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Constant Headaches

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I get headaches almost everyday(for the past 2 months or so). I wake up in the morning feeling ok then maybe 2 hours later I get a headache that lasts for a really long time and it goes/or diminishes then comes back later on(it's almost like it never completely goes away). This is really unpleasant as it makes it difficult for me to focus on school work. I've taken medicine for it but that doesn't help much and frankly I hate putting all those chemicals in my body.  :roll:

Is there any specific NEW technique I can use to get rid of it? I haven't really started the NEW system yet as I don't have much time or privacy. I've been doing some energy breathing for a few days now though my asthma makes it kinda difficult or maybe I'm doing it wrong.
Also I'm always tired even not long after waking in the morning. It's like I'm mentally exhausted then later it's physical. Right now I feel 'dull' and I've had a headache for 3 hours.
I can't keep living like this.  :(

I'd appreciate any help.
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Hey, check in this forum, I'm starting a post on SAD, Seasonal Affect Disorder. I think I might have it. I have all the stuff you have less the headaches. I use a humidifier now in the Winter at night when I sleep and it's done miracles. No headache or stuffed nose all Winter. You need this depending on where you are. If your on the east coast, as I am in the dark cloud state of Massachusetts, the air gets extremely dry in the Winter and you head is basically starved for moisture. It's also important to stay hydrated as well. I drink 3L of water a day and do about 4 hours of intense cardio on a recumbent exercise bike weekly as well as 700 push ups and 700 sit ups per week. Remember as tired as you are, a body at rest, stays at rest. This SAD though is bad stuff. Man was not supposed to be deprived of sunlight and energy for 8 months out of the year like us East coasters. It's brutal man, brutal. But you must find internal motivation to exercize and make it through. Your thoughts also have a lot to do with it. Exercise your brain. Do stuff in the Winter that you don't do in the Summer as much. Read, install knowledge in your brain. Meditate. It might be hard to meditate in your state, but remember, there is no such thing as a bad meditation. I meditate at work, out in my car at lunch and at home at night. About 2 hours a day. I helps. All the things I've mentioned help.


knucklebrain1970 is defitnely right about drinking water. I had a lot of constant headaches, then when I started drinking a lot of water consistantly throughout the day, the headaches disappeared.
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When did the headaches start?
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