself leaving this physical world??
You can't.  It's not a physical process... at least per my opinion.
What you watch from David's video will look like him just sleeping.
But that's the point... he wanted to see what everything he was experiencing while trying to have an OBE looked like from the vantage point of someone watching him.

It's a normal looking sleep experience from the outside observer... but for the person experiencing the OBE, there is a wide variety of personal feelings going on.  Everything from vibrations to swaying to, well, anything... none of which you can *see* on the video, but are happening to David as he's progressing through it.

It really is a huge eye opener to know that you feel all these strange things while projecting, yet when you look at yourself from a physical vantage point... you see none of it happening, and you just look like you're sleeping.  :)