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Raven Rescue then Being Rescued

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My dream began with three teens, two boys and a girl. At first I was a brown haired boy. We were turned into animals and told a mission we needed to complete. Rescue someone from a building down the street. So, the boy I was was some kind of a bird. I remember flying down the street, then changing perspectives to the other boy who had black hair who was a raven. I flew the rest of the way there and landed in front of the door. Now, I didn't have hyper clarity for this one as I usually have when turning into animals, so I did feel a bit detached as I was the raven. I didn't have as much awareness and feeling as say when I was an owl. But it was still cool. I found that I wasn't walking... I was hopping. Haha!!

I tried to stay out of sight by the floor. I got in, I think through a window or maybe when the door was open. It was kind of like a doctor's office. Tile floor, white walls. Little rooms with people in them. Or maybe a dentist. I couldn't tell. I weaved in and out of feet. There were quite a few people there... Eventually, I had to flutter up on top of some filing cabinets and I freaked out a woman who worked there. She thought I was like flying into her hair or something and started swinging at me. I was able to escape. Eeks.

I ended up going through the whole building to where there was like a security guard... It wasn't hard, I just hopped by behind his desk. Inside a closet was the old man I was sent to rescue. He was caged and his hands were tied with rope. I fluttered up to him and started biting the rope to get it loose. He was thanking me immensely. I didn't take too long until he was free and was able to escape.

My other dream was where I was the one who was being saved. I was pretty oblivious the whole time and it was only after I woke up that I realized what was going on. I was a kid and I was in my usual form. There was like... this crazy scientist guy. I don't really have memory of what initially happened, but I remember that I was confused and was having trouble walking at first. Like, it was really hard to stand up. Perhaps I had just been changed and had to learn how to walk again, but without memory, who knows. Now, keep in mind that I was completely oblivious. Someone, perhaps who worked for the scientist was upset and wanted to rescue me and escape. This character was not influenced by myself.

We were on a really big ship. Kind of like a cruise ship, but not really fancy. There were large cargo areas. I remember at one point I was snatched up by the person and carried to one of the cargo areas. I didn't really have any fear... it was all a game to me. The guy that was rescuing me, though, was sweating, heart pounding, trying to catch his breath. He told me that I needed to hide and whatever I did, not to come out and show myself to anyone. He would come back for me. There was a rope that hung down from above. He told me to climb up there then pull the rope up with me. I wasn't sure I could do it, but I said I would try. He pat me on the head and ran.

Now, clarity was very high in this one. And this part was very entertaining. I started pulling myself up with my arms, but I was having trouble getting a grip with my feet because obviously they weren't the same anymore. I tried grabbing on with my toes, catching the rope with my claws... Sometimes just missing the rope entirely. Eventually, the rope went between my middle toes then I gripped on with my claws. Yay problem solving! It kept me from sliding and kept the rope taunt for my next step. I noticed at the top that it was kind of like a mobile at the top. There was a thin metal pole that came down that branched horizontally with another long pipe. Because I was so heavy on one side, the other was risen far into the air. The whole thing slowly spun, but I wasn't scared. I just waited for it to spin to the top of one of the stacked cargo holds and I jumped on. You know, the ones they stack on barges and cargo ships. Like the man told me, I pulled up the rope.

Eventually people came looking for me, but I listened to the guy and didn't make a sound. Once again, I was oblivious to how hostile they sounded. I just waited and waited... Until I think I woke up. I hope the guy was alright.

Funny, I was the one being retrieved? haha!

I did a doodle of climbing because it was kinda neat.

Take to the sky, feeling so alive! Past the clouds to the Milky Way, share our secrets with the starry brigade. The stars surround us like a million fireflies. For once I see infinity... it's in your eyes.


Why climb a rope when you have wings? I understand going with the narrative but you have wings for crying out loud. :-D
It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.
Mark Twain


Good question. It was under deck so the air was terrible for flying and there were stacks of metal carrying crates all over, not giving much room. I'd have hurt myself trying. @_@ It isn't smart to take off when there's not much space to spread your wings.

I usually don't do much flying when I'm young, anyways... Usually have some trouble even under ideal conditions.
Take to the sky, feeling so alive! Past the clouds to the Milky Way, share our secrets with the starry brigade. The stars surround us like a million fireflies. For once I see infinity... it's in your eyes.


Reading between the lines. There's a purpose here. Saving someone with limited awareness has happened to me on many occasions. Its a test on your psyche, will you stick it out and succeed or leave drifting off into a dream state? With this condition you also have more at your disposal too. Fear is reduced and you take crazy actions to achieve the objectives. It needs to be experienced. The odds are 1000:1 and you're the 1. You take the challenge knowing you can succeed.
As a standard dream it suggests you've neglected yourself in some way, perhaps a cry from the subconcious.
@ K, The form changing is where your talents lie. Keeping on the path by doing as asked is essential at times and things like flying will get you noticed  or worse injured one way or another. To hide infront of those wanting your blood is where you'll use your talent. Beware of the transition time, some forms take longer and this will be tested. A simple mission followed by a test usually is a precursor to something much bigger and harder. Be ready to accept this if you're asked. I think the time is approaching where you'll be given a choice to go onto bigger things. There's some words you've not said yet, not having had the experience to date. It's a progression thing. It's unlike any experience you've ever had by definition. Until when who/whatever decides to enlighten you on this we'll wait.
A couple of experiences where you were kept busy and one with very limited knowledge are familiar.
There may be a message in you being retrieved. You'll have to work this out if it applies at all.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.


I didn't look at it like that, Szaxx. Interesting. Looking forward to what lies ahead... I really have been getting what I've been asking for. Some night have been more intense and grittier. Harder on emotions. Even some nightmares while I haven't had in forever, haha! It's good for me, though. Never a dull moment.
Take to the sky, feeling so alive! Past the clouds to the Milky Way, share our secrets with the starry brigade. The stars surround us like a million fireflies. For once I see infinity... it's in your eyes.


The nightmares sound interesting. If they are old ones I hope you extinguished the fears. If they are unlike any other maybe a PM would be helpful. Your progress is following an all to familiar path.
There's lots to learn around nightmares, especially persistent ones. They're bad but good too.
There's far more where the eye can't see.
Close your eyes and open your mind.