How funny, we've been here all along !!

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"Time is short. The acceleration of changes in world events is just one example of how fast the end of the old order is approaching. Awakening energies are flooding this world in order to prepare people for the upcoming quantum leap in locational frequency."

Yesterday, I was wondering how (and maybe why) to write about my experiences.

The quote above suggests we RUSH, to catch some outbound train..

We have been here for much longer than our bodies..

through this internet adventure, we have the opportunity to meet 'kindred souls'?  Extensions of our being? or maybe a mirror of what we have been looking for, a mirror that allows us to look, not only at where we have been, also, the myriads of choices available to travel to, when we accept we have always been able to make that leap, simply by what some call these days 'waking up, asleep'

No, I am not asleep.. I have been traveling for as long as I have been here.

I am grateful to find this place, where, maybe, through telling you who I believe I am, to find out who I always have been

e-written with the intention of love : ) :

the 'D's.. the 'dimensions': words, definitions, nomenclatures
the Deep D, as I feel its vibrations, is our Astral world
where we are all welcome : ) :