I finally had my 1st OBE! ..but what do I do next?..

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Hi Guys,

So up until 3 months ago I had no idea what Astral Projection was or if it was even possible.

3 weeks ago I experienced my first OBE. It was approximately 4am in the morning and I had been suffering from a really bad toothache. I decided to step out of bed and find me some painkillers and grab a glass of water. Afterwards, I headed straight back to bed, this is when I realised this would be a prime opportunity to attempt to project! Now I do not remember clearly the exact process of what happened but I remember feeling two things:

1) a strong tingle down my body as I closed my eyes, a strong sensation I have never felt before
2) my awareness shifting, almost as if I was separating from my physical body

I had a STRONG urge to open my eyes but remembered the many stories of individuals that would open their eyes prematurely and end the experience almost instantly, so I decided to stick with it and just let it happen. Eventually I was able to do what felt like a roll out of my body and fall beside my bed..my first thought was "I cant believe it! im out!" ..my second thought was to try and supress my fear and stay in control of my thoughts and feelings.

The first thing I noticed when I left my body was that I couldn't quite see properly, I knew I was in my room but everything seemed very dark and blurry and slightly 'different'. I tried shouting the word 'clarity' ..then 'clarity now' and even 'clarity please!?' but it was almost like my words were slurred or like I couldn't speak. Remembering that I was in the astral and that voiceboxes were for losers in this plane I tried to put this request into thought form..but unfortunately no luck.

Next step..flying. Something I also 'sucked' at. I felt like I was almost bouncing around the room as if I had no control over my astral body, almost like I was learning to walk once again. I tried for a minute or so to concentrate on flying through the roof of my house but instead I seemed to float aimlessly. For a moment I stopped to reflect on my experience and just appreciate the moment. This is when I looked at my hands, I remember hearing that if you rub your hands together the experience will last longer. So when I tried to rub my hands together it was almost as if I had to physically force my hands together for them to touch. In the end I decided to head back to my body so I could remember most of the experience. I closed my eyes (astral ones anyway) and imagined my body and after approx 3/4 seconds I was back in my bed. The first thing I asked myself was..."i wonder if that was real"

So now I feel lost. I haven't really been able to get out since and would love to commit myself so I am able to experience more and most of all learn more about myself and discover who I really am! I try and meditate every day on the way to work but what's worse.. despite all the practicing and methods I have been using to achieve an OBE, my actual experience did not involve the majority of the methods I practiced. So what do I do now? Keep meditating and hope for another experience, or is their a road I can take to achieve conscious OBE's at will?

Please help..


Congratulations! It's an amazing feeling when you experience your first obe. Keep trying, and I am sure more will come. For me, each experience has been different, there have been times when my mind was calm enough I could induce them upon laying down for a while, and would literally float up and out. Other times I rolled out after a lucid dream. I do know what you mean about trying to speak, and not being able to. I could not say the words Clarity now either. Though I heard my own voice saying it a few seconds later. A very strange feeling!

Obe's often come in fits and starts, but try and not get discouraged when you have dry spells. We all get them, I went months. But kept at it, and am glad I did. I just experienced one again upon waking this morning, which is why I am up at 3 am :roll: This time, I actually heard voices in my room, not while I was transitioning, but after I APed, and I felt like they were aware of me. Each and every experience has been unlike the other. Congrats again, and keep at it.


Keep trying with the early morning method. It's been proven to be one of the most effective especially for beginners. When you wake up in the middle of the night, get up, drink some water, then get back into a comfortable sleeping position and immediately while your mind is still somewhat awake, start rocking your inner body and mentally initiate a buzzing sound in your head. It usually takes me few seconds and I start experiencing the vibes, From there is easy, just imagine yourself standing next to the door and bam, you are out.
If you cant naturally wake up early, set your alarm clock for around 3am. Along with mentally initiating vibrations within your inner body, you can keep repeating  " I am out of body".
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Welcome to AP forums. Pleased to see you here. Congrats for your first successful OBE. Well done.. Keep it up..


Thanks, i'm glad I can be here  :-)

LightBeam, thanks for the advice I will certainly give this a try tonight. However, how do I actually "rock" my inner body. I've heard of this method before but have never actually tried. Am I right in saying I would simply visualize my astral body within my physical body "rocking" or "loosening" even?



Quote from: MrPatr1ck on December 05, 2012, 04:43:20
Am I right in saying I would simply visualize my astral body within my physical body "rocking" or "loosening" even?

Something like that, but try to MOVE it with your thoughts and FEEL it, instead of picturing it rocking and vibrating. Initiate the inner movements with your thoughts.
Here is something you can try right now as you are awake. It does not involve meditation or anything. Simply lay down, close your eyes and  start vibrating your inner body with your thoughts. You can start with low buzz and increase to a very fast current. What do you experience? You wont separate or even get closer, but you will get an idea what exactly to do when the early morning opportunity arrives.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


Take to the sky, feeling so alive! Past the clouds to the Milky Way, share our secrets with the starry brigade. The stars surround us like a million fireflies. For once I see infinity... it's in your eyes.


Thanks for the welcoming guys  :-)

LightBeam, thanks for your advice..I had no idea this was even possible?!

So I simply need to try moving my astral body with my thoughts and feel my astral body.

Sounds like this may take some practice  :|

David Warner


Good Job on the first experience!!

What I would do next is have you document the experience, write down the time, date, length of the OBE. This way you have this for record for future reference. It is extremely important because there will be times that experiences you do have could be precognitive OBE's. Heresy is one thing but to document, take the time writing all the details out is vital.

Last but not least - OBE for the right reasons, set small goals and realistic one's too. Dream BIG but also realize that this all takes hard work and devotion 24/7. But the rewards are beautiful and life changing!

All the best,

David A. Warner
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congrats!! and welcome. I can almost picture you bouncing against thr walls :-D.

keep us informed.and keep it up!