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This diary is to be used for all experiences no matter your method that involves any other member (past or present) of this forum.
This may help us understand where all this exploration is going and show things we might not see otherwise.

Of course no one is required to journal here. If you like and have had a past experience involving another member/s those are welcome as well.

I'm interested in what interactions might be taking place between us on other energetic levels. Can be dreams, LDs, OOBEs, AP, Phasing, Visions, Cognitions, whatever your own talent is. We are all talented in a variety of methods and actions. So if I have forgotten your particular talent feel free to post your experience anyway.

I will thank all of you in advance as we get this show on the road.


Reckon I should share my own group experiences from the past as I remember them although I have likely forgotten a few.

Here we go in no particular order (because I can't remember the order).

Lumaza - I first saw Lumaza as a wizard. He looked like I suppose Merlin would have looked. This was during meditation and before I knew about his wire creations or MJs dragon creations. In other exp. he seemed closely linked to an Eagle and a Dragon. I sometimes see him standing near doorways or cave entrances and such.

EscapeVelocity - Recently we shared what I believe to be trip through space. I don't remember much mostly sensations. But I do remember a haze and there being others aboard what I interpreted as some kind of ship (spaceship/submarine) not entirely sure. But we were moving through a fluid environment.

LightBeam - I'm fairly sure she appeared last night for a brief moment. I think she was sleeping, she opened her eyes just enough to take a peak and then closed her eyes. I can't remember the rest.

Interesting to me is that when we first talked about doing this I projected myself to a lonely highway I like to visit. My purpose was to take a walk and see who I met keeping our forum members in mind as I did so. I did meet a woman but don't/didn't know who she is. The following day I was on another little website I visit (nothing to do our practice here). One of the members there posted a short little video and it was her. Wow! Perhaps she is one of us and does visit the site. Or she hasn't found us but will in the future. Idk but found that interesting. Oh, btw she looked a lot like you Omcasey, perhaps a twin?


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I started something like that before Christmas. I wanted to connect to the people on the Pulse. I closed my eyes and focused on connecting to anyone who visits the Pulse. One very clear visual I had was a young lady with very blond wavy hair, shoulder length, sitting in a chair and holding a toddler, a blond boy with very plump and rosy cheeks. I think the chair may have been facing other family members gathering around the fireplace, but I only saw her. If anyone recognizes themselves as the woman or was with that woman and was looking at her the way I describe, please let me know.
"The problem is not the problem. The problem is your attitude about the problem."
Captain Jack Sparrow


Here are a few items I will add:

Mar 3, 2020

Non-Lucid Dream
We were sitting around talking about something.  Escape Velocity walked in to talk to someone.  We got to see each other for the first time.  He looked like the Harry Potter character.

Sept 8, 2020

(LD 1 - LD 2 - False Awakening)
Someone came to me and asked if I was ready because I was doing something that required focus.  I quickly got ready and started to focus.  Within about 3-5 seconds I was seeing an image.  It was the corner of two walls and the rug.  (Becoming Lucid).  I than said to myself, 'Okay, I might as well just try standing up'.  It worked and I thought I was out of my body (LD 2).  I touched a sofa to try and ground myself but didn't really feel anything change.  I than felt like my physical eyes were dry and half open and needed to blink.   I tried to blink and felt myself return back to the physical (Which was in my first LD).  I than blinked again and was back Out of Body (LD 2).  I blinked again and thought I was back in the physical (Which was back in my first LD or false awakening).  I was thinking I could post this and let Lumaza know that I was able to phase in about 3-5 seconds.  A pillow came flying from across the room and landed on me.  I woke into the Real Physical.

Nov 26, 2020

(Non-Lucid Dream)
I was in some class with many others and and doing something.  Everyone was using tablets and we were all on the Astral Pulse page.
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To confirm Nameless' recall of a possibly shared experience between us, I contacted her last September to relate a dream that involved the two of us. Like she said, it was semi-lucid for me and a degree of haze to it. I noticed the presence of several people but I wasn't aware of who they were. (Correction to previously saying it was Nameless- I mentioned the dream to her and she remarked on having a very similar dream either the same night or the night before) We were on what I initially believed to be a submarine, rather cramped quarters. The vehicle was being ratcheted onto a chain and sprocket system of a gantry and taken inside a larger structure. The larger structure I couldn't decide if it was a large spaceship or like the Avengers flying aircraft carrier or maybe a facility inside a mountain; images and a sense of all three. Then the submarine opened its entire length like a hotdog bun being opened and I could step out and get a complete view of the submarine. It was long, rectangular, about 50 feet, but only about 5 feet wide when closed up. It was metal, mostly silver aluminum but with yellow metal wrapping structures at several intervals along its length. We climbed back aboard and the chain gantry carried us forward to an opening where we plunged down a waterfall into an ocean, whereupon I also got the sense this was not just ocean but also outer space. Then I lost the focus...

Turns out she had her similar experience either the same night or a day or two before...very interesting.
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Tried to connect with you all the other night. I chose a country road for my setting with the idea of hiking down the road and seeing who I might meet. So my plan was to go down the hill and take the road heading off to the right.

When I got to the road and started to turn right I was immediately turned back around to my left so I went left since I was being directed that way. Walking to the left there is a huge mountain right up to the edge of the road on the left. I went around this mountain where the road continued on winding upward. I followed it a little ways and saw 2 people not so far away. One was closer the other standing a little further away.

And just light that (snaps fingers) I was out cold, sound asleep and didn't wake till a few hours later with no further memories to bring back. No click out, nothing.

But if this rings any bells for anyone pipe up at will.


Hi Nameless. I wanted to thank you for something you posted recently. I am sharing it here, rather than a PM, I am learning from casey there are hidden benefits to this.
Quote from: Nameless on January 24, 2021, 12:01:29
No problem Erik, this is what we are all here to do, help each other work through and figure out for ourselves what fits and what doesn't. No matter what it will always be your own insights that matter most. Of course we can push and prod and give each other new insights and that all helps greatly in forming our own perspectives.
As I begin to discover new information, or even revisit idea's with a more serious attitude, I have to take heed and find ways keep centered with the overwhelming amount of influence out there. My name is Eric too, and your message speaks to me like a salve applied to a wounded ego after feeling a bit lost with a most recent discovery and desire to connect the hard to explain moments. Another friend reminded me what matters most is Love. This MB has helped me by implanting idea's that interact with my personal experience- it was from reading and receiving replies here that allowed my experience with Monjoronson, solidifying concepts that I am in the desired state when the minds-eye is active and don't always need to force a projection in order to experience something. There's more, and I'd like to think of your reply to Erik as a synchronicity worth logging in the group diary. Feels like, unseen layers coalescing and I hope to continue to connect with the community. Cheers.


Thank you Eric with a c for sharing that and letting me know. It feels good to be acknowledged from time to time. We all get off-center from time to time and often it only takes the right word applied at the right time to snap us back to a more balanced position. You can post anything here you feel involves the group. Hugs


Okay, well this one is not about any member of this board but about the astral pulse board itself.


February 4, 2021

I am linked with my friend Darr and I am dreaming the Astral Pulse boards are going to be closing. There are two more events scheduled that could draw interest into the group and we are encouraged to go look at what they are. I am entering a fully lucid state as I am traveling through the calendar. Boo baby has an event scheduled but by the time we get here this one has already occurred. There is only the one left remaining. It is taking place up at the top of the state ( from me here in San Diego, Ca., the bottom of the state of Nevada ) in Jean, Nevada. I say to Darr it is too bad it is so far away. She says we should still make an effort to attend. It is being held at a children's daycare center and being sponsored by a young female. I do not recognize her. We are driving the road there when I wake but through the shift through the waves back toward beta I see us arriving and taking our seats on folding chairs that have been set up in front of a stage. Max Rempel is here. The energy(ies) of all these concepts are co-mingling,  { { { reverberating } } }  in, as and through my own bodily state.