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is it possible.......

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Hmm another newbie. You sound young and naive and decieved by lies on the web. Ki is a concept developed in the East by the Japanese, borrowed from the Chinese concept of Chi. If you want to learn about true energy development and what it is, read up on some actual Eastern theories.

But if those become confusing, as they usually are to the average Westerner, erase your ideas and concepts of Ki (everything including the whole basis of techniques) and start reading about things like Psionics or just get Astral Dynamics.

There are no techniques, and there are no superpowers.

This is about inner peace and spirituality and manipulation. It takes much reading and research to understand and do this stuff. You can't just visualise and "do it." There's much more to it.

Don't let me put you down though. There are powers that exist that people can accompish. OBE is one of the funnest [:P], although I have yet to experience it. It would be easier to accomplish telekinesis than it would to fight with ki blasts and DBZ explosions.
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Well, yeah, you can make those things.. but they, more than likely, won't work on anything physical.
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i've just read a number of new posts by newbies where they ask a simple question and someone goes and rags on them for thinking that energy development isn't like in dbz, eventhough the newbie didn't even mention dbz. why?

this person is asking if it is possible to shape energy, he didn't mention dbz blasts, he didn't mention anything at all that should make one of us believe that they don't know what they are talking about, and yet the first response was an automatic assumtion that the person was a "DBZer" type.

sure, we've had some people who have been going on and on about stupid things like that, but this person didn't and neither did the other newbie posts i just read.

and actually fat_turkey, there are techniques and superpowers, but it is not something that someone is likely to ever get even if they spend their entire life trying. in fact on someone just posted about having changed a dead leaf into a living butterfly using magic, so obviously there is more to energy than only spirituality.

and finally, to answer your question shadow17, yes i CAN shape energy into a sword-like shape (katana to be specific). others can shape their energy into cubes, pyramids, cones, etc. making a shield with your energy is most commonly done by covering the entire body with a bubble of energy but you could also do it as just a hand-held shield.

however, in order to make it so the energy can affect physical objects will take incredible power and skill, something that i have only heard of happening twice now: the first was the leaf into a butterfly, and the second was someone said that they were able to make a physical object out of energy (but also that it left the person very exhausted and took two hours(?), a lot of effort and a lot of skill)

so yes, anything is possible, but you just have to get good enough to do it first. and i caution that you don't expect "good enough" to come in anything less than a decade.



is it possible to where if someone get real good with there ki energy that they can manipulate the shape and make a knife or like a shield with it or like a rope or something and sustain the shape for long periods of time