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The Anomalist is a journal/blog that has been around for years.  If you haven't ever come across it, check it out, it's fun.

There are a couple of free PDFs of their published journals, which are a collection of essays from various authors on various topics.  But you can also buy most of them in paperback or occasionally on kindle at amazon.

In addition to the journals, the site is also a "DAILY REVIEW OF WORLD NEWS ON MAVERICK SCIENCE, UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES, UNORTHODOX THEORIES, STRANGE TALENTS, AND UNEXPECTED DISCOVERIES," as they describe themselves.  So it's a daily blog about the unexplained.  Fun fun.  I've got some of the journals on my kindle and I will say that the essays are extremely varied in content and are just an all around interesting read.

Just thought I'd share.

be awesome.