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Hi Solstice,
I'm certainly not the most experienced person in this area but, from my understanding, when you are dreaming, you are in the astral but are not so concious of it. Sounds like you realised you were dreaming but you were struggling to keep control of your consciousness.
From my own lucid dreams I have found that my higher self/spirit guide will guide me by appearing as people that I am familiar with. I was wondering if the three women (maiden, mother, crone perhaps??), felt or looked familiar to you.  
As for the guy controlling you, I figure it could have been one of two things; either an independant negative entity, or an aspect of your sub-conscious mind. Both of these things will only feed off your fear, and I suggest that if you encounter it again try to confront it rather than run away, as you say, in your dream state you can basically do whatever you want.
Adverse physical effects from contact with astral entities? hmmm, I haven't experienced this myself, maybe someone else on the forums has a good answer for this.
I hope this has helped a little, I think ultimately with dream sybolism you are your own best analyst.

blessings back at ya[;)]


Hello all, I hope you all are ready for this and I hope someone will have some answers for me because I am not sure what happened.
Last night I went to sleep and I think I may have been on some level of the astral plaine but I am not sure. I had a "Dream" that I was in some city and there was a guy there that I have had sexual encounters with in the past (In the physical Realm). Well, I started talking with him and it got very sexual, to the extent of me almost needing to have sex with him. I can not go into full detail because the "Dream" was very vivid and it would take me hours to type everything out. Well, eventually I started to realise that the feeling I was getting from him was not okay and then I realised that I was dreaming. So, when I would try and escape from him he would turn very "Dark" (If you will) and started to chase after me.
I kept on comeing across places I have dreamt of before and everytime I got there he would catch up with me and the area would start comeing at me ( such as, he somehow made the grass in a meadow turn "Dark" and claw at me to trap me so I could not escape). Well, I knew I was in some kind of dream state so of course I knew I could basically "Do whatever I wanted". I was useing the Element of Air to push the grass and such away so that I could escape. But then when he called my name I would turn around and he would gesture for me to come over to him, and something would come over me and I would feel safe and go to him. This went on for a while with me realising it was not okay what was happening and trying to escape and then he would always find me and put me under this "Spell". Well, he would take me around this City and it was like we were going out to have fun, almost as if he was trying to befriend me. (Keep in mind I have had sexual relations with this person in the past but it was not really him, if that makes any sense to anybody at all). Well, at towards the end of the "Dream" He had me on a Bus to travel somewhere were we could be together and while I was sitting on the bus I kept on spitting up this thick white substance. It just kept coming and coming and I could not stop it. It was almost as if he did not want me to be able to speak, as to cry for help or something. Just then these three women got on the bus, one young with red hair, One in her mid 20's with blond, and the other in her mid 30's with black hair and she seemed very dark, almost like a semi gothic woman I guess you could say. They walked up to me and place a news paper on my lap and without saying anything I could hear their voices say read this in a very serious tone. Then they turned around and walked off the bus not looking at anybody else. The "Guy" or as I am thinking Entitie did not notice them but he did notice the newspapaer I had. There was a Rhyme or a spell (If you will) on the newspaper titled "Mothers Rosemarry Milk. As I started to read it the "Entitie" started to get frantic and suggested that I read it from the beginning and poitned to the opposit side of the page. When I looked over to the opposit side of the page the words started to scramble almost as if he was trying to confuse me so I could not read the "Spell" any further.
Just then I snapped back into reality and realised that this was not right and he was controlling me somehow and wanted to take me somewhere on the bus where he could have total control.
So, I ran off the bus towards the women who had givven me the newpaper and only 2 of them were there, The dark older one and the younger one. I told them that they needed to help me and I asked them "How do I wake up from this". The younger one just walked away and did not look back and the older darker one looked at me and spoke.
She said, "do not worry you are going to be fine now." and walked into this very foresty park across the road. Just then through a crowd of people I saw yet another woman, which is actually really funny, looked alot like Madonna ( don't ask me why). and without her saying a word I could hear her voice say "Come here."
So I did. At this point I felt like I was in a never ending dream and was very well aware of it, almost as if I was in a coma and could not wake up. I asked her, "How do I wake up? and was saying how scared I was that I could never get back home." She looked at me and said, "Do not worry, you are not going to die." Just then I started to feel myself wake up (Like I normally do when I realise I am dreaming).
But when I awoke it was in another dream and I was in a hospital bed. So I pushed the button on the side of the bed for a Nurse and the Doctor came is. when I asked what had hapened he said that I was out with some friends the previous night and somebody slipped something into my coffee. But that did not make any sense to me because I knew I was with my Boyfriend when I fell asleep and did not go out at all (In the Physical realm/Reality). Then in my dream they contacted my boyfriend he came and picked me up and we started to drive away and I woke up. I sat still in bed for a moment to make sure I was not wakeing to yet anohter dream because the dreams I had felt were just like reality. I felt a little drained and even more tired then when I had fallen asleep in the first place.
Here is my question, Was I on the astral plaine? And if so why was the entitie trying to take control of me? And why was he useing sex as the factor to my control? And why could I not wake up for the life of me? Also, could I suffer from some kind of Phsycich problem from haveing sleeping with the entite numerous time's on the astral paine? If anybody has any insight or information please E-mail me or post it on here. I am really concerned.
Thank you for takeing the time to read all of this. There are some things that I can not fully remember because it seemed like I was there (The Astral Plaine) for hours, when in fact I had only been asleep for one hour and about thirty minutes.
Thank you for you're time.

Bright Blessings,