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Shadow People/Ghosts/Pulling Sensation

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Not sure how to interpret this:

I have practiced astral projection for a long time.  I haven't been able to project for a while but still practice the different techniques. 

Last night I had a dream I was in some sort of school (I didn't recognize it).  I was walking and saw some sort of shadows or ghosts moving away from me as I walked near them.   I came to a turn where I could continue down a hallway on the left or go through a door on the right.  I felt a really strong pulling sensation towards the left but really felt I needed to go through the door.  The pulling sensation is what I felt before when astral projecting.  I ignored the sensation and went through the door on the right. 

I don't know why or how to explain it but even though the pulling sensation to the left was great, I had a really strong (willful) determination to go through the door on the right.   

Any idea or interpretation on what all this means?


So what happened when you went through the door on the right?
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I heard a very loud boom sound when I opened the door.  It was weird as the noise occurred right when I was starting to wake up.  I thought at first something in the house dropped but when I checked, everything was in place. 


Cool experience. If you get the chance again go left and see where that gets you.
Remember, You came here to this physical earth to experience it in its physical form. NPR will always be there.


I think your answer confirms what I'm going to tell you but ultimately it is your experience and you will need to determine the meaning it has for you. I read back through many of your posts, back to 2009, to get a sense of where you are, at least from my perspective. You have tried many techniques and had sporadic successes, some good insights yet that overall pattern still hasn't quite taken an understandable form.

I think this experience is a very good one and shows some ideas that will help give you a greater and wider perspective, as well as recognizing the quality of your Non-Physical NP thinking and mindset.

First you had the insight that you were in a "school". That was correct but you didn't immediately understand the significance. This was not just a simple OBE or lucid dream; it was an LD within the context of a school and a learning environment that I have come to recognize as a Simulation.

Second, you had the insight to notice the "pull", but again you missed the significance and actually willfully resisted it. Good on noticing, not so good on resisting but that's understandable the first time. Next time you'll know better. Also reflect on your quality of reasoning at the time as you made your choice. Having chosen the door to the right led to an immediate exit from the Simulation and you woke up (which is why I asked what happened).If you had followed the "pull" in the other direction, the Simulation would have likely continued, developed further and led you to more experiences and more chances at learning.

Congratulations! You wanted the next level and greater understanding, this is the beginning of it. These are Simulation learning environments that are set up to teach you NP skills and abilities.

Take several minutes in a relaxed state and thank your Higher Self/Teachers/Guides. Some genuine appreciation and gratitude is deserving for their efforts and yours. Also ask for more, ask for 'the next best lesson I need to learn'. That's always a good default request.

Again, this is my interpretation based on the learning I experienced; I hope it resonates with you. This was a very exciting time as I realized what was opening up for me.

Well done and we look forward to more posts like these!

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.
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