Shall i use binaural beats (first time trying Astral projection) ?

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Hi guys, i just want to tell you my ( more or less ) experience with astral projections and maybe hoping to get some help.
First of all i have to say that i've always been an inquisitive mind to the point that i became scared of death and others "universe and life things" my mind cannot even glimpse, even less fully understand. That was the reason i started practising to take on an Astral P.
Months ago i achieved sleep paralysis and saw my right leg starting to rise up into the air. I was very scared and the fear of it made me lose focus and fail at the A. P.
Since that day i couldn't even enter sleep paralysis anymore. Lately i've been trying to lay down on the bed and listen to binaural beats. The results? I always fall asleep in 5-10 minutes. Maybe i am not listening to the right "beats" or i am too nervous/anxious to make the projection work; i really don't know.
What shall i do? Shall i keep listening to binaural beats or find another way around?


 This one is a simple answer. Don't practice in bed!  :wink:

Bed is for sleeping. You have trained yourself to this all of your life. If you wish consciously AP from an awakened state, find a different place to practice.  :-)

Practicing in bed will more than likely lead to a LD projection, which is still a success though.

Good Luck and Safe Travels!  :-)


Thank you for your answer  :-) .
Shall i practise before going to bed ( without laying down on the bed of course ) or whenever i feel like?
What about binaural beats? ( i listen to them using high quality earbuds)


 If you wish to AP from an awakened state, you can attempt any time you wish. But, this is the hardest way to AP.

You could try WBTB (Wake Back to Bed). IMO it has the best percentage of success that I have seen here. Judging from many other members that is.

I use Binaural Beats/Isochronic Tones, but you are still the one that controls your destiny, per say. The Beats/Tones are only a tool to occupy your mind while you lose physical focus. In the end, you are the one that decides whether you AP or not.

Check out the helpful Stickies found here. They are the threads in BOLD BLUE LETTERS:-) They contain experienced member's tried and true techniques to successfully AP