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Partial OBE? Partial DREAM? Edit DJ Entry 

2/20/16 Nothing to eat / little water. Shirt only. Living room alone. Aiden next to me. Fell asleep early, maybe 11. Super tired. Think I started affirmations but so tired I may have fallen asleep. It occurred after alarm went off at 5am. Stayed up maybe 10 minutes the listened to my binaural beats, then did affirmations and began body relaxation.

I appeared in my room at my old house where I lived 20 years ago. My right hand and arm were buzzing and I realized I was close to exiting. My legs and arms floated up like a balloon underwater but for the life of me I couldn't separate my shoulders. I played with this for a LONG time it seemed. I remember playing with the thought of looking at my sleeping body. I also remember trying to focus on the sensations and vibrations to see if that would help me get out. Next I tried focusing on the letter "A" in my mind. (not sure why) This didn't help either. My legs and limbs floated up and down a few more times. What happened next was just strange. I felt a pair of hands grab onto my ankles. This didn't scare me but I couldn't believe what was happening. It was so strange because this was in a house I lived in when I was a kid. This all was so weird!

The hands were there for just a short period when I instinctively sat up and grabbed them. I remember being on the floor at this point and trying to pull the person up through the floor. There arms were bent over my thighs as I was trying to get enough leverage to pull them up before they got away.

The experience now took me outside of my old house in front of the grocery store that was close by. This girl was moving away from me and I was closing in on her. She seemed to be the one that grabbed my ankles. I could sense it. Next, we are in what seems to be a police station. Maybe we got arrested? We arrive in a classroom with a bunch of other people and I remember trying to take a seat. It was crowded. I looked over at her and could sense this was bad and we were in trouble. The two agents in front of the room started to talk about OBE. It was as if they were trying to find out how much we knew or were capable of. Some people naively gave information and I felt these were people the agents were looking for. When I looked over at the girl, who now I felt like I had a connection with as if we were friends, I could sense we needed to play dumb. I did feel in imminent danger as if we were going to be taken against our will to possibly help with some sort of government experiment.

At some point I was back in the house with my wife who didn't even know me back then. She told me she felt an evil presence. My dad was there who looked a lot younger. I told him about the experience and he seemed intrigued. When I got to the part about my ankles being grabbed he sort of lost interest. We walked into the room where it actually happened and my wife was leaning against the wall looking out the window. I could tell she had to leave because of how uncomfortable she felt.

This was all I remembered. Very strange..... I know when I have an obe without any doubts. But this one I just don't know about. So weird.