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One of the first people I practiced reiki on was a woman I was working with who had been pregnant at the time. She was having trouble with nausea. After my efforts to help her she was able to eat some solid food without wanting to vomit for the first time in months. This effect only lasted a couple of days. As for the child, the effects only had seemed to have been helpful. While NEW and reiki are not quite the same, it seems likely to me that when practiced in moderation the NEW would not be harmful.


it may be a good idea to wait until after the pregnancy is done. not everybody on the planet will benefit from everything. i have read some accounts of people trying to use some forms of energy and having major problems develop. so just in case, your partner should wait until after the pregnancy is over so that if any problems do develop, from trying something new that the body isn't used to, the baby won't be affected by them. it will also give you time to learn as much as you can so you can coach her more effectively when she does do it.


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I dont know about this, but remember that with NEW there can be harmfull side effects. Although theres a very very slim change it will.  Developing the energy body  is to my opinion not very smart while there are very complex processes going on inside the pregnant woman. Especially because those processes probably need lots of energy.

If she does choose to do new, it probably will not do very much damage. Just keep it safe and not too intense. And the most important thing, I would try to keep the energy away from the baby, for example taking it over the belly in stead of through.



I have just recently started working with the NEW system and love it. Very simple to use and fast effective results. I've had it for some time and just opened the file the other day, I should have done it along time ago :)

But now on to my real question. Like I said I heave been doing NEW for some time now and was wondering if my partner could it as well since she has the same interest in energy and the such as my self. But this is the different part. She is just entering her second trimester of being pregnant. Now I'm wondering if she should start the NEW system now or wait until after the birth? Would there be benefical effects or could it cause problems? What do you guys think?

Thanks in advance.