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Playing in NP is Fun but Risky

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Early this morning just before waking I found myself shopping in a little store. I purchased a little booklet or photo album or something along those lines. Walking out the door I run into a police officer, a friend, who asks me to come along with him. I shake my head no, get in my car and drive away.

Out on the highway I see him behind me and he pulls up beside me at a red light and motions for me to follow him. I nod and as he turns on his blue lights and makes a U-turn I simply turn on the cross road and continue on my way.

I go to the school where I find myself in a room looking at the little booklet when another friend enters and tells me our other friend, the officer is waiting for me. She asks if she can come with me. "Uhm, no, I'm not going with him"  I say with a smile. I leave and head home.


This was a very lighthearted experience. The officer was jovial and did not attempt to coerce me in any way. I was in a great mood and simply enjoyed the cat and mouse game we played on a friendly level.

But for those of you who don't see it (imagine most of you did) I passed up a wonderful opportunity.

The friendly police officer represented a guide. I was given several opportunities to follow him but chose not to go. I kind of regret that as my decision wasn't a hard no, I just felt like playing a bit and obviously this guide was up for the game and also seemed to be enjoying himself. I had already made up my mind to follow him soon as we were back in our cars but life did what it so loves to do and woke me fully and I lost it. Darn!!!

(also had a tiny event I will put in the group journal and will copy this to my personal journal as well)
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