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Ok so I had the most amazing and the most intense experience of astral projection of all my experiences last night and here is how it was:
I went to sleep at around 2am, but I didn't have any intentions to astral project as I kind of lost interest lately after a few failed attempts. It didn't begin as usual, where I would first feel vibrations all over my body while falling asleep, and I could exit in that state. Instead I suddenly found myself in a dream able to see my body from a 3rd perspective, but it wasn't my physical body. It had no features and it was transparent, that's when I realised I was astral projecting. I remember telepatically communicating with another being, as we were trying to meet and gave me directions. Last thing I had to do in order to see her was going through this beautiful transparent door but you could see some sort of patterns inside of it, and they were moving!! Best door I've ever seen. After I stared at it a couple seconds I finally went through it and there she was...standing in the hallway, another astral body just like mine, waiting for me to go to her and unite. The feelings I got were, I will do anything it takes to have those feelings again. Now I know I have to cut the crap with all the bad things I'm doing in my current lifestyle that poisons my soul, and focus more on astral projection. That pure unconditional love that felt as we were becoming one being was something that is worth giving up everything, because it was just out of this world... After she left I followed her outside, then she dissapeared. The experience ended there, followed by a dream where I felt my heart filled with love and compassion, I even managed to turn a person that hated me into a person that was at least trying not to  :lol:
Truly life changing!


That's wonderful.  :-) Thank you for sharing that.


There's nothing like a good kick in the Astral pants to get you motivated again!

Great experience!
The Adventure Continues...


Now you know what it feels like when the masculine and the feminine are truly joined. Happy for you. :-)
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


"Pure unconditional love...out of this world...heart filled with love..."

Don't lose this, because you does sadly dissipate with time...fight to keep it within your heart; this is the next War for the spiritual warrior...

Beautiful experience....

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
                                                          -O. Wilde