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Hey everyone.

I had vivid dreams all night long. In the morning hours... I will try to explain this the best I can. I was in my room, in a dream. awareness was a little low but getting stronger. I was in dream mode and saw my grandpa clairvoyantly and started waking up a bit. I then saw my grandma. I thought alright I am gonna go see them! Just after that I felt a negative presence on my bed. I saw a shadow figure for about 1 slit second when I looked up and I was socked in the face. This felt physical. I cannot explain that enough. It hurt like a MOTHER. I suddenly found myself in sleep paralysis in my physical with full awareness and felt the same pissy presence on my bed so I shook out of the paralysis and walked around a little bit. Went back to bed about five minutes later and slept like baby. I did not hit my nose on anything. My nose did not hurt at all when I was in paralysis and got up. I actually felt pretty good just really tired.

What in the hell? I am a SUPER positive guy now a days. I am so excited for my future. I have not been negative at all. I know some people will say I manifested this but... If I am happy and positive and actually going forward in life happy... Why would I manifest something that punches me in the face and HURT? I can not explain to you how physical it was. I have had this happen to me a lot over the years... These... Occurrences. I know we can manifest things... But I am SO haPPY now a days and have zero stress. I laugh all the time... I am a reiki master now as well.

What is this? Would I really manifest something that socks me in the face and knocks me back against the wall? I don't understand this... Still, even after this I have no fear. I aborted my paralysis from fear because I thought i was gonna get socked in the face again...


I am only guessing as to why it is happening.    You say you have been punched in the face for years.  Perhaps you play violent computer games or watch violent TV shows.   I know the games are harmless and they are fun.   The violent activities can stay at the back of the mind and can occur in the astral.


I get this too on occasions. It's purpose appears to be a form of making you REMEMBER.
It really works too. My last one may be a year back but it slapped me in the face and was quite real.
At the time I was creating sounds out of the mush in a hypnagogic state of mind. Bringing order out of the chaos and slam. The music played on afterwards.
The recall is extremely high without searching for triggers. You simply remember it like an experiment in the physical you wanted to see.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


Quote from: Astralsuzy on December 28, 2013, 16:26:22
I am only guessing as to why it is happening.    You say you have been punched in the face for years.  Perhaps you play violent computer games or watch violent TV shows.   I know the games are harmless and they are fun.   The violent activities can stay at the back of the mind and can occur in the astral.

Hey Suzy. I haven't been punched in the face for years more like different things. This was the first time I was socked. Other times its different things. I am chased a lot in my dreams. I also die in my dreams and feel it. Its strange I will have a dream where I was sliced up or something and people around me will be crying. I'll be in an ambulance or whatever. And ill feel myself lifting out of body in my dream. Then I land back here usually in paralysis. So its almost like my dreams are interpreting my obe I'm gonna have. Which is fine... I just wish it wasn't violent. I actually gave up video games a week ago and all I watch is everybody loves Raymond and king of queens. I do watch hockey... But I doubt everyone who watches hockey has this happen. The punch only happened once. I been hurt many ways in my dreams. What's frustrating is I can feel it... But Everytime it does happen I land in paralysis which is great for me because I can get out of body easier. My dreams have become so incredibly vivid and long. They aren't always bad.

Szaxx- it sure made me remember alright. Definitely can agree with that

I also had what I think was a false awakening this morning. I got up to use the restroom and I noticed my vision started really going bad. My eyes started to hurt and I fell on the ground and started convulsing kinda but I was awake. There wasn't much pain... but all I saw was white light and my body was shaking like mad. I realize now that was the vibrational state...(which doesn't and has never scared me) But I thought I was dying literally until then awoke in my bed and knew what happened. The past few nights have been super rough.


 Phaseshift, I was just giving this link to a new member here and went searching the video for myself to give them a portion of the video to watch.

Anyways, you already know this video, but I found that Tom talks about something similar to what happened to you, at about the 1:03:00 minute mark..



Lionheart thank you so much!

I will check it out right now.  :-)


I got into a gang fight in a dream once, and before anything happened, one of the other guys put himself in front of me, and all the rest disappeared. It would be long to explain, so just suffice to say he was trying to make me realize I was dreaming so I could become lucid. Before I could realize though, I punched him in the face so hard I woke up with my fist crunching against the bed stand.

Other times I get bit or burnt, but it's usually a real physical stimulus that is intruding into my dream state. But when it is not some real stimulus, it's usually because I'm feeling frustrated, anxious or afraid of something in my daily life at the time and those manifest in the non physical as threats or assaults.
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