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Deepak Chopra - Life After Death, The Burden of Truth

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David Warner


Just discovered Deepak Chopra and his writings!

I highly recommend this audio book.

Life After Death, The Burden of Truth

It touches on Near Death Experience, Out Of Body Experiences from a clinical to spiritual, religious
view. Along with what the other major religions Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and Buddhism teachings.

Very inspiring!

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Heh, a year or so ago I heard the name of that book on Coast to Coast and wrote it down, but I haven't actually looked for it yet or seen it anywhere...

The friggin piece of paper is within reach right now, in a drawer under my monitor.

Thanks for reawakening my interest
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Kraven Obscuria

A couple of years ago I saw Deepak on stage for a couple hours discussing the constitution of wo/man and he briefly touched on Life after Death. He was an eloquent, inspiring speaker.  :-)
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David Warner

InvisibleLight - Book Release 12.12.2012