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I had a dream a while back, that was sorta like the lord of the rings. But the story line is way different. It started off in a dungeon like castle, a whole theatre full of people were forced to watch a movie but the effects were real, such as lava shooting up on us. it was susposed to be torture. then me and about 5 others decided to run away. we ran away and got out. But then somehow it was in my neighborhood. the only people i could say i knew was myself and yoda was in front leading us all, i think i played the part of gandalf because i had a green hard plastic cane that looked like gandalfs cane. But then the whole town was swarming with the people we escaped from, they were like demons, but were very human like. We decided to split up into one group of 2 and a group of 3. we went through a street that a store was susposed to be there, but it wasnt, but there were 3 of those demon guys throwing orange hockey pucks at us, i woke up wondering why they werent using magic and out of all things hockey pucks, but back in my dream, i would get hit with the pucks and get hurt, but the 3 of us would try to fight back. i ran around a block, came back and attacked one while the other 2 were fighting the other 2 in my group. i stole his hockey pucks and threw them at the other 2 demon guys, but i missed with both. Then we backed up and we were in th e store where it should have been. We went out and there were 8 of them now, and yodas group of 2 joined up with us and they tried helping. The other 5 that came in were much more vicious looking and were more violent. Some reason one tried to make me eat french fries but i hit him twice and took out my cane easily and whacked the fries out of his hand. Then the one girl in the hole group told us to run and she would sing and make them want to attack her. yodas group was gone, but we tried to talk her out of it. But there was now 4 in our group. we then just ran because she made us, we started running, and we were running down a street close to my house, but everything started to turn like a white cloud. It was hard to see becasue of the very white foglike cloud. i decided to turn back because i knew it would be wrong to leave the one girl alone singing, i ran back and the demons were singing with her, but i knew it wouldnt last, then one of the other guys in our group cam by next to me, the girl singing smiled at us and then we got ready to attack. But then the one im about ready to attack is a girl from school i dont even know, so i lower my cane alittle bit thinking shes a demon but maybe i shouldnt attack her, but meanwhile the girl singing and the guy in my group were attacking the other 7 while they were surprised, but just as i was about to attack someone else, i woke up. Is there any interpretations to this dream?

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